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  1. Help me out. You're only paying tax on beverages purchased while the ship is in port. Usually that would be sometime up to 5 pm on sailaway day. David
  2. My personal opinion (after working for HAL at the San Diego Airport for 8 years).....put the tags on your bags before your flight. In the past, the tags had space to put your home address and phone on them. Recently that has changed for the better. Now your cell phone #, cabin number, ship name, and date of sailing only. Be sure to turn you cell phones on......and don't put your home number. In the rare case of luggage being mis-routed, or arrive on a different carousel than you expect....a cruise tag (any cruise line) immediately draws attention to the Meet & Greet staff....and a call will be made to the ship to see if you are onboard. Frequently, guests somehow expect that their luggage will be automatically transferred to the pier! Airline baggage counters will page cruise staff if they see a cruise tag and the bags have not been claimed in a timely manner. Shoreside staff cannot take bags to the airport, but we can claim them if a cruise tag is on the bag and the names match. You don't have much to loose, and a lot to gain. David
  3. As stated previously, you cannot sail from San Diego to Seattle without an overnight stay in Canada. It makes no difference whether you take two separate ships. This topic has come up more than 100+ times in the past few years. You will eventually be asked to cancel one or the other of these bookings. David
  4. The B Street Terminal will be the pier for the Miracle. The "new terminal" is too small for anything other than a handful of very small ships such as the Ponant Le Soleil, a few Regent, or Seabourn vessels. Parking near the pier is expensive, because you are in the middle of downtown. Recommended parking is near the airport, and with free cruise terminal shuttles. David
  5. Self disembarkation in San Diego will normally begin at 8 am. On rare occasions, by 7:55 if CBP is in place. Your bigger worries would be at the airport. Some airlines require checked luggage to be dropped off 45 min before departure. TSA lines can be long at times especially in the morning. Please look at West Coast Departures on CC, where I answered a similar question.....and describe when and why disembarkation can be very delayed. David
  6. The original poster was inquiring about a cruise from San Diego in December 2020. The Zaandam on Dec. 1st is a round trip from FLL. All other sailings this month are round trip from SD. There is no reason at all to suggest that "foreign nationals" will not report to CBP in a timely manner. Such is the case where San Diego (or any other US port) is the first stop from East Coast to West Coast or vice versa. On those occasions, all guests must report. Other than those few sailings, the norm is to start self disembarkation at 8 am.....and all are off by 10 am. David
  7. The noise from the closet can be attributed to multiple unused coat hangers. It is simple to remove them, or place garments on either side of them. David
  8. I have seen a few guests pay for a separate room for an attendant/nurse/caregiver. David
  9. Holland America's preferred hotel in San Diego is the Sheraton Harbor & Marina across from the airport. No other property has been used for a few years now. If you have not booked thru HAL, you will not be afforded the hotel to ship transfer without cost. David P.S. A taxi would be $15.......Rideshare about $12......City bus for seniors $1.10 or regular $2.25. Many have walked the 2 miles along the harbor front. Or you can mention to Kay in the hotel lobby that you are a long time friend of mine. That way it will only be $19.
  10. https://www.aol.com/article/finance/2019/08/07/the-best-and-worst-airports-in-america-according-to-the-points-guy/23789828/ David
  11. The elevators on Carnival Horizon don't work the normal way. You select a deck that you want to go to, and it tells you which elevator to use. Going up or down one deck to avoid a crowd will not give you any advantage, in my opinion Deck 2 on this ship has cove balcony rooms. Family Harbor is on Deck 2 also, mid-ship to aft. David
  12. .....not to mention the 2 1/2 inch diameter pins that you were supposed to wear! I don' t miss them, but the large luggage tags with specific colors and ship names was helpful to airport staff. They didn't rip off, crumble if dampened, or come in only one generic color now. David
  13. A printed Boarding Pass is suggested for the security personnel who allow you into the terminal, or in some ports... anywhere near the ship. It makes no difference if there is a bar code or not they just check the ship and date to allow access. Whether the check-in agent scans or enters your stateroom number takes about the same amount of time. David
  14. You are welcome to bring sodas onboard at embarkation.....or leave them with a porter with your room tag on them. Most cruise lines have a similar policy. Purchasing sodas onboard, or even pre-purchasing in some cases is an option David
  15. On both of my cruises ending in NYC everyone had to walk to the west end of the terminal, take the escalator or elevator down, and then walk the entire length of the terminal back to the street. Don't be in a rush, because it is a very slow process. David
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