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  1. Can't access on Chrome on PC/Phone. Works using firefox
  2. I can't access on Chrome either on PC/Phone. I can on Firefox. Strange
  3. Thanks. I was hoping they might repeat the Boston to Fl route for 2021
  4. I must have missed something where is Summit going after it does the New England Cruises from Boston Oct 2021 Thanks
  5. Thanks after the advice on here we will book a hotel
  6. Saw Come Away this week and agree with other posters it was amazing. I would say if you can see this play go. We were able to talk to the cast afterwards and they said a movie is in the works. Screenplay is being written.
  7. pamkev


    Thanks staying away from them
  8. pamkev


    Thanks we booked the Wyndham near the Airport/Cruise port if we can find something better we will. It's refundable up until the day before we come in. Pam
  9. pamkev


    Has anyone used AirBnb to stay in Ft Lauderdale. We will be sailing next Nov on a Monday and just saw it's boat show week. I was planning on coming in earlier now rethinking that idea as hotel rates will be high. I'm thinking so will airbnb. I would like to stay near the cruise port if possible. We usually stay at the Hyatt Place 17th st. I already called them and they said they are booked full for next year at that time. I thought about flying into Miami and getting a shuttle to take us to the port on that Monday. Would that be a better plan? Thanks for any help Pam
  10. Thanks to all who made this adventure so awesome. I can't wait to get on this ship although it will be while Aug 2020 when I do it will be my retirement cruise.
  11. Robyn, I love your review. What type of drink are you having looks wonderful.
  12. Do you have to make reservations to see the shows before you sail or can we just show up the day of? We are sailing in a JS if that makes a difference.
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