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  1. Thank you for the prayers. My grandson is doing well. While I wish he didn't have to go through this, the type of cancer he has does have a very high survival rate. The timing of the refund was good, it will help them a lot. Happy birthday to you too!! Good luck with your refund.
  2. I posted before on this thread, but have an update to our scenario. We had three cabins booked for a May 30, 2020 cruise. Our cruise was cancelled 4/13th. Just an FYI, I did book through a 3rd party. A travel agent that I love, so would not book without. Anyhow, I elected a full refund. My adult daughter had lost her job due to the virus, and her son was diagnosed with a form of cancer. So, the money was needed more than a future cruise. I was called 4/21st by a Carnival cruise rep who tried to talk me into changing it to a FCC. I explained about my daughter and grandson. He told me he was entering the data for the refund, and I should have it within a month. 31 days from my cruise being cancelled I got back all the money for gifts/purchases (drink package, room decorations, OBC I purchased for my daughters stateroom). 35 days from my cruise being cancelled I got back all the money for excursions. At 60 days after being cancelled I did call Carnival, just to make sure there wasn't a problem, since the cruise rep had said it would take a month. they said my refund was in the "queue" and would pay out eventually. Today, I got the rest of my money. 95 days after the cruise was cancelled I have been back paid in full. Ironically, today is my birthday. So, happy birthday to me. 🙂
  3. I am not quite where you are. I am at 86 days, no refund yet.
  4. I have to admit there are times I regret not having total control. So, I totally respect and understand booking directly. But I've had emergencies come up at the last minute, where the TA I use was very helpful, not to mention she has added to our experience, so I will continue to use her. In this specific case though, I believe the TA not the CCL rep that called me. My charges, even though I used a TA were made directly to CCL, not to the travel agency. And the agency did not file bankruptcy. So, I'm not sure why the travel agency would be the slow down here. But, when I asked the TA about what the CCL rep said, she was able to verify that my refund was in the CCL queue dated 4/24th, just like the CCL rep said it was. She estimated at the rate the refunds were actually being "pushed" through, I should have it sometime in June. I came here to see what other cruisers were experiencing, and it seems to line up. So, here's hoping.
  5. I came here specifically to see how refunds were going. Glad to see they are trickling in. Our cruise was suppose to leave May 30th. When we received the email stating our cruise was cancelled, I filled out the form requesting a full refund. Due to the virus my oldest daughter was now unemployed, and could use the $. Then, I went straight on line and manually cancelled all excursions and miscellaneous purchases. That was on April 13th. About a week later a Carnival cruise consultant called me, verbally advising me that our cruise was cancelled and asked if I would like to apply those funds to a future cruise. I told him I had already filled out he form requested a refund. He started to try to sell me on reconsidering a future cruise, etc. I let him know about my daughter's situation (single mother of two), and that right now she needed the money more than the cruise. Not to mention that my grandson (who was going) is high risk - as he is on chemo. So, I was not interested in rebooking any cruise at this time. He told me he would put in the paperwork and try to rush through our refund. Then he gave me his direct # if we need anything further. On May 14th I got all our money back for things we purchased - bubbles, excursions, FTTF, room decorations, gifts, etc. It was weird as I didn't see it at first but noticed my balance in my account had changed. While they showed up on my two cards (one checking card/one credit) on May 14th, they were all dated April 14th. But I did get all that back. So at this point I'm only missing the actual cruise money, including port fees, etc - for three staterooms. I called the cruise consultant and asked about the actual cruise money. He told me that since I didn't book directly with Carnival, that it may take longer. He claimed he could see my refund in their system, waiting for the TA to approve it - and that it was dated April 24th. So I called my TA, who I do trust - I've worked with her for many years and she has helped in numerous ways. She told me they are not in this loop, that as the charges/fees go directly from me to them (which is supported by how my card is charged) it isn't waiting on them, but that with the quantity of refunds being issued it may take a while for me to get it. So I am still waiting. We are almost at the 60 day mark from being cancelled. So, as previously stated I am encouraged to read refunds are going out. Going in cruise order makes sense, and I'm happy to wait my turn. I just want to believe it is coming.
  6. I did complete the online check in, and was paid in full. I didn't want to call Carnival, figuring they were overwhelmed already. . .and wasn't sure if it would just be a timing issue. But, with our paid in full date getting closer I called this morning. Turns out it is an issue with a price drop & the travel agent I booked through. So she needs to fix something - but meanwhile we are shown as being paid in full, so not at risk of being cancelled for nonpayment. I do appreciate everyone taking time to give advice, ideas, etc. Thank you.
  7. Thank you. I will go back and run through everything again, see if perhaps I missed something or failed to save correctly.
  8. Thank you. I guess as long as I have the email showing we are paid in full we shouldn't encounter any cancellation for non-payment type issues. Thank you again.
  9. I voted waiting until closer to canceling time. We moved our cruise from Christmas to May 30th as my grandson (who is going) was diagnosed with cancer after we booked. His doctor recommended moving our cruise back to see how he handles the chemo. Our cancel date is March 31st. . he goes back to the oncologist on the 24th. If they are good with him going, we are going. If not, we will be canceling.
  10. We have never cruised with CCL before, so not sure if this is normal or not. I did a search on boarding passes, but didn't find any posts mentioned this type of scenario. I did the online check in for our cruise. It leaves 5/30th, final payment date is 3/31st. When I went to print off our docs, for the boarding pass I get a message that says "Not available at this time, reservation must be paid in full to receive boarding pass." We are paid in full, and have been for a few months now. As I'm sure Carnival has their hands full right now, I didn't want to call if this is normal to see before the final payment due date or something like that. Thank you in advance to anyone that may have insight to share.
  11. Thank you so much for taking the time to confirm.
  12. Thank you. I know it is too new to know for sure. But the wording certainly didn’t make it sound exclusive to direct bookings.
  13. So we went through a travel agent. I would assume any email would be routed through them. Meanwhile someone in my cruise group is claiming this offer is only for people that booked directly through carnival. I don’t see where they are getting that, but wondered if anyone that has received the OBC or email supporting it, went through a TA? thank you in advance for any information.
  14. deb63

    Eating at Xcaret

    Please don't apologize for your description being long. It was very helpful. Do you HAVE to swim the river? I read some older reviews where it said a boat was available if you didn't want to. My kids are older (16), but I personally don't want to swim a river, and imagine my husband would not either. I did manage to print off a map to look through before hand. My daughter is interested in the birds/butterflies.
  15. deb63

    Xcaret excursion

    Mailmama, this was the exact information I came here searching for. Thank you!
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