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  1. Typo - cabin, not cable. Sorry.
  2. We have stayed in 6093 also. It's fantastic. The aft-facing view and extended veranda are worth the additional cost in our opinion. Zero noise from the GDR whether at sea or while docked/tethered. We heard a clanging noise a couple of times when the aft anchor was used. No big deal. The noise was over in a few seconds. We would stay in that cable again without hesitation. On a nit-picky note, those aft cabins are A2, not A1.
  3. Concierge on R-Class ships is worth it to us because of the cabin location. We like the center aft-facing cabins with the extended veranda. (Directly above "Sirena".) On O-Class, regular cabin on deck 7 with extended veranda is perfect for us. We don't care about the extra benefits of Concierge on O-Class.
  4. I did take most of those things out. That was my "before picture".
  5. Our Marina veranda cabin and Sirena concierge cabin had a mini-fridge similar to this: Not much room and bottled beer wouldn't fit in the door shelf. Room temperature items took a few hours to cool.
  6. No problem getting an unopened can/bottle of beer "to go" at any location that serves it. One can/bottle per person with premium package. Go back and get more as you please.
  7. We're Elite+ on Celebrity and, except for our first cruise, always had an Aqua-class cabin. We switched to Oceania three years ago and would never go back to Celebrity. Why? Oceania has outstanding food, specialty restaurants are included in the price, ambiance, no art auction, smaller ships that don't "feel" smaller, no crowds or long lines, no photographers, fabulous service, country club casual. I could go on-and-on. Oceania knows their target demographic. Celebrity seems to have lost their way. I'm not sure if they know what demographic they are trying to attract/retain but it isn't us. We sailed on Sirena earlier this year and loved it.
  8. We lived in Atlanta for over three years and loved every minute of it. I can understand your frustration about not having Coke at Costco. We don't stop at a fast food place that doesn't have Coke either.
  9. Your comment - "We used to cruise with NCL as our 'big cruise line', but we had to change when they went Pepsi!" Get your favorite soft drink and crawl to your safe space.
  10. My point is that getting upset about the lack of a certain brand of soft drink is laughable.
  11. Switched cruise line over the lack of a soft drink? Pitched a "hissy-fit" at Costco over the lack of a soft drink? Wow.
  12. Search Amazon. There are many models for sale there.
  13. Oceania may lose customers who "need" to have access to the internet but their bookings won't suffer. There are plenty of people who would take their place and be delighted with the itinerary, ambience, food and are fine with not being tied to the internet.
  14. Trump Derangement Syndrome is terrible thing. Seek treatment.
  15. Works fine for me. Do you click, hold then drag?
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