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  1. I have always found that the best way to find free wifi at any port is to ask the crew. They know all of the best places because they use them every time they are in port !!!
  2. I would suggest that you just buy it when the price looks reasonable and if the price drops lower (Black Friday or not), just cancel it and repurchase. no penalties, can be done until about 48 hours prior to sailing.
  3. There is no longer anything such as free upgrades, the upgrade fairy has gone away (replaced by Royal Up). The rules to transfer to a TA are simple.. within 60 days from booking before final payment due date cruise cannot be paid in full transfers only from RCI to a TA The benefits depend on the specific TA, some offer On Board Credit, some perks, some gift cards, etc. These are usually in addition to the perks you get for booking onboard. Upgrades never had anything to do with how you booked (TA or not). Also, not everyone gets an offer to do a RoyalUp bid. I have no idea how they select the audience, but I have/have not received the option on different cruise. Steve
  4. It would be the same reason as why a TA charges for changes. They will need to re-do their paperwork for a different cabin number, type, cost, etc. I guess they don't want to be bothered !!!
  5. minimal as the cost of the cabin only goes up by the amount of the bid. (commission is based on the cost of the cruise, not the list price of the cabin)...
  6. You can transfer a booking from a TA only if a) the TA agrees to it, or b) RCI has reason to believe that the TA is not correctly servicing the client (this case). There is no time limit on transferring from a TA. There is, however, a 60 days from reservation date time limit on transferring from RCI to a TA. TAs do not get the Royal Up notifications for any of their clients, the notification goes directly to the client.
  7. Neither RCI nor Celebrity prohibit, in any shape or form, any of their Travel Advisors from participating in the Royal Up (or Move Up) program. I agree with clarea that if a TA does not allow you to take part and did not disclose this to you that you should be able to move the booking to another TA. Just Contact RCI and tell them that you want to move your booking because the TA did not disclose this to you. If they say they cannot, go up the ladder...
  8. Yes, the app is fully functional without purchasing wifi. you need to turn your phone into airplane mode, turn on wifi, and then start the app. it uses the ship's wifi without needing to authenticate to a paid account.
  9. the same goes for certificates from Travel Agents, you must book those onboard. (and most are limited to port days).
  10. They will not inherit any of your perks. As far as embarkation and debarkation, have them tag along with you. If you buy a bottle of wine at dinner it can be shared with all at your table, no package needed. when you make reservations on the cruise planner you can add others from another reservation and you will be charged for them. I would recommend that you have your TA (or RCI if booked directly) cross reference the two reservations for further clarity. Steve
  11. Starboard more often than Port, but the side of the ship is not guaranteed. the ship is positioned based on several conditions, tides, winds, whether or not there is a need to do maintenance or drills, and the whim of the captain...
  12. I believe that St Georges is a tender only port at this time as the channel near the pier needs to be widened as it was not used for many years. There has been talk of RCI (and others) working with the government to work on the channel so that St Georges can become a regular stop for their ships (including the larger ones (up to quantum class only).
  13. Some TAs may have GTY space available for less than they are asking for Waitlist balcony cabins. Check around...
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