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  1. When this first started, there was a great deal of support from Tui fans on social media and gradually people are starting to loose faith. There seem to be two main issues- Instead of people waiting to be contacted about their cancelled cruise, people are bombarding the phone lines about their cruise, some not until a year away, which means the few staff that are working are busy dealing with these calls and not able to work through on a departure date basis to process refunds and changes. Tui took full advantage of the Uk furlough scheme to get the wages of a majority
  2. Sorry was looking on a phone, now can see the link. I’m annoyed. They get a German bailout and get Uk government help to furlough most admin staff then leave a tiny crew to deal with refunds and amendments. That atrocious.
  3. I had a feeling this might be the case, did you source this from somewhere?
  4. I agree. I get a bit fed up that if ever there is a travel story every news outlet defaults to him, surely there are other (better) travel correspondents? At the very least share the work around.
  5. On another social media site, you are chastised for suggesting Tui are anything other than a saintly organisation and anyone wanting a refund for a cancelled cruise is being mercenary. They are clearly holding off on refunds till they have money from new bookings or final payments, a bit like a Ponzi scheme. We know how they all end.
  6. Very strange they would want bank details as they would get a refund of the credit card charges they would have paid when accepting a credit card payment. Just been reading in Which that STA travel and loveholidays have been refusing refunds and offering credit notes “on ABTAs advice” but that is still just advice at the moment with ABTA lobbying the government in the meantime. I think I would be contacting my credit card and initiating a chargeback against Tui, if they refund in the meantime then you can cancel the chargeback.
  7. Tui have never recognised loyalty. It’s extremely important in cruising and the US lines in particular want to ensure they get their loyal passengers back on board when this is over.
  8. I think one of the main problems Tui have is that the cruises are being dealt with as part of the overall Tui call centres who are dealing with hundreds of thousands of cancelled package holidays. It’s not an excuse though. Their communications have been poor from the start of this crisis and they are not helping themselves with people desperate to get info on their booking/refunds but the lack of clear info leads to even more pressure on their teams.
  9. I don’t think they could change to a voucher system for existing bookings as it’s not in the terms and conditions. Maybe for new bookings?
  10. The dates cruise lines have given as their “no cruises till” dates are just the intial cancellation periods. This isn’t going to take many months to run its course before cruising restarts.
  11. I’m guessing as they have no guests onboard they are waiting to see where to go next. India and the UAE are closed to them so their route back to the Med might be troublesome.
  12. Simon Calder today on Radio 4 said if you had paid a deposit on a package then If final balance is due then to pay it. If they cancel at any point you get it all back. If you don’t pay your final balance you loose your deposit even if it’s highly likely they will cancel eventually.
  13. UAE not allowing ships from Asia and Oman not granting Visas for tourists for the foreseeable. Not that it really matters. Cruising is dead for many months
  14. Do you know where they are disembarking them to fly home! She is just treading water off Jamaica currently.
  15. I see Discovery 2 is waiting off Jamaica. Seems she called in there yesterday, maybe for supplies? Hope they stay virus free so they are allowed to disembark for flights home or they’ll have to head for Cuba as Braemar did.
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