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  1. I am not normally a "privacy freak", but for some reason this has always bothered me. I cruise with my mother sometimes and no one needs to know there are two women in the cabin. She couldn't care less. I often wonder why instead of Ms. Mary Smith and Ms. Susan Jones they can't put M. Smith and S. Jones. No one needs to know my first name of that I'm a woman, but yet with the last names on there employees can make sure they have the correct cabin for deliveries. Seems simple to me.....
  2. We are booked on the Enchanted Princess for an Eastern Caribbean cruise in Nov 2020. With the Sip 'n Sail package our price went up $50 per person. We are not big drinkers, but $50 divided by 7 days is $7.14. That's not even the cost of one mixed fruity drink or a glass of wine! With coffee, sodas, bottled water, etc this is definitely a good deal for us. Called first thing this morning and switched!
  3. Didn't know I could get the room card wet. Thought it might interfere with the magnetic stripe. I'll just put it on a lanyard. Thanks everyone!
  4. I am 49 years old, have no kids, and will not be traveling with any. I have Stanley Bear on my bed along with a stuffed Princess cruise ship. I would LOVE to go to the breakfast. (and would take every last thing that has Stanley on it for a souvenir!) I am oddly obsessed with him!
  5. We are not pool/beach people but on this cruise we will be for a day. Going on a Carnival cruise and while at Princess Cays we want to play onboard at the water park then hit the beach for a short time to walk in the sand, wade into the water, etc. I won't be taking a phone or camera (probably) just my room card. What do you do with your valuables while you're away from your chair/towel? Do you just trust everyone or does someone stay with your things while the other plays? I really don't want to buy a waterproof pouch since I probably won't be taking a phone or camera, but if I do, does anyone have one they recommend?
  6. Is it always held the last sea day in the morning? Just wondering because I think that means it coincides with the Dr. Seuss breakfast which we want to do too.
  7. Does anyone have any photos of the tour or the items they give you? Also, how much is it? I've seen a range of $55-95 per person. Is it different depending on the ship?
  8. I'm used to Princess where we set our own combination. So if it's not a keypad, how does a generic card open a locked safe? It reads the magnetic stripe? Sorry, I just don't get it. (and want to be prepared!) We're going on Ecstasy if that makes a difference.
  9. I've only been on Carnival once and I don't remember the safe. I need a card to use it ????
  10. 1. Is there afternoon tea on sea days? 2. What is the TV programming like? I see on the Carnival website it talks about the newer/bigger ships having free movies and pay-per-view, but the Ecstasy isn't listed. Are there movies, news channels, sports, etc. ?
  11. Thanks, keywest1. We want the junior suite, but are going through some financial issues right now. If things change for the worse, we still want to go on the cruise but would have to do a cheaper cabin. I guess I'm trying to figure out if jumping the gun and holding the exact cabin we want now is the better option and just take our chances we won't need to change. It's only $100 we would lose and I can live with that.
  12. Coming from Princess where I constantly check prices and rebook for lower fares, wondering if I can do this on Carnival. Want to book a junior suite with the current promotion of $50 nonrefundable deposits. If later on I need to bump down to balcony or outside due to budget issues can I do this or will Carnival keep the deposit and start a new booking with new deposit?
  13. Good to know all this. Thanks everyone!
  14. Thanks, I think we're headed for a junior suite!
  15. Possibly going on Ecstasy later this year. Travelling companion is diabetic and uses insulin which needs to be kept cool. I read somewhere there are mini fridges in the Junior Suites and Suites, but no other cabins. Is this correct? If we don't have a fridge can it be stored somehow where we can access it every day? Guest services maybe?
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