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  1. If they do the same thing they had done with past cancellations, here are the options (at least for the North American Markets, but I believe they were worldwide): 1- full refund to the card(s) used to pay for the cruise 2- 125% Future Cruise Certificate, to be used by December 31, 2021, cruise by April, 2022 3- "Lift and Shift" from your sailing to another that is the same basic itinerary (TA to TA) and the same number of days. Your pricing would be protected for the same category of cabin. This is available now without them cancelling your sailing !! I hope this helps.. Steve
  2. If you cancel the purchases before the cruise you should get the refund in about 2-3 weeks. deposits and cruise fare are taking anyplace from 3 weeks to 3 months.
  3. All of the tour operators are fully aware of the actual time the ship will be in port and tailor their tours to the time the ship will be there. If you are referring to Bernard's SXM tours I would recommend that you plan to stop at the shops (not many at the port itself) after the tour. (Not many of these shops are open before 9am or so). Steve
  4. The FCC, if issued under their Cruise With Confidence program is good to use until December 31, 2021 for cruises thru April 2022. With L&S you can move your deposit to a new booking that is 4 weeks before or after the anniversary of the cruise to be cancelled and is the same number of days and same basic itinerary. This will give you the same cabin type on the new sailing at the same price you that you are paying for the current one. It is my understanding that there is also a 3rd option. RCI will move your total deposit to a new sailing with no penalties, however you will get the new cabin at the current prevailing rates. Steve
  5. I could not even venture a guess as to how long it should take as they just cancelled 6 weeks of cruises. However, I believe they should extend the expiration of the renewed certificate when it is re-issued. If you have hours to kill you can call them and find out the particulars for your specific situation.
  6. The RCI App will tell you your muster station.
  7. Yes, but you cannot do the L&S until at least 24 hours after you book and deposit against the new sailing and the L&S has to occur before August 1, 2020
  8. Your OBC will come in the form of another FCC, but in the text it will say for onboard purchases.
  9. The biggest problem that they have is the lack of resources. RCI laid off about 1/4 of their CS Staff. The remainder of the staff is working from home with a laptop screen and a VOIP phone connection thru the laptop. They usually have 2 large screens to work with in the office so doing some transactions are more difficult and prone to error as they cannot easily have the 2 sets of data needed up on the screen at once. The phone connection has issues as most home network providers do not build out their networks to support the immense number of people who are now working from home. Additionally, using a VOIP phone via a computer does not get the same quality over the network as a connected VOIP phone as being on the PC its presence is masked from the network itself. Hence the longer times to get transactions complete and lower quality of phone calls (and frequent disconnects). My recommendation is to bear with them and, if possible, give it a week or so to calm down a bit after the latest round of cancellations. (or use a TA to do the waiting for you (most TAs who are RCI Certified have tools that allow them to do some of the things themselves that an end consumer would need to call RCI to get accomplished)).
  10. I'm sure you are aware, but due to the latest round of cancellations their Customer Service teams are getting blasted.. I had to wait on the TA Groups line for over an hour yesterday (this line rarely has waits of over 5 minutes). And, no, they are not in India. RCCL, as a Corporation, does not have any CS locations in India. They utilize sites around the US, central America, and the Philippines. Its the IRS that has their help centers in India !!!
  11. Correct, a FCC for the sailing is the default and will be processed relatively quickly. Remember, you have the option to convert the 125% FCC back to a 100% refund.
  12. The call is not transferred to someone's remote phone until they are available to handle a call, otherwise it is connected to their "phone system" at HQ. The drop, most likely, occurred when the call was being transferred to a remote individual.
  13. Delta has that. Last week call back times were being quoted at 10-12 hours... I called saturday morning and it said 30 minutes so I went for it.. got called back in 1 hour... was on the phone with the agent for less than 1 minute, mission accomplished (and these times were thru the TA numbers (and I am a Delta Reserve Card holder !!)...
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