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  1. My DW was able to order items from the Vegan menu just by asking. Since the menus for the complete week are in the app you will know what is offered for a particular night.
  2. I recommend that you bring a couple of strong rubber bands to keep the "on" switch pressed. Otherwise you have to constantly hold it in to use the dryer.
  3. There are many issues that would affect this. including the fact that not all cabins designed for 3 would hold 4 as well. I would recommend that you deal with an experienced Travel Agent (one that is certified by RCI) to best work out the details.
  4. I do believe that they will have tram service to the location which will have the ability for you to roll on with your motorized scooter. (I would recommend that, unless your scooter is sand proof, you have some other type of chair to transfer to as there may be a topcoat of sand on the hard surfaces due to blowing sand). You may also want to look up the cruising with disabilities pages here on CC as well as FB.
  5. I do not believe that the Coco Beach Club is open yet so there would not be any experiences to share. You may want to contact RCI's special needs dept at 866-592-7225 and ask them the question.
  6. There are no shows to book on Adventure. The show reservations are mainly for Oasis Class and Quantum Class ships.
  7. Your check in (providing passport information and other stuff) are available to be completed at 90 days prior to sailing. Booking shows depends on the ship and sailing (only for quantum and oasis classes) and the timing varies from 120 days until sometime closer to sailing. Diamond lounge hours vary but seem to be 1 hour prior to the early dining time and lasts 3 hours. You also get 3 drink coupons on your seapass daily that you can use at any bar on the ship for a limited menu of items.
  8. most ships have been at about $81 for full price... That being said, you will probably find a sale of some sort (but not usually as good as the cruise planner sales).
  9. you can always cancel and rebook anything purchased on the cruise planner with no penalty. You can do this yourself on the cruise planner itself. (I would be careful when doing this for a very popular excursion as someone else may jump in and get it while you were repurchasing.. (maybe call to do this ))
  10. We have found that My Time Dining tables are usually 2, 4, or 8. If you do not want to sit alone be sure to mention to the host/hostess that you are OK to share a table.
  11. special needs can be reached at 1-866-592-7225
  12. The port of Miami has large electronic signs that tell what ship is at what terminal... shouldn't be a problem.
  13. Welcome to CC and to the RCI family. I really can't respond to your first question as my kids were adults before we did our first cruise. As for the UDP, I really don't see it being worth the price if you will only have 1 or 2 drinks a day and you have a port intensive itinerary (It would help if you specified the itinerary and dates in your message). If you drink a lot of specialty type coffee and/or soda and/or non-alcoholic cocktails you may want to look into the non-alcoholic beverage package. Also, if you purchase any items on the cruise planner (beverage pkgs, specialty dining, excursions, internet) and the price goes down before you sail you can always cancel them and repurchase at the lower price. Steve
  14. What airline? If United I would say NO.. others... maybe.. to you have TSA PreCheck? Is this on a Thursday or saturday? will the stars be aligned? Today disembarkation started at 745, last time I was there it didn't start until almost 845 due to CBP not clearing the ship as quick. Take it from someone who lives in NJ and frequents EWR.... unless you have a good backup plan and can afford any charges due to missing the original flight, don't chance it. Besides, you just spent time relaxing on a ship, now you want to get all stressed out rushing to EWR ???
  15. the day pass will start at $54 per person per day (it will vary by sailing), the cabanas are not cheap... I believe they will start at $699, the overwater bungalows will start at $999. (these are for 8 people)
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