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  1. Sea of Cortez cruises are rare, and usually book up quickly. I believe Maasdam is doing March 3rd and April 15th in 2020. Again in 2021 on March 28th and April 9th. One of my two favorite ports is been Loreto. David
  2. If you choose to exit the ship, you must return through the security screening apparatus in the building. Never an issue with one ship......often a long delay when there are 2. David
  3. Keep complaining, and they will find a way to charge us for T.P. David
  4. I've sailed positioning cruises many times. Once it was so calm that you could water ski behind the entire way (northbound). Other sailings have been quite rough....(reported on Westerdam) and the very next day just fine for me on the Veendam. Mother nature is very fickle. David
  5. It depends on the length of the voyage. Of course you can double the order if you pre-purchase, David
  6. Yes, Dolly is aboard this voyage. I did not visit with her this time, but her name is on the manifest. David
  7. Please be aware that in the event of a flight change, you need to contact your cruise line. Flight Ease (or other similar cruise line booked flights) do not automatically update your airline arrival information. Ten or twenty minutes is not a concern; however, connecting airport changes are. Ground staff may be looking for you at carousel 1 when your are now arriving at 9 for instance. David
  8. The very best reason to put a cruise tag on your luggage before you fly. If you believe in "Red Flags"..... this is an ALERT for ground staff at the airport. Ideally they will check the name/stateroom number and ship(s) manifest to confirm that this bag is a concern if not collected. Often, bags arrive on a different conveyor belt than advertised. Airlines, US Customs, and Harbor (Local Police) do not encourage cruise line staff to retrieve luggage from a carousel. The agent was attempting to be helpful, but should not have done that. David
  9. I see it every cruise. Perhaps they consider it a liability....or maybe a potential tip for the shuttle driver? Who knows. David
  10. The Wyndam would prefer that you take their shuttle across the street for safety reasons. As far as "strict" check-in times.....not enforced at all yet. It might happen in the future. Boarding times are assigned at the pier. David
  11. And there goes your non-refundable deposit. David P.S. Often this CC board can be very helpful. I'm glad that you changed your initial plans.
  12. This dialog has come up often....and the end result has been consistent over recent years on CC. You cannot sail from one US port to another US port......doesn't matter two ships.....nor even two cruise lines same day. What matters is that you must spend overnight in Canada between the two voyages. Your Canadian immigration form will need to be completed within 24 hrs of your departure from San Diego and either collected in the terminal or onboard at the Guest Services desk. Holland America will not risk you denied boarding on the second leg. David
  13. With 10 other President's Club members and 175 Five Star Mariniers sailing, you should see many familiar faces. Thanks for your always interesting posts. Bon Voyage! David P.S. You're sailing very late tomorrow....lucky for me I have the "early shift" 7 - 4 pm.
  14. Depending on the ship and the port,......many times, ground staff cannot wheel chairs to the guest's rooms from the pier. Ship staff cannot pass beyond the gangway offloading. So do not expect a simple transfer all of the time. David
  15. I love that they sail from San Diego. David
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