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  1. Florida is the "Cruise Capital of the World". They will figure this out in the coming days. David
  2. As for the Maasdam arrival.....on Friday.... 515 ship to airport transfers by motor coach. Saturday 214 were scheduled; however, with many flights cancelled on Friday we eventually moved 252 from pier to airport. Taxis and Uber/Lift vehicles are limited due the virus. David
  3. I'm very proud of the Port of San Diego, CBP, ILWU (porters), and our shoreside employees. Just for the record, when the Disney Wonder disembarked on March 20th.....1,328 guests were transferred by motor coach to the San Diego International Airport.....in 3 1/2 hours. David
  4. My information is from the Holland America website.......subset "Plan"....."Find a Cruise"...."Sail to"..... alternatively, you can choose by ship "Amsterdam". David
  5. If you must use your credit before January 2022 (seems unlikely to me)....perhaps consider these options: 79/74 -day Grand Africa Amsterdam departing Oct.3, 2021 74-day Grand South America & Antarctica Amsterdam (first leg of 2021 WC) departing January 4, 2021 Holland America does have Care Teams....maybe not in Australia. Surely the $59 will be credited back in some form or another. Most likely as FCC in excess of that amount. David I state my personal opinions on Cruise Critic. I do not represent Holland America Line.
  6. Buses, trains, taxis, ride-share vehicles, and subways.....they all continue to operate. Think about the shopping cart you use at the store, the ATM and elevator buttons. All of the above can spread this virus. Yet cruise ships seem to get the headlines in the evening news. David
  7. The Maasdam will park and stay 2 more days. No guests will be allowed off of the ship until Friday morning.....and about 400 guests will remain onboard until Saturday. Flight cancellations seem to be the issue. The Eclipse is not expected until Tuesday. David
  8. I'm sorry what happened to you.....and the others onboard. Not just your ship.....there have been many disruptions and broken dreams....Princess, Cunard, NCL to mention a few. However, blaming Holland America or the airlines that brought you home (and presumably took you to your departing ship) is unwarranted. Now that you are home, look around you for some reality. Millions of us are unemployed. 1/3 of my retirement savings (stocks) has evaporated.....and I'm not the only one. At least 2 trillion dollars of government intervention are lingering due to political agendas. The National Guard has been called up in New York, Washington state, and California. What did you say was your issue? David P.S. Grand Princess guests returned home to 14 days in confinement. The last 200 or so will be released tomorrow and Wednesday.....and hoping to get flights home, too.
  9. Yesterday the Captain mentioned that the Rotterdam is going to bunker fuel. David
  10. California has allowed several ships in the past week to dock. Carnival Miracle, Eurodam, and Disney Wonder. Due to arrive this week are Maasdam and Celebrity Eclipse in San Diego. David
  11. Waking up in the morning......with no fixed plan. David
  12. Those lifeboats come in handy in a torrential downpour.....experienced when I was in Grand Cayman. David
  13. I would choose Vista, just because there are so many dining options available. I enjoy great food experiences (and the extra cost is not an issue). David I have been on the Horizon and hope to be on the Panorama in mid-May.
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