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  1. If your agent took it upon himself to move your sailing without you confirming it, then it's entirely his problem. If he won't reply to your messages, does he have a Manager?
  2. On the explorer in May, we paid £94 per person, per day for a Grand Suite. We started off with an inside cabin. The price kept dropping & we kept upgrading.
  3. We booked a cruise on Harmony last year at £309 pp including a deluxe beverage package. The next day, the price was over £900. We waited for the email saying it was an error & it never came. We had a great cruise.
  4. I like to think so, but I'm biased because they're mine. 😊
  5. Unfortunately there are people who are far more concerned with what others are doing, than minding their own business. We've come across it a few times. I think he handled it pretty well, if they had questioned my other son, they'd have liked the response even less, he's doesn't suffer fools.
  6. Our son is 24 & diamond plus. He's been d+ for a good few years now. He sometimes gets looks when he walks into lounges. He was once asked by another cruiser if he was "allowed" to be in the Concierge lounge, to which he replied, "well they've let you in, so the bar is obviously set nice & low - I reckon I'll get away with it". The look on the guy's face was a picture.
  7. We went to guest services to ask if he could do them at a more appropriate time. The lady we spoke to said there had been many complaints about the early morning announcements. Some friends of ours sailed the week after us & also spoke with guest services. I guess he's maybe had to listen to the guests & move his schedule.
  8. I'm sure he's a very good Captain, he's just not our cup of tea. On Vision out of Dubai in 2017 he drove us nuts. I'm on vacation to relax & sleep in if I choose. Capt Marek & his 7.30am "happy birthday list" made sure that didn't happen. He would ramble on for several minutes every morning. Even though we had the in room speakers on mute, we could still hear him from the hallway speakers, so we were awake whether we liked it or not. There were a LOT of other Capt Marek announcements during the day. He just seemed to be everywhere except on the bridge. I guess he's like marmite, you either love him or you don't. We don't
  9. I guess it's horses for courses, but we would rather not sail on a ship where Marek is the Captain. Once was enough.
  10. We were in Explorer earlier this month & they were relentless in their hard sell of speciality restaurants. The did offer some "deals", but nothing close to what you are able to get the package for pre cruise. My advice would be to book it now, it's a good price. Also, when they start harranguing you on boarding day, you can end the hard sell before it starts, by telling them you have pre purchased a dining package
  11. I take a 12" electric desk fan on all cruises. I've never had a problem. The cabin is way too warm to sleep without a fan. I just checked the prohibited items list & fans aren't on it.
  12. We experienced him on a Dubai cruise. He's just really "flat". We called him "wooden Bill". He may as well have not been there.
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