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  1. Cindy, thanks for posting the video! It won’t play on the ship wifi right now, so I may have to wait until I get home to see it.
  2. Dianne, it’s great that you had that talk with the hotel director - high on the food chain. Excellent suggestions that you made to him! We really are enjoying this ship. I love the officers and crew. It has a double set of fully-automatic doors close to the deck nearest the relief box “tunnel,” at least. And we’ve had good weather so no taped-off doors this trip. Ray has been great about the box use. Very old friends from DC are traveling with us, and two newer friends from Sarasota are on board, too - she’s deaf like me. So we’re all having dinner together Tuesday, with a little champagne beforehand in our room.
  3. Oh my gosh! Look at these two proud boys who serve! I knew Horty was big, but he’s BIG! I wish we had had this for the book.
  4. Yes, you should bring your own waste bags and pick up the solids. There is usually a foot-operated trash can next to the relief box, or it might be an empty plastic bucket. I always carry a few paper towels in the dog’s vest, and placed them on top of the puddle on the deck the day she missed the mulch (because she was too large for the small box). Later my husband picked those up using a waste bag. There were no cleaning products around. The relief station is in a crew-only area. If there was a major mess outside the box, or I needed fresh mulch, I’d report it to the to my room steward on Celebrity, because Housekeeping Dept. is in charge of the dog box on this line, and my steward knows all about the box. He arranged to have the trash can emptied yesterday, and followed up with me to be sure all was well.
  5. I sailed out of San Diego for 15 days round trip on Celebrity (not with a dog back then) and loved it. Now booked for 40th anniversary in March 2020 on Holland America out of San Diego RT 18 days. Can’t wait! Already had the dog’s blood work done since it’s valid for three years. I can report back after March 2020, but other people here like Roz (when she returns) can give you recent info if you have questions.
  6. It was funny to watch her today walk back & forth, from the big box into the small one, and the reverse. The boxes are closer together now. Maybe she considers the small one to be her veranda.
  7. So sorry about your accident! Take it easy. I wish I could magically transport my inflatable footrest, so you could elevate that foot. Perhaps your room steward will find a good solution.
  8. Barb, I’m laughing reading about the S-class lawn. Similar episode with Ray, getting a whiff of real grass and picking up the pace trying to aim toward it. I remember going to some gathering up there in the lawn club grill and I kept hustling her along as fast as I could go along the walkway to get past it. I doubt I’ll take her up there this cruise. You were right about Silhouette - great crew.
  9. Big box, little box. We attended the Cruise Critic Meet & Greet this morning - lots of officers attended, introduced by the cruise director, and it was very nicely done, with coffee and pastries.
  10. Great so far!! I have to laugh because life really is like Forrest Gump’s Box of Chocolates when it comes to dog relief boxes. You never know what you are going to get. After we boarded and had lunch, my husband checked - no box. He reported it to guest services desk staff on the way back. After a few hours and the safety drill had passed, I decided to introduce the dog to her new wind tunnel reality. She made a beeline to the brand new wood box - filled with good quality mulch and sized for a Labrador — that is, a Labrador puppy. Box was only about 18 inches square! She stepped into it as far as possible and of course the pee puddled right onto the deck. Back to the drawing board for the on board carpenter, and when I took her back to the tunnel after I fed her, behold! there was a thing of beauty (ensconced next to the puppy box) and sized the usual roughly 4’ square. She blessed it with more pee AND poop, the best of all worlds. And the same again this morning. So the dog and I are happy campers able to truly enjoy the cruise!! The Silhouette staff really was responsive in solving the problem - we are very favorably impressed. This ship is very much like Reflection, which was my previous favorite. All of the crew are terrific. Off to a great start.
  11. The best one we’ve attended was on Century about six years ago on a Hawaii cruise with ten sea days. Good selection at various stations you could sample and return to, including a $100 per bottle choice that was excellent! Those days may be gone. That same cruise had a very informative champagne tasting flight with four or five choices poured by waiters, again some high quality choices. The best part was when the senior sommelier demonstrated sabrage, cutting off the neck of a bottle with a saber and then pouring from it for the tasting. Very dramatic and fun. Are they still doing that?
  12. The best treatment for this? See the future cruise consultant and you can stay on board!
  13. If they can’t make that happen, I’d be very surprised! (And disappointed.)
  14. Thanks, Cindy! Barb, so great to hear that you like the ship so well. I’ll report back after it ends. Chris
  15. Yes, only some of the smaller, older ships in the HAL fleet have the Lanai cabins on the Lower Promenade Deck where you slide the glass door and step out onto the wide promenade, with two deck chairs just outside assigned to you. There are other cabins without the sliding glass doors that also are located on that deck. I've cruised in and enjoyed both types - I love the lower promenade because it gives a sense of being close to the sea on a true ocean liner. A vintage experience. Those ships have transatlantics each spring and fall. I understand why people like having a private verandah of their own, too, and we enjoy them when sailing on the newer ships. The newer ships are designed differently with narrower promenades and lifeboat placement that would obstruct the view of any staterooms on that deck. I assume the new design was developed to be more space-efficient and therefore cost-effective but I'm not an expert.
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