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  1. While we were on Marina in December, I noticed they did the following maintenance tasks: Re-varnished all the handrails, upper and lower, of the Grand Staircase and the handrails on the upper and lower pool deck. Two huge metal sculpture/dividers were sanded down to the bare metal and re-finished, the pool bar was completely sanded down and re-varnished. That said - the soft goods really need to be replaced, and showed a lot of wear, particularly in Horizons
  2. Well, we'll find out in 5 days. It's entirely possible they will screw it up, I'll wait 5 days to find out. I like fine dining as much as anyone else, but one of my main beefs with lunch is that..." sometimes all you want is a ham sandwich"*. I did not like the little sandwich slices they had in the Terrace. Or baristas for that matter. Or the Concierge lounge. *with acknowledgement to Mark M.
  3. This makes me happy. Hope they roll it out on Marina too this week.
  4. Cruisemom, there seems to be quite a bit of capacity in North. Europe. So don't discount a line like Seabourn (Quest & Ovation). The 2021 routes aren't out yet, but take a gander at the 2020 pricing. Some of them are quite comparable to Oceania. Seabourn takes enrichment seriously. We took a completely unplanned Arctic Circle cruise with them this spring for an unbelievable price They had an whole expedition team on board (naturalist, geologist, etc) that was very involved with the pax - and not just for lectures. Now that I've said that, they are launching the Seabourn Venture, and some of the expidition team will go there. The Venture pricing is more what you would expect with a lux line (meaning, "ouch").
  5. My bank won't deal in Arg. pesos. So I'm bringing a couple of NEW $100 bills to exchange at a cambio. I did find it interesting that I was able to order Chilean pesos - in view of the fact the currency is tanking. I'm sure I'll take a beating but at least we have a supply and won't have to worry about changing for it.
  6. Oh, I SOOOO get it. Don't think the whole subject of "service dogs" and the abuses I see everywhere doesn't make me spitting mad. I didn't comment on this thread because I didn't think I'd be able to stop ranting. But the mental picture of a "service dog" leaving his owners table because he didn't care for sea bass and wanted to "shop" sent me into gales of laughter.
  7. Oh, you guys are in rare form today.... 😂
  8. Music is as personal as dining. I can tell you that if Oceania started piping country music at the pool or all over the ship - I would not sail with them again. I'm serious - that's how much I hate it. We leave restaurants all the time if the country music gets too loud and management won't turn it down. But if I feel that way about country, then there is bound to be someone that feels that way about classical or piano jazz. I know you can't please everybody, with with piped music I wonder if you can please even 50% of the listeners.
  9. Well, I think it's great. And it seems to be something that not every TA is passing along, unless nagged. Which I can't fathom, seeing as all you have to do is hit "forward".
  10. I didn't receive this on my first O cruise last year. When I called O this year to find out if a final itinerary/hotel info would be sent for our post-cruise extension for this year...the O rep said "It's in your Cruise Vacation Summary which was sent to your TA on 11/16." After some back and forth with the agent, and a request to O from me to send it to him again, I got the summary. Wow. It's helpful. Everything is in one place... from shipboard credit and comps, to dining reservations, to La Reserve reservations, to shore-x A one-stop list that will really come in handy if anything gets "mis-placed" (like a reservation) onboard. Much better than my having to save all the confirmation emails and finding the one I want while standing at Guest Services and hoping I have an internet connection to get to my email. I wonder how long they have been sending these out?
  11. True. Hadn't thought about that. But I still think it's strange.
  12. Why would you plaster the internet with press announcements last January for the new "Allura Class" and not name the first new ship Allura?
  13. On our cruise last year the MDR was open on turnaround days to ALL those pax on B2B's only. Invitations were issued a few days in advance, and it was RSVP.
  14. You can continue to shed the virus for up to two weeks after recovery.
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