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  1. We stayed at the Jacksonville Plaza Hotel in November for about $135 including tax. It was nothing fancy but it was good for a night. It included the room, a small breakfast, parking for the whole cruise, and shuttle round trip to and from the pier. I felt it was a very good deal because it included everything we needed.
  2. I completely agree with you. Some people get one vacation every year or several years so it's a disappointment when you don't get what you paid for. A lot of people choose cruises for the ports. I realize you can't change the weather but problems within the cruise line's scope should be addressed. On another note-I hope you asked for a refund for the Sanctuary days since there was no pool.
  3. I was on the Ecstasy in November and I had read about the embarkation ramp, but thought "eh". And then I got there. Wow, it was STEEP! I'm in relatively good shape, but even I was huffing and puffing when I got to the top! If anyone has ANY kind of trouble walking you need to ask for help.
  4. I was on a Princess 2 day Cabo cruise in 2018 and we were anchored over night. The tenders ran all night, just not as frequently as earlier in the day. If you wanted to party all night and go back to the ship at 3AM you could! It's a shame Carnival doesn't do this.
  5. I'm in the same situation-we have a mini suite on the Lido deck and don't want to be moved to a "better" location. However, we WOULD consider an upgrade or upsell to a Club Class mini suite. Is Club Class considered the same category or would it be a meta upgrade like a full suite?
  6. I was on the Ecstasy last November and my safe had the number pad.
  7. Thanks, I understand now. My cabin is on Deck 16 so I guess I can just run out to the pool bar!
  8. So just to be clear, when I'm in my cabin and looking at the ocean now screen on the TV and I see food and drinks available through room service if I order a drink and I have the drink package I would have to pay full price for it?
  9. Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for.
  10. We were supposed to take a cruise last year to St.Maarten but had to cancel. The tour we were going to take included Maho Beach in the afternoon to watch the planes land. This year we are going on the same cruise and wanted to take the same tour. However, now it doesn't include Maho Beach. After getting dropped off downtown or back at the pier, how much is a taxi to Maho Beach and about how long does it take? How bad is traffic going back in the afternoon? Want to be sure we don't miss our ship departure!
  11. Same here, I had just the newest one called Medallion Class. I had deleted all the old ones.
  12. It's really nice. I did it 2 years ago on the Regal and would do it again. $10 or $20 with a glass of champagne. ( I would skip the champagne) They have a tea sommelier tell you about all the teas you are drinking--there is 1 for each of the 3 "courses". One was a chocolate/orange tea that I would NEVER have chosen. But since I was "forced" to drink it, I did. It's one of the best teas I ever had! I bought a tin of it to take home and went through it way too fast. When I tried to get it again they said no. Apparently you can't buy their loose tea anymore. (I tried on the Royal twice, but haven't been back on the Regal since) The sandwiches seem a little more upscale than in the MDR, scones and pastries seem the same. You also get a bowl of berries which I poured cream over--very yummy! Finally, we had what I think is baked Alaska??? It's held in the piazza and there's a string quartet or something like it playing in the background. I have attached photos, hope I did it right!
  13. I boarded the Royal Princess a few weeks ago and had everything completed ahead of time. I just had to tap my medallion on their machine and show my passport and then I was able to board. Very easy!
  14. it was a California coastal cruise and we were off the coast of Catalina island. We weren't in the middle of nowhere.
  15. I just got off the Royal from their Dec 5-9th Coastal California cruise and wanted to share my thoughts about the Medallion technology as I encountered it. I was curious, but hesitant to use the medallion. Didn't want to deal with tech issues on my vacation (and I did) but wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I got the medallion at my home and took it to San Pedro. The Good The medallion worked great! Check in was super fast. I held it up to the scanner, they looked at my passport, and off I went to board. Opening and locking my cabin door worked well each and every time. Sometimes a little slow to unlock or lock, but mostly it was quick. I always made sure it showed locked before I walked away. No erroneous charges made to my account, I checked every day! The Bad Medallion net wifi didn't work well for me. I am Platinum so I was just using my free minutes. Steaming a 30 minute show took about 45 minutes because of all the buffering and freezing. Missed a lot of what was being said because words were chopped off. I asked the guy in the internet café if there was a better place to get a signal than my cabin and he said no. Didn't try it again. The Ugly The Medallion app never worked for me. Embarkation day I tried to log in to get my free drink from Ocean Now. I could sign in, but then the screen would just say "loading" and never stopped. I closed out the app and restarted my phone. Still nothing. My mom's phone worked just fine and she was able to order her drink. I went to the Ocean Front location to get some help and there was a line of about 10 people waiting so I gave up. Don't know if they were having problems, asking for help, or ordering accessories, but at least the person in front of me was having issues too. Every time I opened the app it made me sign in again which was a pain. Later that day I went back and neither of the techs could get it to work either. Dan, the main tech guy, wrote my phone info (make, model, version, etc) in a book that was pretty thick. I noticed other entries so I'm guessing it was the "problem" book. I have an android phone and the other entries were iPhones so I guess neither platform is immune. He said they would work on it, not sure if he meant right away or someone would in the future, and to try again the next day. The next day, still nothing. I went back to Dan and he verified again that it wasn't working for some reason and that it's not supposed to have you sign in every time. So something was definitely wrong. He said a lot of people were having issues and they have found that when you're signed into the internet, it works great. I told him I wasn't wasting my free internet minutes just to play with an app. I just wanted my free drink from Ocean Now and I didn't care about anything else. (I was very frustrated and here I was dealing with tech issues on my vacation like I said I didn't want!!!) He told me to sign into my minutes, order the drink, and after I got the drink to log out. It took all of about 5 minutes and he promised to reimburse me 30 minutes for all my hassle. And he did! I saw them on my account the next day. Getting the drink wasn't easy. I went up to the bar to order a drink for my mother and saw my order/photo on their tablet. I said to the guy "that's mine". He proceeded to walk in the other direction searching for me. I had to chase him down to get it. All in all, I like the idea of the medallion, but for me it's not there yet. They were unable to market to me since I couldn't access the app and got no money from me for using Ocean Now to order drinks and maybe other things. If I could order drinks from wherever and have them delivered it would have been fun to play with and I would drink far more than I normally would. I'm hoping my next Medallion cruise goes smoother and they work the kinks out with the app.
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