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  1. My response was to a reply on this thread. Unrealistic expectations lead to disappointment. As 5 Stars you have benefits that the rest of us do not get. Priority delivery is just one of them. I'm here to advise that the remaining 90% should not expect luggage delivery in less than 1 hour....regardless of the port....or how many ships are there. David
  2. I've sailed multiple times from Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Long Beach, San Pedro, Galveston, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, New York as well as San Diego. I have never had my checked luggage delivered in an hour....nor would I expect it. David
  3. Receiving your checked bags in 1 hour is a rare instance.....so is winning the MegaMillions.....but it can happen, too. In most cases 2,000-4000 pieces of luggage need to be properly transferred, screened, onloaded, sorted, and delivered. A reasonable expectation would be 3 hours or less. David
  4. Could you possibly drive from Tucson to Phoenix? Just a thought. David
  5. I've been a check in agent for 14 years and I have never thought to check an expiration date of a driver's license. As long as the person in front of me has a similar face and a BC and DL birthdate that match....that is my passing grade. David
  6. There are advantages to using Holland transfers. Should you or your luggage be delayed, airport reps can be of great assistance. David
  7. Midway aircraft carrier.......Enterprise is in New York...also nearby the terminal. David
  8. You might want to look at the cost if you miss the ship. One night stay in San Diego, transport to/from hotel to airport, flight to Cabo San Lucas, transfer from airport to hotel for the night in Cabo and transport from the hotel to ship. That is approimately $600 per person. Now in January you might get to Cabo and the seas are too rough to use the tenders. So another night in Cabo at a hotel. Next would be a flight to Mazatlan from Cabo.....which connect and don't get you there in time.....so you would have to fly to Puerto Vallarta. Another 2 nights in a hotel. So your 7 night cruise is now a 3 night one and you've spent $1,000 more. David
  9. It is always good to see our frequent San Diego cruise guests returning several times a year. David
  10. 4th Annual Women's March - San Diego Saturday, January 18, 2020 10:00 AM 2:00 PM Road closures begin at about 9 am. Traffic on Harbor Drive was one way only (south) last year. David
  11. I ask because on January 18th there could be some issue. David
  12. The reason that embarkation was so slow, is that the ship had no wireles/LAN internet connection to shoreside. Therefore, everyone had to show a photo ID once at the top of the gangway. Normally your security photo is take at check-in for HAL....or your previous cruise pic is sufficient.....and the computers are connected. The south side of the pier has it's limitations; however, far fewer that the Broadway Complex/mini pier alternative. All is well weather wise tonight for a visit to San Diego. David
  13. It would help to know what date you are sailing. David
  14. Yes, that is the way to do it. Hopefully they will be Priority on a future cruise...and they can appreciate the benefits then. David
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