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  1. Agreed. We're satisfied with Copa for our Denver - Buenos Aires flights. Business class seats are like domestic first class but there's a connection in Panama City, so we weren't subjected to 14 continuous hours of torture. The "Copa Club" for frequent flyers and business class is spacious and as nice as any I have visited. Edited just now by Rob the Cruiser
  2. DW and I have visited Buenos Aires three times and never encountered "bums and con people everywhere". It's a fabulous city. The only victims we ever encountered on a cruise were those who ignored advice to leave their jewelry in their cabins when going ashore.
  3. Don't let other people tell you what to think. You are who you are. If someone doesn't like what you have to say, they can ignore you.
  4. DW and I were on that cruise also. While I sympathize with those who have disabilities, storing mobility devices in the hallways was dangerous. Add the housekeeper carts in the morning and the hallways became an obstacle course.
  5. Were you afraid of being trampled by hundreds of passengers behaving as if they hadn't had a meal in days?
  6. It never snows in Colorado Springs...in July.
  7. We are Elite Plus on Celebrity. Although we enjoyed our cruises on Celebrity, we feel that Oceania takes the cruise experience to a much higher level. Looking at the comparison from a different perspective, here are a few things that Oceania doesn't have: Agressive photographers. Roving staff members trying to sell/upgrade drink packages, shore excursions, specialty dining, etc. "Art" auctions. Massive shopping promotions. Crowds or long lines. We were shocked to find that the food in the Grand Dining Room on Oceania is as good, if not better, tha
  8. The longest we've done is 37 days. We loved every minute of it. In fact, we tried to extend the stay for the next itinerary but it was sold out.
  9. All specialty restaurants are smaller and more intimate than main/grand dining rooms.
  10. I hope that the use of hand sanitizer is mandatory when entering any venue. No exceptions. I'm amazed at how many people refuse to use the hand sanitizer, even when politely asked to do so.
  11. @BCHappyGal- Buy annual travel insurance. It's much less expensive. We use Allianz.
  12. We used to be loyal Celebrity cruisers also. We decided to find a different cruise line when service and the quality of food in Blu declined. That was five years ago. We were concerned that downsizing from Solstice-class or Millennium-class to O-class (Marina) would feel cramped. Far from it. What stood out for us was there is no wasted space in the public areas. For example, on Celebrity, the huge area where the art auctions take place comes to mind. As odd as it may sound, O-class feels larger than Celebrity ships because of the efficient layout of the public areas. O
  13. @roothy123- If you have Dish Network you can download the Marina episode from "Mighty Cruise Ships" season 3, episode 6.
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