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  1. Please tell us how to build up our immune systems to avoid the flu, pneumonia or noro...or anything else that hasn't been solved by the greatest minds in the world.
  2. We do the same. The response has always been "if I don't bring a basket of bread I'll get in trouble".
  3. Booked Cape Town - Hong Kong. According to the Oceania representative it's already 1/3 full. He said one of the Japan itineraries would be sold out by the end of today. Amazing.
  4. Besides booking a future cruise, you have the option of purchasing a future cruise deposit. You have two years to book a cruise that sails up to two years beyond that. Your deposit is refundable 100% up to the time that the deposit expires. We purchased a future cruise deposit recently for $700.00 and got $100 OBC for the cruise we were on. I'm looking at the certificate right now because we will use it on the 17th. It's a great deal because of the reduced deposit.
  5. In my experience from having noro, becoming extinct would have been a blessing.
  6. I agree with the statement "superior service should be rewarded" but not at the beginning of a cruise. We have no idea at that point if we will receive superior service or ordinary service. Sometimes we tip, sometimes we don't. We don't tip a cabin attendant, bar tender, waitperson, whomever for just doing their job. You can't tip everyone. When we do tip, I will give cash when nobody else is present. We don't make a big deal about it. Just fold the bills and shake hands. I don't know if they are required to share but it's my way of letting the person decide whether to share or keep it for themselves.
  7. By people like you that think germs are only transmitted via bodily fluids.
  8. @PaulchiliI didn't know that. Thank-you for your explanation.
  9. That's a different configuration than on Sirena. Walk inside and there are 4 washers and dryers on the left, then an ironing board, sink and detergent dispenser. There is an ironing board on the right side of the room, then 2 more washers and dryers and a couple of chairs.
  10. There are 6 washers and dryers for passenger use on Sirena. There are only 3 on Regatta?
  11. We were in Brazilian waters earlier this year on Sirena. The VAT was 25% for purchases in the shops. There were signs at the entrances to the shops and on display tables warning about the VAT. If I remember correctly, there was at least one notification in Currents. I don't know if the rates varied while onshore.
  12. We would never go the "do it yourself" route. The link to CDC was meant to be an FYI. We followed the instructions from our Kaiser Travel Advisory Service after a detailed interview where we discussed each day of our itinerary. Please accept my sincere apology for trying to be helpful.
  13. I see your point. Rather than getting involved I would just sit back and enjoy the show.
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