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  1. You are spot on there. We spent a month with Carson last year, and though self-obsession usually sends me running, I found I was surprisingly tolerant of him that trip - like a puppy that was chewing on the furniture but it wasn't my furniture. It certainly saved me from the chore of making conversation... just ask him a question about himself, and I could just sit back and not have to say a another word for 15 minutes.
  2. I think you are both right. Some folks love being catered to, it makes some folks uncomfortable, and some folks consider it utterly unnecessary. Butlers are new to us. We sailed mostly Seabourn until last year, and they don't have them. We had one for the first time on the Silver Muse, and I found it annoying. It was a layer of personnel I did not need or want. We'll see how I feel about it after our Dec cruise on Marina. I'm hoping that our butler is the type to understand how little we need, and leave it at that rather than trying to make himself useful.
  3. Oh I hear you Paul - there is so much that can go way-bad-wrong with inaugural voyages. Scenic Eclipse being the poster child for that and the first voyage after the stretch on the Silver Cloud being another example. But in this case, we are still thinking about it, even if we have to dodge the carpet installers for a week (or worse).
  4. Nice to see that I'm not the only one excited to sail the Allura class. We've never sailed on a brand new ship on her first itin, but we are thinking of making an exception in 2022. 😉
  5. Have you tried Estancia Excursions? We are booked with them on Christmas Day this Dec. http://estancia-excursions.com/tour/volunteer-point/
  6. We had our itin change on BA to San Antonio in December 2019 on the Marina. Notified by our TA. Arriving one hour later, departing one hour later. It was an early morning arrival (6am to 7am) so it changed nothing. Can't remember the port, I just changed it on my spreadsheet and moved on. The cruise before this, Rio to BA, has not changed at all as clo has stated above. I'm wondering if this is a Caribbean issue? Though I can't imagine what the issue would be....
  7. We've been on during a turnaround in Rome, but were not required to get off. We did use the opportunity to go see Ostia Antica and Cerveteri Etruscan Necropolis - which is easier to get to from Civitavecchia than from Rome. It was off season, early November 2018 and there was no one there. Stefano Rome Tours did a great job driving. Cost was 92 euro PP for 6 of us. We also attended two of the "turnaround" lunches later in the cruise, which were very nice. You will get an invite to that in the first week to RSVP.
  8. Found it! Thank you!!! Never would have thought that was a printer icon, but good job! Now... to get them to do the open in another window thing so I don't have to use the printer... But still..... better than nothing!
  9. I concur with AncientWanderer.... the back button works only sometimes (and I'm on a PC). And it still doesn't solve the problem of wanting more than one cruise open in your browser. Lyn, i tried to find the print itin button on my cruise this December, and I can't find one. Can you go to this page, and help me find it? https://www.oceaniacruises.com/grand-voyage-cruises/rio-de-janeiro-to-santiago-de-chile-MNA191207A/?sr=%2fcruise-finder%2f%23search-result-anchor
  10. I haven't Lyn. Off to try it now. And to try making the suggestion via the link Tansy Mews gave above.
  11. I can tell you this is not specific to just one cruise line. This spring we were on Seabourn, and one couple in one of the top suites made our (shared) stewardess their personal slave - even though senior management tried to rein it in. We ended up doing something similar to you... telling her frequently that we did not require service that day, only fresh ice. I don't want towels replaced every single day, and I know how to make a bed and clean up after myself. In return, she thanked us for this flexibility in a dozen thoughtful little ways over the course of the cruise. We tipped her more than any other cabin attendant in our cruise history.
  12. I don't understand how this is germane to the discussion "Can you take food off the ship", but.. No. I take glucose tabs with me in my regular routine - for emergency only as jacking BG that quick gives me a killer headache. In a normal routine if I feel I'm getting low, it's easy to plan to grab a quick snack. Travel is a whole different story - travel stress, heat stress and unaccustomed activity levels play absolute havoc. I find it incredibly hard to walk that line when traveling, while at home it's easy. You can't just say, in the middle of walking the Jardim Botianco... hey I need to stop for a snack. So I need something in my bag to slowly raise my BG - like an apple or a nut or protein bar.
  13. Truer words were never written LuAnn. Paul is a most wonderful and endlessly helpful cruise friend. We are so lucky to have him here.
  14. ??????? Of course what? You asked why someone would want to bring food off the ship. I supplied a good reason why - it's even stated clearly in the first, and the last, sentence of what you yourself quoted.
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