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  1. Thanks for responding. Pricing for water is almost double what we have paid on cruises in the past but probably won't bankrupt us. My husband will not drink water out of a bathroom sink. 🙄 I usually buy a couple of bottles and refill them on the sly. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. The cost of cans of diet coke is roughly 30 cents more than we usually pay. Is a 18% automatic gratuity added on or is that already figured in the cost of drinks?
  2. They told me anywhere as long as there was a cabin available, no guaranteed cabins.
  3. We have taken two move over offers. Both were 11 day Baltic cruises, one summer before last and then again this past summer. We were told they would cover up to $600 per person change fees, we had booked our own airfare. All I had to do was show the fees paid on my credit card bill to reinstate my frequent flyer miles. Depending on how badly they need the cabins you might and I mean might be able to increase your number of days. Summer before last I didn't think to ask, this summer I negotiated 16 days. But as I was once told pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.
  4. I know that on Australia and New Zealand cruises the currency onboard is AUD. Pre-purchasing water and soda must not be available on my cruise as the don't show on my cruise personalizer. What is the going rate for a bottle of water and cans of sodas? We have 300AUD onboard refundable credit and our tips are paid. Should I leave that as onboard credit and prepay any shore excursions on a credit card? We have two days post in Sydney. Can I pull out any leftover onboard credit in the casino? If I understand correctly Australia businesses charges the credit card fee to the consumer. Is that correct? I don't want to have to pay fees I can avoid. I appreciate any help cruise critic members can give me. Lori
  5. We always take the stairs down but if it is more than 2 flights up we take the elevators.
  6. We do both ship tours and independent tours. If what we want to do is far from the port or we don't speak the language we do ship tours. In the Caribbean you should be ok using reputable tour companies.
  7. I wish Princess would make people who treat the crew badly walk the plank. Or a more reasonable request; I wish Princess would speed up the Anytime dining wait time.
  8. I read that climbing would no longer be allowed. I really don’t mind. To me it’s no different than being roped off from Stonehenge. Look but don’t touch. We also decided to go in mid February. Hopefully won’t be as hot.
  9. Skynight, do you remember what type of planes you were on. Were they commercial (Qantas) or were they charters? I assume they don't want all your cruise luggage on the land portion, do they store bags for you? I would like to stay in Sydney after the cruisetour but my husband is still working so three weeks is really all the time we can take.
  10. We are contemplating an Australia - New Zealand cruisetour in January. Starting in Auckland and ending in Sydney. We know it will be hot especially at Ayers Rock. We would love to hear other peoples opinions and experiences. Lori
  11. $1.00 per room service, $1.00 per drinks-on-us in the casino and $20.00 for cabin steward because I want service twice a day.
  12. Loritd


    Is there a crap table on the Regal?
  13. Just for excursions. Pre-purchased water, sodas and internet can not be purchased with onboard credit.
  14. I use a small, local travel agency. I do all the research and she calls princess when I am ready to book. I get the exact same price from her as I would booking it myself. The advantage is that if/when something goes wrong she works for me, not the cruise line. I had to cancel a cruise several years ago when my father was dying and she took care of everything. It was nice not to have to worry about paperwork at a very sad and stressful time.
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