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  1. We’ve been waiting to reschedule from March 18th Cruise, too. The date you’ve booked sounds great, but I will not pay HAL cash for anything at this point. Not after it took three months to get our refund just on port tax and airline fees. I Don’t have a crystal ball, but think that paying for a cash deposit could be “throwing good money after bad.” We already are wondering how we’ll be able to use a big future cruise deposit for a possible trip in 2021 while the future of cruising already looks so shaky into next year.
  2. Finally received our port tax and airline fees refund to our credit card yesterday for March 18 Hawaii. We cancelled March 13 before HAL canx everything, so the rest is a FCC.
  3. Thank you so much for keeping us updated, Roz. I’m so glad that you are getting the vet’s concerned attention and testing so you’ll know where Horton stands with his health outlook. He is so lucky to be with you. And I know you feel you are the lucky one to have him in your life. All will be well.
  4. Along with the elements mentioned (crew disbursed & not yet repatriated, and the question mark of safe health conditions on board) - there are the issues of sufficient flights and country-by-country policies allowing incoming travelers and cruise ships. I hate to be gloomy, but the pandemic is raging in Mexico and Brazil now, meaning the first wave hasn’t even ended yet, much less a second possible wave in the US following the lockdown liftings.
  5. These reports are encouraging. Thanks for those who posted them.
  6. I thought it didn’t make sense that they now have “increased the number of team members” working on the problem. Didn’t they just lay off a large number of team members? Were there people sitting around without much to do who weren’t laid off?
  7. i can’t remember any more but I don’t think it was a particularly exotic battery size.
  8. Your earlier post had referred to positives of a still-employed cruise consultant and a “teachable moment” for those who change jobs often and thus have less seniority. Sitmar and Royal Viking Line were two cruise lines operating in the 1970s and 1980s which ceased to exist in the 1980s/90s. I was lucky that I had changed jobs and left those companies before that happened at my own timing and for my own career path reasons. I had Friends, people in their 40s to 60s, who were suddenly unemployed by those incidents and never able to find similar jobs, salaries, and benefits. (Younger people were less expensive to hire. This also happened in the airline industry with mergers.) Sadly, their teachable moment was that staying at a troubled company for the sake of seniority isn’t always a good career move that will be rewarded.
  9. I jumped from job to job a couple of times in the 1980s, good decisions both times. A few years later, Sitmar and Royal Viking Line both ceased to exist.
  10. I enjoyed your description of HAL’s assistive devices for Deaf or HoH passengers so much - very funny, accurate, and all too familiar. I never learned ASL so have not requested interpreters. But had plenty of experience with the access/compliance features through the years which sound helpful on paper but, like your goes-nowhere TTY, are useless. Such as the theater’s headset years ago - surprise! - no batteries inside the device. And none of the necessary size available on the whole ship. The front desk suggested I might want to search for batteries at the first port, (eight days later). Or the often non-existent captioning on shipboard televisions - so frustrating. The BLINK-BLINK strobe light drove me nuts, too. One of its charms was to suddenly flash wildly in the middle of the night, a rude and repeated awakening (my husband said the phone actually was not ringing at all, but someone had left a routine overnight voicemail message or spa special announcement). The craziest part of the phone-flash system system for me: deaf people can’t hear anything said on a ship’s phone call or voicemail anyway, so aren’t going to pick up the blinkin’ thing. I unplugged it the second day. I eventually got my own alert/alarm system courtesy of Dogs for the Deaf (now known as Dogs for Better Lives), and HAL gave her a bronze 100-days medallion last year. (Service dogs on board are a whole other story.) Cochlear implant surgery in recent years changed my life, but I’m still profoundly deaf when my devices come off for a nap or at bedtime. Enjoying your belated report!
  11. Oh, no - poor Horty! And poor Mama Roz!! I just saw your post and my heart almost stopped, too. So thankful that Doctor Chris came so fast with his helper. And that you have access to such a wonderful mobile vet service. It eased my mind to keep reading and learn Horty was doing much better with his mobility and his pain has been relieved. We all know it would be such a terrible, frightening feeling if something like this arose, so I hope you can take a few breaths now. Sending healing thoughts for Horton, and fingers are crossed that the blood work shows no issues and he can continue to feel better. Edited to add - just realized there was a next page, and read the blood work update. How wonderful the doc got this information to you so fast! And it was good that he quickly identified a diagnosis and some immediate steps to take. It was wonderful to read that with the change in diet and his new meds, he should do well in his honored retirement. Give Horty a big kiss for all of us.
  12. Keep us posted after the vet visit, Roz. My vet said there are injections that can help (pricey, of course). So far, Raylene’s doing surprisingly well with more Cosequin and fish oil, plus the addition of turmeric capsules. Her limping went away completely.
  13. I’m really glad I checked back on this thread and learned the good outcome for the OP. I’m grateful that you helped the BBTA see the light and fix that issue. Thank you! As far as the discussion about Shop Card vs Refundable OBC, it’s understandable to me that the BBTA would rather have the rebated commission coming into the stores and used for purchases. It doesn’t matter much to us because we live very near a BB Store and go there often for many necessities. So it has equal value to us. But I do understand that it is far less convenient for many people than getting cash from the front desk before leaving the cruise used to be.
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