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  1. 1- around 11am. btw, boarding times are not enforced at any North American ports AFAIK. 2- yes, you will get the random obstructed balcony, tops of lifeboats, window washing equipment, etc. Being a Diamond has no bearing on the assignment of a GTY. 3- yes, they do have theme parties. You will have to find someone who has recently done the saints cruise to find out which ones. Steve
  2. When you book the cruise your "Taxes and Fees" (Port fees) are locked in based on historical pricing. If they go up they will not adjust your pricing. If they go down or you miss a port you can request that they refund the difference, but not until after you sail. If current, interim, costs are lower it will not affect your pricing unless you cancel and rebook. Once they sail and know the true, final, costs they will refund the difference if you request it. (my experience has been that, lately, the port fees and taxes are higher than the historical pricing but YMMV).
  3. I wouldn't count on Liberty being similar to Navigator. They are two different classes of ships (Navigator is Voyager class, Liberty is Freedom class).
  4. same for the taxes. They are not "sales taxes" on the price of the cruise.
  5. Maybe, Maybe not (one would hope so).... From what I have heard, there is no rhyme nor reason why one bid gets accepted but another does not.
  6. I'd also recommend stopping by the MTD desk when you board and confirm everything with the Maitre'D.
  7. your order history online will show your reserved times. The calendar sometimes will not show it correctly (another great job by RCI's crack IT Team !!)
  8. Call the redemption line and ask them if they can apply it sooner. I have seen reports that they will do so upon request.
  9. you (and your friends) can bring up to 2 bottles of wine (each 750ml) and 12 containers of non-alcoholic drinks up to 17 oz. total per cabin. You MUST Carry this on, it cannot be checked with your luggage. As for the cabin, you will find the inside cabin a bit tight for 3 adults. you will be sharing one bathroom and someone will be sleeping either on a sofa or a pullman bed (not the most comfortable for an adult). You may also want to check with a TA to see if they have group space where you may be able to get an oceanview or balcony for approximately the price that RCI wants for an interior. Steve
  10. BTW, I love your kitty.. We had one like that, grey with green eyes... that was many years ago...
  11. Thanks... I was on a radiance class ship (Serenade) 11 years ago as my first cruise. I have a hump Balcony for the crossing and plenty of batteries and memory chips for my camera !!! (and, of course, the $18 beverage package)
  12. unfortunately, you can't move names around so close to sailing
  13. Unfortunately, my T/A is not until September, westbound, on Brilliance (also known as the Arctic Crossing). It's probably the most expensive T/A they have (and it totally sold out in 90 days !!).
  14. Unfortunately, RCI changes the table numbering between sailings. I would suggest that you go to deck 4 and see the Maitre'D as soon as you board to see the table location and request that it be changed if you are not happy with it.
  15. Get your TA to call back and ask for the resolutions team. I had the problem with a couple of my clients and was able to get it resolved, it just took my time being on the phone and knowing who to push it up to. apparently your TA doesnt want to invest this time. (btw, mentioning specific TAs is frowned upon on CC).
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