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  1. Subscribed. Fine job. DW and I look forward to more videos of your cruise aboard Insignia.
  2. Speaking of outdoor clothing, REI is having a huge sale with discounts of up to 50%. It ends on the 14th.
  3. Hi, @NoWhiners - Yes, we took anti-malarial tablets for the Devil's Island and some of the Amazon portion of the cruise. Our insurance travel advisory service through Kaiser Permanente insisted that we take them. Yellow fever shot also, even though we're over 60. (63 and 64 at the time).
  4. Our December - January itinerary aboard Sirena included the Amazon. Let me start by saying we loved, loved, loved the cruise. We took long-sleeved shirts to wear during the day while on the Amazon but didn't wear them. We did wear insect repellant containing DEET and didn't go outside at night. My suggestion is that you wear what you usually would in hot, humid weather but, as you mentioned, bring long-sleeved shirts just in case.
  5. I didn't dive down a rabbit hole. Neither did @Sthrngary. The discussion evolved from thinking Oceania in general and Marina specifically isn't what it used to be. The discussion then moved to "what are the alternatives". It only makes sense that Regent, Seabourn, Siversea and Crystal would be included in the discussion. Please accept my humble apology for trying to be helpful.
  6. @LHT28- I include complimentary gratuities and 9% rebate from my TA in the calculations. That calculation includes $20 per person/per day drink package upgrade, OLife without air, "do-it yourself" flights (first class domestic US, business class international), 3-4 shore excursions, pre/post hotel and ground transportation. Cabin is either regular veranda or Concierge. Regent is still 25% or more expensive than Oceania for similar itineraries.
  7. I agree with you, @Sthrngary. Almost every time that I read a comment stating that similar itineraries on Regent cost the same or within a few hundred dollars as Oceania, I do the numbers and they aren't even close. Same exercise with Crystal, Seabourn and Silversea.
  8. We sailed around Cape Horn four years ago on Celebrity Infinity. The seas were so rough that the Cruise Director suggested that passengers stay in their cabins. We didn't stay in our cabin and laughed like children as we bounced around the ship. We weren't alone but some folks didn't share our sense of humor. We could see the outline of the shore but that's about it. We were told that the weather two weeks prior to our trip was perfect. No matter what the weather, It's an amazing experience. Having said all that, we will sail around Cape Horn aboard Marina on the Buenos Aires - Miami itinerary in December - January. I agree with @Flatbush Flyer's comment about the Chilean Fjords. Beautiful.
  9. Same procedure when we were on Marina last year. I asked an officer why Oceania does it that way. The response was a very courteous "it's policy". Azamara doesn't do it that way. Regent didn't do it that way on the few departures that I have watched on the POM webcam.
  10. You can take OLife without air. You get a credit for the flight(s) and can still take advantage of the drink package or excursions.
  11. Go with OLife without air. You, or your TA can do much better on flights relative to price and schedule. "Free" flights sound great but they aren't.
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