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  1. I understand that Serenity no longer has DVD players. Is it the same for Symphony? Oh... P AND S …. 210 days till ALASKA!!!!!!!! 😀😀😀, Scott
  2. Dodged the bullet (barely) here in Woodland Hills. REALLY SCARY. We saw hilltops aflame out our bedroom window. Scott
  3. Yeah.... but what about pillow chocolates and trash can doilies? ;p :D:D:D, Scott
  4. We … if we live and are healthy... are going on an AMAZING back to back Alaska cruise in 2019!!!! Excited beyond words. XOXOX :D:D:D, Scott
  5. Holeeeee CRE-AP … if that's true, they owe me HUGE bucks for promoting this line with my videos!!!!! SEVERAL people have posted that they chose Crystal because of my videos! I WANT DISCOUNTS!!!!! LOL :D:D:D, Scott
  6. ROFL! Yes please... we have to do the cruise BEFORE the videos. :D:D:D, Scott
  7. Thank all of you dear people for your kind words and for resurrecting this thread! LOL! 364 more days!!!!! :D:D:D, Scott
  10. I had to look it up. You learn something new everyday! Thanks for that. and LOL. :D:D:D, Scott
  11. rungirl1124 - Thank YOU dear Jen and Cade. You honor us with your kindness and acceptance. mskatiemae - Thank you, sweet Catherine. I am humbled by your amazing words. KenzSailing - You always make me laugh and now you've made me cry (with appreciation). Thank you, dear one. orchestrapal - You just did, dear one. You just did. Cruisinjodie - I am so happy you found us and even happier for your acceptance and appreciation. Thank you dear ones. :D:D:D, Scott
  12. Here I say my final (until 2019) thank you's. RLMSLL - Thank YOU Rhonda, for these kind words. I appreciate them so much. Keith1010 - Thank you for your continued support and kindness. ON to Alaska! angiepange - Such beautiful words, Angie. Thank you. And believe me.. I'm just as sad! CruisinMommas - Carol, it was such a joy meeting you and your husband. I still laugh when I remember reaching out to take your hand toward the end of the cruise and you saying, 'Don't touch me, I'm typhoid Carol now!' LOL! Yes that was Kathie Lee singing "What A Journey This Has Been" and indeed it was. I too hope we sail together again. jimbri - Thank you Peggy. Such kindness. I'll be around and no doubt inserting a smart-a**ed comment when least appropriate. DaisyUK - Thank you so much. I'm sorry we didn't meet. But that just means we have another cruise and chance to meet in the future! Jeanie76 - LOL and thank you, Jana. Lovely words. Leejnd4 - Thank you and YES, dogs are truly angels on earth. Frank5 - Thank YOU for watching! Mudhen - Thank you for all the hugs and smiles and kind words. I hope your trip is WONDERFUL and filled with food and booze and love. Hugs to all of you. boblerm - Dearest Bob, I am touched beyond words. This moved my heart so much. Thank you, thank you. This is why I do my videos. This is why I share our lives. latsyrc - Have a FANTASTIC cruise and thank you for watching ours! ijkh - Thank you for your kind words. And YES Krisztina was (and I sure still is) AMAZING! We all fell in love with her. Would that we could take a world cruise! Maybe someday. riandei - Thank you, Eileen, for this kindness. I too will miss spending our Sunday nights with you. Our dogs are our children. On to Alaska!!! SkystheLimit - You are more than kind. Thank you. oakridger - Thank you so much Nancy. And I hope the very same thing. Cybercsp - Thank you so much. canadianINtexas - Thank you so much. Have a FANTASTIC cruise!!! Well, my dear ones, this is it for now. I truly do not have words to express my gratitude, my feelings of appreciation, the joy that I have felt spending this time here with you for the past 25 weeks. You have all made it even more special than it already was and I truly love you for it. Thank you, you dear amazing people. Thank you. ON TO ALASKA! :D:D:D, Scott & Drew NJBeaglemom - Thank you as always for your kind words. I am LOATH to put my fat face on camera, but if I don't, my husband yells at me... LOL.
  13. Keith1010 - Thank you as always, friend. And is it September 2019 yet?!!??! Mudhen - LOL. Yes, my sister (who doesn't drink) DID have the right idea! Hugs back! flyingshoes - Thank you for commenting! goldengatecruisers - Thank you for your kind words Ashley. I hope your cruise is FABOO! My podcast is an acquired taste... LOL... and I did indeed JUST stop doing it. Eleven years was enough. ijkh - It FLEW by. Thank you for your kind words and thank you especially for acknowledging Pride. It's very important to Drew and I and many, many others. Have a wonderful cruise! KenzSailing - I wondered what that thumping sound was! I thought I was my heart after climbing the stairs. Yes we ARE sailing again. Can't wait. I relayed your comment to my sister and she laughed heartily and said "that all depends on where the straw came from and how it had been handled." LOL May B - And thank YOU sweet lady. mskatiemae - Thank YOU dear one. It was a perfect day aboard (The Serenity ;-) ) But very few days aboard Crystal are NOT perfect. fyree39 - I KNOW! Could ya Plotz!??! SkystheLimit - Thank you, MJ for coming along with us. And yes... Alfred and I are about the same size as well!!! ;-) NJBeaglemom - Thank you Nancy. The Serenity is beautiful alright. Thank you my dear ones. On to the last. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX :D:D:D, Scott
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