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  1. I didn't have it on my card but I did use the back door site from before and it worked. Here it is: http://americanexpress.com/wlcl
  2. I've never really paid attention to the threads about gift cards because I've never had one. But now someone just gave me one and I'm worried I won't use it all during my 4 day cruise in December. I have a 7 day cruise booked for next November. If I don't use it all this time, can they put the balance on my future booking? Could guest services do that or would I have to call Princess to do it after the cruise? I know they can probably cash it out, but I'd rather save it for next November if I can. Or can I split it up when applying it in the Cruise Personalizer and put half on each cruise?
  3. Blue Iguana Cantina for all the burritos I can eat! Indian vegetarian food in the MDR EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!
  4. So is the new executive chef named Gigi by any chance??
  5. I was just on the Princess website to see what information they had on the Enchanted Princess and under dining options they don't show Alfredo's, it's called GiGi's Pizzeria. What the heck? Has anyone heard about them changing it? Alfredo's is our favorite place to go on embarkation day. I'm wondering if GiGi's is the same idea and menu, just a different name.
  6. I didn't say Princess shouldn't provide them. I merely stated that I didn't like it. I'm all for them putting them back in the cabins----and I'll put mine in the closet.
  7. I for one am glad they took out the barrel chair. I hated that thing! Always in the way, so I'd push it as far in the corner as I could. I like the idea of putting it in the closet-wish I had thought of that. On the other hand I have major back problems and soft, cushy couches are not good! At home I need support like a dining room chair or even an office chair. So for those with bad backs I'm thinking the loveseat in the deluxe balcony and the full sized sofa in the mini suite wouldn't work real well. I've been in both. The full sized sofa is probably better though-seems more firm. If it's just to have somewhere to sit and bad backs aren't an issue , then either cabin would work.
  8. So pulling out the card shuts down all power? The refrigerator doesn't work then? My travelling companion uses insulin that needs to stay cold. I always turn off lights when I leave so I have no problem doing that. But I don't want food or medicine in the fridge to go warm.
  9. I always book Travelex. We have sold it at my agency for years and have always liked them. I like that it's primary coverage. Don't have to go through my own health insurance first.
  10. Does anyone know where muster station B is on Ecstasy? Just wondering if it's inside or outside.
  11. Suites are the most expensive cabins on the ship. I would think they would be one of the first ones cleaned and ready for new guests. I wonder why Carnival doesn't care about these guests. You shouldn't have to buy FTTF when you've already spent a ton of money!
  12. I'm not exactly a "Carnival Cheerleader" but I appreciate great customer service. Seven years ago on the Ecstasy I bought one of their photo albums and a sticker on the front said that it included glossy photos of the ship. When I got home and opened it up, it didn't. I wrote to Carnival and never expected to hear back from them. About 3 weeks later I got a package in the mail with about 8-10 glossy photos of the outside and inside of the ship. Just like I never forget bad service, I always remember good service too!
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