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  1. Yes!!! This is what I was referring to. Didn’t know if it was in the way or if anyone paid attention to it. Thanks
  2. Some cabins have a pole on the balcony I have seen some pictures online. Couldn’t get the picture attached correctly
  3. They start off okay but as you take a little long sipping your drink it is soggy then it’s like now what.
  4. We were on deck two on the sunrise just like the radiance the room was spacious and then natural light is always good if you can
  5. We sailed out of FLL on the sunrise it was no headache for us. We had rented a car because we drove from West Palm dropped our budget rental they took us to the port and that was it. We took a Lyft to the FLL airport after we came back easy. Construction was no problem for us.
  6. Looking at cove balconies for December cruise noticed some have a pole in the area and some don’t. My question is did it feel like it was in the way or did it not bother you? I did notice some are under the galley how loud was it for you?
  7. I enjoyed Sunrise this past December I do enjoy how now Carnival has started using the other eating venues for breakfast like the omelet station having bacon pancakes French toast etc. cuts down on the Buffett line
  8. Just read the link sounds good to me. Good thing I will have an opportunity to try it the week of the 14th!!!
  9. App- strawberry soup, asparagus soup Ent- sweet and sour shrimp, flat iron steak Dessert- ice cream
  10. Well as I was scrolling down I did see where they are changing from Coke to Pepsi so what will they sell until then?
  11. Hello all, so I was going to purchase some ginger ale for our cabin since we are flying in. I went online to order them and didn't see it as an option anymore? Has anyone else noticed?
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