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  1. Ok thank you first cruise after making D+ Ca only go 1st night since we have dining pkg and will have to use that on 2nd night Just curious thou since we both get a Bogo Say if we went to Izumi which has a $35 amount for alacarte If i ordered $50 in food can I use the Bogo on myself?
  2. Is the D+ Bogo for the first night? any Specialty restaurant?
  3. Not at all I just missed the prices My thoughts are the Oasis Class is what ruined Sabor U cant make a nice Mexican restaurant into a taqueria Our next time on the Nav we will a couple margaritas in memory of Sabor Really? I guess it depends on class of ship Thanks Bob
  4. That sucks. We are going to miss Sabor But I guess we are the few that will or they wouldn't have changed it The hooked menu looks good thou Any idea on pricing didn't see it on above menus?
  5. We sailed on the FoTS Sept on the same cruise as Ashland while there might be no reservations for the Ice show My GF prefers a great seat location so we do line up 20 minutes before the doors open. The line was already halfway past the Karaoke. While waiting in line a few older ladies decided to walk past us. Didn't understand any English as people said the line was in back. not a big deal About 5 minutes later a larger group of younger pax started to push past us. I said something in English and they kept on going like they didn't understand. I said a couple things in Spanish that got their attention. Voices got a little elevated in area by several people. I was threatened by several of the men and verbally abused in 2 languages by the women. They acted like they didn't understand English but by the end they were alot of the group speaking english Things deescalated and all was good in the end and we all enjoyed the show I'm not going to say it is because of someone's nationality but it was defiantly a pack mentality we experienced This is the worst experience, on any cruise ever, including sailing on Carnival from SJC BTW wont keep me from sailing from SJC again
  6. To be honest its about drinking the coolaid Every cruise line has it group of loyalists THey all have the perks that cruiser likes While people like the OASIS class its not my favorite I like the Radiance class for Royal The Spirit Class for Carnival The Vista class for HAL I cruise to see the ocean not a promenade that Im trapped in
  7. That's it That's the final STRAW That's the STRAW that broke this camels back Im done with Ncl after this cruise;p
  8. So there are some options to help Galveston:)
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/american-woman-arrested-fined-dollar4000-for-cannabis-on-cruise-ship/ar-BBNZn20?ocid=spartanntp
  10. Hey Lee how are you and Mary doing? I didn't know RCCL was footing the bill Really? A little snarky? I dint know who was paying for terminal. Sometimes the city pays for it For some reason another Texas county may have paid for a great new terminal Ever heard of the Bayport Cruise Terminal:eek: BTW do you think Crystal cruise lines will ever cruise from Texas?
  11. Is there something Galveston can do to the drainage or sewer systems to help this? Maybe instead of building another cruise terminal spend the money fixing that problem?
  12. so when I boarded the FOS my card had my level on it and a list in the cabin of onboard perks for my level but nothing at end of cruise for comps? First off never seen my level on my card is this new? and second did I not have enough action to get the Comp list:confused:
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