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  1. Finally received our refund today for our cancelled 15th March QE cruise. Now just waiting for our out of pocket expenses.
  2. Cunard have also said the same to me for our 15/3 cancelled cruise. Our out of pocket expenses though will take 60 days!
  3. We also found out by me contacting Cunard and we booked thru a TA.
  4. I am just happy for some communication. Our TA has been good, but the email from Cunard was sent because I have been trying to make contact with Cunard and, because the TA was getting no where with them. Anyway, let’s wait and see!
  5. Afternoon all, Well finally! Just had an email from Cunard to say our refund has been processed. only problem is that because we booked thru an agent, Cunard send them a cheque which could take 20 days for the TA to receive, so still do not have the cash in the bank, but at least a start.🤔🤔. Will post here when I actually receive the money.
  6. Congratulations hopefully ours will be soon.🤔🤔
  7. Bazzaw great news . Hope it continues. Still nothing for us though. Cunard not even responding to email.
  8. Bazzaw I agree. I do not think many in Aust or NZ have received refunds at this stage. Just some communication would be helpful. Our cruises were cancelled a long time ago, ours was the night before sailing. I feel for you, because you have a lot more money outstanding than us.
  9. Bazzaw Still nothing for us and I have been chasing up this week. TA said they have had no news from Cunard whatsoever and difficult to contact. They did ask for our bank details even though we paid by CC. Just As a token, I would think. Incidental expenses Cunard said they would send a cheque in the next 60 days. I did email Cunard yesterday and the reply was that it will be 10 - 14 days to reply to email. So still no joy for us unfortunately.
  10. Wow, that is good news. ContactEd our TA yesterday as it is 53 working days since 15th March cruise cancelled. She advised that they have received no refunds from Cunard as yet. Other lines flowing thru but not Cunard and she also said it is very difficult to contact them. Just a waiting game for us!
  11. Bazzaw we are 53 working days since our 15th March cruise was cancelled. This is taking out Easter. Still no news. I am contacting the TA on Monday to see what the outcome will be. Then I might contact Cunard to see “if I am in the system” and the Westpac to see what can be done. I think the outcome will be that I have to just wait. So quick to take our money, so slow to return. Just some communication would be helpful.
  12. Bazzaw still nothing for our Cunard 15/3 unfortunately 😩
  13. If you hadn’t told me, I would not have claimed, so greatly appreciated. Sounds like you might be waiting a while though. I understand Princess is not better than Cunard unfortunately.
  14. Well I would like to thank Sydgal for telling me I should claim. . Just received an email from Cunard saying they have approved my out of pocket claim for our cancelled cruise. Payment will take 60 days but I will receive a cheque. Hopefully a refund for the cruise will happen soon too!
  15. I agree with you Bazzaw totally. Your first cruise was cancelled way before all this happened and you thought your refund would have happened quickly. Our 15/3 was also cancelled and we thought we would get a refund also quite quickly. I find a lot of people here are only worried about their cruise happening in the future. There are a lot of us who are awaiting refunds and have had no communication from Cunard.
  16. Sydgal thanks I have lodged claim. See how we go.
  17. Congratulations, I am happy for you. Hopefully you will see the refund soon and hopefully we will also hear soon. Keep us up to date please. I know you have a lot more money outlaid than I have So extremely happy something might be finally happening.
  18. Well, I have just emailed our TA and will let you know when we receive a reply. I agree with you, we are out of pocket and would like to be reimbursed. Our cancellation at the last minute was handled very poorly by Cunard. No communication whatsoever. We are not first time Cunard cruises, but not sure I will book another Cunard cruise anytime soon. I know of other who were with other lines and they were contacted to see if they were ok. In this instance (a first for a while) we decided to drive, not fly, otherwise our situation could have been much worse! Thanks and I will let you know.
  19. Thanks I might. In this instance we didn’t fly but drove and stayed with my father, but is over 800 kilometres return plus meals etc.
  20. We were on the same cruise. We also requested full refund 16/3. We have had no correspondence from our TA since about 23/3. I was going to wait a couple more weeks, but far from happy with Cunards lack of contact. In the email that they sent to say the cruise was canceled, they also stated that they would be in contact with us that evening to talk to us about our travel arrangements to get home and also pay up to 4 nights accommodation. No communication at all, and this is something that the TA has no control over either. I am not claiming any of this compensation for this cruise, but annoyed they did not make contact at all.
  21. Still no communication for us from our 15th March cancelled cruise!😩😩😩
  22. This was to be our 4th cruise with Cunard but all long cruises! This time last year we were in Yokohama on QE, what a difference in a year! We did not enjoy the food last year, which is why we went for a PG. I find food very subjective, but had some absolutely wonderful food on Ovation of the Seas in February. The best in many years in their Coastal Kitchen! We were almost due to book one of the super cheap Sapphire Princess circumnavigation cruises but at the last minute decided to wait until after the QE one. How glad I am that I waited! Now we are waiting, waiting and waiting.!
  23. Thanks for the information. Yes, we did fill in the cancellation form and also have given all our details to our TA. No news since. We have not been asked re our pre cruise arrangements and travel home! Nobody cares about that information. We also had been told it could be 10 weeks.Just have to wait and see, but we won’t be going away or forgetting. At the moment have nothing else to do!
  24. Our 15th March cruise was cancelled on the afternoon of the 14th March. Absolutely no communication from Cunard although they did say they would contact us on the evening of the 14th March to discuss our travel arrangements to get home! Luckily we could do this ourselves but they were supposed to reimburse us! We did request thru our TA (which I hope are still operating) a full refund, but have had no communication. Looks like only time will tell when this will happen.
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