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  1. And for some people like us, that works - we live about ten minutes from the BB store and go there frequently for necessities. When we have a lot of non refundable type OBC from a cruise line, we’ve ended up searching the shops for ways to use it. IF (big if) our next HAL cruise sails in Jan 22, we’d have everything included plus $400 Non-ref OBC included ($250 of that is CCI Shareholder Benefit OBC already credited to our account) which takes care of laundry and misc. I’ve already booked & paid for Shore Ex because there has been the suggestion that cruise passengers m
  2. Cindy, the photos are priceless!! Forrest looks enormous next to the tiny, adorable baby. A real day-brightener to look at them.
  3. We had a Neptune Suite and therefore had Club Orange included during the first season for NS in April 2019, 7 night Caribbean. There was no special event offered except for a brief, sparsely-attended first night gathering hosted by the Neptune Lounge concierges, so perhaps that was added later. We liked the CO restaurant because it was quiet, roomy, and the service was even more personal, warm & gracious than usual on HAL. We always enjoy a dining room breakfast aboard ship - the included Club Orange mimosas with a friendly sommelier on duty every day made it extra enjoyable, a
  4. I could always pull out the inflatable foot stool/table cube I bought before experiencing the little “infinite veranda” on Edge. Came in very handy.
  5. Sure, I think lots of us take home minor stuff like the thin tote bag the stewards put on the bed or little shampoo bottles (on cruise lines that still have those). There was one now-defunct cruise line that had iced tea spoons as part of the silver utensils in the dining room. Those disappeared with such regularity that they gave up and switched to plastic iced tea spoons which drew a lot of tsk-tsks from passengers.
  6. A table mate once in the dining room once was openly stealing something or the other imprinted with the company’s name. He noticed my look of surprise and said, “Oh, the cruise lines like it when you take things like this home and show your friends. It’s free publicity.” He never knew I was a company sales rep traveling incognito.
  7. I love milkshakes. This thread is providing something to cling to as I wait patiently to learn whether our January 2022 Hawaii cruise will happen - it will replace the cancelled celebration in March 2020 for our 40th anniversary. I only hope our next HAL cruise won't end up as a celebration of our 50th.
  8. Barb, what a trip! I'm so glad you made it home safely between two weather systems. The TV coverage of all the storms has been scary and seems to go on forever. Bummer about being back at work, though. 🙃 Chris
  9. Thanks for the input about Island Bay Resort, Barb. You picked a great time to leave the freezing weather and Florida has warmed up after a cold spell. My orchids are starting to bloom, and I’ve started working on a magazine article after a long spell being unproductive by choice since Thanksgiving. I’m feeling encouraged since I was able to get appointments for Covid shots and had the first one about ten days ago. My husband as well. So perhaps we’ll be able to go somewhere for our anniversary in April. Enjoy your vacation!
  10. I found these variations surprising. I also received a CDC card at the Publix grocery store where I had my first shot recently with instructions to bring it back when I return for shot 2. Other people I know did, too, including those who had theirs at VA clinics. Like another poster mentioned, I plan to scan first, then laminate and keep with my passport. I’ll also save the scanned image as a file on my iPhone. If “passport app” systems catch on (which seems inevitable), it will be handy to already have an electronic copy of the card.
  11. Many similarities. Lots of good to say about both, as mentioned in earlier posts. Celebrity is more trendy, HAL more classic. Celebrity’s addition of the private Luminae dining room fleetwide and Michael’s Club lounge sealed it for my spouse. So now we go on Celebrity mostly for the suite amenities, even in lowest-fare suites. I’m not a fan of the new Edge class after one sailing. But I love being on board HAL, any ship or stateroom category, and really liked the Nieuw Statendam Pinnacle class. We sometimes book suites but feel treated equally well regardless. With the ful
  12. On our last HAL cruise, we booked a Neptune suite on the Nieuw Statendam. Loved the ship & entertainment, received our bronze medal, enjoyed the new Club Orange service, and in general had a lovely anniversary trip. The suite itself was nice enough although a Signature Suite on Zuiderdam was very similar in size and layout. But the Neptune Lounge staff really disappointed me. Without the boring details, we made just one simple, do-able request for assistance at the start of the trip. No results nor return contact. We stopped in for two more follow-ups, and finally were m
  13. Thanks for the photos! At the rate the vaccine distribution is going in Sarasota, we may need to drive to Sebring to get our cruising fix this year.
  14. I’ll have to take a look. I love the Keys. I cook all the time, too, so I’m used to that drill like you are, and cooked 90% of the time when we had our RV. There are good restaurants, and grocery stores in the Keys like Winn Dixie, too, with the same prices as Florida north of the Keys. Enjoy your trip!
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