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  1. They don’t work for the cruise line they are on contract. They aren’t included in the general staff tipping. Unfortunately some don’t deserve the tip. This was the first Gate1 we’ve done that the cruise and entertainment directors (and now that I think back, even on other cruises) earned every penny. It’s a crap shoot for quality.
  2. We got off in Nuremberg not Regensburg ...took a train to Frankfurt...
  3. We were on the Vienna to Regensburg leg it continued to Amsterdam ...the PA went down during the cruise.. Juta was our cruise director but she left when we did. Oh we’ve had the “pleasure” of having Rudy on another trip...very annoying! Juta and Armon (entertainment director) we The Best we’ve had.
  4. We were on this cruise with you! It was wonderful! Gate1 should have more reviews and I’m not sure why they don’t have their own board. We’ve done 4 so far and would do another depending on the itinerary. Shout out to the crew! They made a real difference!
  5. We’ve done 4 Uniworld, 3 Gate1 and 1 Viking. Just got off a Gate1 Christmas Market cruise last week. All these cruise lines are good. Only difference with Gate1 is the dinning options. One restaurant/buffet, one sitting for dinner . While the others had optional dining venues. Also alcohol is not included (except during dinner) on Gate1. You can buy a package on Viking and it’s included on Uniworld. You really have to be a big drinker to justify the prices for packages or included alcohol. gate1 also have a small fridge in the rooms to cool your own and you may bring it into public areas. Cabins on all the ships are equal size and comfort. Uniworld have wonderful included excursions and evening entertainment. Viking had lots of excursions, some weren’t included. I also found that docking locations on Uniworld and Viking were always the best while Gate1 were not the best for exploring on your own. It’s comes down to what you want to pay for your itinerary and then planning ahead. We go for itinerary first then price then cruise line. You’ll enjoy anyone of these choices
  6. We did make it! we didn’t dock in Passau as planned but docked just beyond and bused in. Then the ship navigated the trouble area and we met up with it later that day. Our sister ship the countess hosted us for lunch and a place to get out of the cold in Passau. They came from Amsterdam and said that you could hear the boat scraping bottom in a few places. In Linz our boat had to go into dry dock for the day to have a broken propeller repair. Then when we left Regensburg we had a 5 hour wait at the lock. Lots of traffic there. So all in all guess we were lucky...the markets were beautiful...busy but beautiful.
  7. We left Vienna about 4 hours ago and have been advised that it’s possible that we won’t be able to make it completely to Nuremberg as scheduled because of water levels. They asked us not to panic “yet”..We’re on the monarch empress. This is the second time we’ve had an interruption because of water levels on the Danube. Last time was July 2017. Gotta make the best of what we get..Vilshofin was beautiful last and with their Christmas market could be better!
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