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  1. There seems to be a lot of variation between the ship classes. We booked an SY Signature Suite on Zuiderdam a few years ago and loved the layout, double sinks, separate tub and shower, desk area, big balcony, extra storage, etc. It seemed almost identical to the SA Neptune Suite we booked last year on Nieuw Statendam. The Zuiderdam SY was great - the amenities of free laundry or the Neptune Lounge were not worth the major price jump to me. Meanwhile, the Nieuw Statendam SA Neptune did not have some of the features as the Neptunes on Maasdam or Veendam. Definitely a good idea to check out the HalFacts photos and get an idea of the differences.
  2. We were booked on an 18-day HAL Hawaii cruise and would have been in the islands this week. We cancelled two days before they shut down operations, and have a future cruise credit but no refund. So I alternate between sadness to not be cruising - relief to be home and not on a ship unable to dock now with sick people on board - and wondering when and if things will ever get normal again.
  3. Darn, so sorry to hear, but it was inevitable, and I’m glad you’ll get that refund option. So much for getting one more use out of the pricey titer. Go, Peter! Tell him you want little umbrellas and orchids in your drinks. i was really looking forward to the good mai tais in Hawaii, but at least we can use the titer for two more years.
  4. That’s terrible that it disappears, when people like John need it. I read that Lupus patients can’t get their drug, the one for malaria which Trump keeps talking about at the press conferences, because people snapped it up the minute he mentioned it. You can actually see the “oh no!” looks on the faces of the doctors standing behind him, who try to explain it’s only being given in clinical trials, no proof yet that it’s going to be some magic bullet.
  5. Oh, no! Bad news, auntie Roz. I read that all TP sold in US stores is made in North America, so the factories will keep re-supplying. Bob went to Costco near our house Monday and they were handing them to customers, limiting to one big package each cart to stop the hoarders/resellers from emptying the supply so fast.
  6. I know, and yet our governor won’t close things down as aggressively as some other states did, as he’s leaning toward the “resume soon” theory because of course the economy us tanking. He has decreed that arrivals from NY & NJ must self-quarantine, but that won’t happen. And here we sit with a very large elderly population and an outbreak that has a much higher mortality rate for seniors. it’s good to have our dogs in the house to keep things feeling somewhat normal, isn’t it?
  7. It’s great hearing what everybody’s doing. Raylene’s best friend, the CCI yellow Lab hearing dog, came over for a doggie play date Sunday. Other than that, we’ve been taking social distancing very seriously. I’m finding it relaxing because my volunteer “job” doing monthly programs for the Hearing Loss Assoc chapter is on hold through May and who knows how long. It took a lot of my time, so I can start to get caught up on things around the house. Strange to not have lunches and dinners with all our friends, though.
  8. I looked at the video in your Facebook page, Deb. Your mother’s smile as she approached on her walker - priceless. Don’t know why my glasses keep fogging up.
  9. Yes, the very best case scenario I read in an interesting article by a very-experienced virus researcher will be if an effective vaccine can be rolled out in the year to18 months ahead, produced in quantity quickly, and many people get the vaccine starting with health care providers. (Some people we all know do not believe in vaccines and may not get it.) Part of the “best case” they hope for also is that some kind of immunity is experienced in those who have a case of the virus and survive it. The idea is that 80% of the population develops a herd immunity from one or the other source, and then it might start to be considered controlled, when 80% are no no longer spreading it to others.
  10. Only if they cancelled their cruises outside the cancellation penalty period or had cancel-for-any-reason cover did people get a full refund. Due to fear of the whole situation, we cancelled two days before HAL did. No refund.
  11. I'm very glad HAL took care of you when your cruise abruptly ended four days after it started. You were brave to set sail in the midst of the turmoil, with the state department no longer promising that American Citizens would be helped. I am glad you were one of the fortunate cruisers during these difficult times who got home all right with no illness and that you have a promise of a full refund and future cruise credit. I hope the promises are fulfilled and that we will be able to use our future cruise credit.
  12. My advice is to wait and let them cancel so you will get your money back. We waited anxiously to hear anything about our March 17 flight departure for March18 Hawaii cruise (while Hawaii’s Lt. Governor asked the Federal Government to close their ports and the Princess ship was circling out off the CA coast). Finally, I couldn’t take the stress of uncertainty anymore and we cancelled on March 13. They cancelled all operations two days later. This was a major splurge for our 40th anniversary, so it was the most we have ever spent on a trip. We have asked for but been denied a refund.Those who stuck it out for two more days got a choice of their money back or a more generous future cruise credit. I hope our credit will be worth something eventually.
  13. Happy to say Bob came home from his milk & bananas run with some Perdue chicken tenders this morning.
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