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  1. This was VERY helpful, thank you megr1125! You're absolutely right that food is subjective. When I look up favorite restaurants in Yelp and see that Olive Garden is number one, well... Thank you Debbdo! Thanks Tony O. Holy cow, so many recommendations and none of them are the same! Looks like I can't go wrong.
  2. I appreciate all of the responses. Sounds like Marriott is the favored of the two. I am referring to the Marriott that is just south of Little Italy. If I'm looking correctly at the map, it is a little further from the cruise pier than the Hyatt. Either way, I'm sure both are a cheap Uber to port. The Hyatt is super close to a Starbucks. Super sad that I even use that as criteria. I fly in early that morning, so I have a lot of time to explore the area. I've been to the aquarium before, and while it was pretty impressive, I'm not so sure I'll be doing it again. Speaking of Little Italy...what is your favorite Italian restaurant for pasta? Asking for a friend. A friend who likes pasta.
  3. Staying one night pre-cruise in Baltimore and am considering both the Hyatt and the Marriott. The Marriott rooms look bigger, but are there any other glaring differences that make one stand out over the other? Location better at one?
  4. Oh my gosh, thank you. Comments like yours are very humbling. I am so glad that you enjoyed it! Anyway, yeppers...I recommend Nachi Cocum over Cozumel Bar Hop. I mean...free drinks all day under an umbrella? Pffft. No contest. Then again, the Bar Hop was more social and therefore more fun. NC was relaxing and quiet. I guess it depends what you are in the mood for.
  5. I haven't figured out how to multiquote yet. I have been on Rhapsody, and I absolutely loved her and her staff, but that was back in 2011. Am looking forward to a long solo getaway on Grandeur. It pleases me to see so many positive reviews on her. Also, testing the whole new photo capability... ETA: It works! But how long is my photo going to stay there. Hmm...
  6. Hey! You came back! Alright, I'll start a thread and hope the idea catches on. I love it when I make friends on cruises and agree to meet up with them again. :)
  7. Thank you, Broberts! I enjoyed writing it. The issue happened well before the website changed, so I don't really know what happened. So I will still blame Facebook. Is there a better place to upload photos? I tried Instagram, but didn't really care for that.
  8. Yeah...no. The photos are still there on my Facebook page. So I blame Facebook.
  9. Okay, so I have no idea if you'll see this since you posted last year, but I am going solo again this October on the Grandeur. I wonder if I should start a "Grandeur solo traveler takeover" thread.
  10. Allure is an amazing ship! I cruised her solo two years ago. My trip report is in my signature, if you're interested.
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