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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the stockholder benefit is discontinued for new bookings.
  2. Our TA sends the rebate prior to the cruise. If the cruise were to be cancelled, we would repay it.
  3. We enjoyed our cruises with Celebrity but wouldn't consider them again after our fantastic experiences on Oceania. To make comparisons to hotels: Celebrity = Hilton Oceania = Four Seasons If you need highly visible officers that treat passengers as if they are best friends, then Oceania wouldn't be a good choice. There are no pesky photographers, art auctions or crew members pushing specialty restaurants and drink packages. Restaurants are open to all passengers, unlike Blu and Luminae on Celebrity. There is no additional cost for the specialty restaurants.
  4. Ask Visa. Visa will tell you that Norwegian isn't out of business. Ask "but what if?" Visa will tell you that Norwegian isn't out of business. Cancel your reservation and wait until all of this uncertainty has passed.
  5. Riviera sailed yesterday. The ship at terminal J today is Seven Seas Explorer.
  6. They charge...and charge...and charge. DW became sick while on Marina two years ago. ( " We don't know what it is but it isn't Noro." ) The bill came to approximately $10K! Fortunately, our primary coverage and travel insurance covered the bill 100%.
  7. It took three times to get our TA to wake up and stop the mailings. Try "You are wasting your money by sending the literature to us. We don't bother reading them. They go directly to our recycle bin."
  8. How do you know he is an American?
  9. We've had good luck getting last minute reservations on rough sea days. Shore days at locations where longer excursions are popular also create opportunities for extra reservations. People return to the ship are tired and decide to go the the Terrace instead. We make reservations for a table for two only. Flexibility on the time helps, but we prefer 6:30. Don't be shy about asking 2 - 3 times per day. Good luck and happy dining!
  10. Have another cup of coffee. A big one.
  11. We had the same experience as you did. We've been to BA three times and and loved it. We have always stayed there 3 - 4 days pre/post cruise. We will return also. No problems with taxis. No problem with crime but we remain observant of our surroundings and never ever flash our nice jewelry. We do the same in any city. Business class on Copa was nice and they have excellent lounges in BA and Panama City.
  12. That's what drove us away from Celebrity. I hope the same won't occur with Oceania.
  13. You'll need to complete your 19th cruise before having that discussion.
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