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  1. We leave this week for our first SS cruise on the Spirit. The cruise starts in Singapore, although we embark the following day in Phuket. Ports of call are Yangon (Myanmar), Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Cochin (India), finishing in Mumbai (India). No changes whatever at present to our itinerary and fingers firmly crossed. We, too, are philosophical, although not foolhardy folk, thankfully in very good health. In all honesty, we have never given a moment's consideration to changing our plans. Whilst absolutely not minimising this issue in any way, putting things in perspective, the virus has a very low mortality rate, although the quarantine and treatment protocols are not great.
  2. Anne I had a look at the website and the good news is that I believe that these bookings DO accrue milestone credits. Colin
  3. Thanks, Terry, for clarifying. We, too, often try to avoid the sweet options at teatime so this is a great option for us as well. Colin
  4. Sandie We had a similar experience to you on our very first cruise umpteen years ago. We had the same obvious ''glass half full'' philosophy as you and had a truly memorable cruise, despite the very small number of passengers on board. As an aside, the cruise line, in that instance, upgraded every passenger they possibly could. There was no apparent disquiet about this at all from those in the very top categories, where it was simply impossible for them to be similarly upgraded. IMHO, whilst absolutely respecting the views of others, Crystal could have scored a massive PR victory with a similar approach here. However, I would heartily endorse your clear aim to enjoy the on board relaxed vibe, the great interface with everyone there, be they passengers, crew or entertainment/ enrichment people etc and, of course, the wonderful food, service, entertainment, etc. We, too, had not heard of the Macdonald brothers until we saw them on a cruise with another line (before we graduated to Crystal) a few years ago. Yes, they were terrific then as well and I am delighted that they are now featured on Crystal. We would love to see them again. As regards Vietnam, having toured this fantastic country, I would urge you to try to get to see as much as you can. The people there are simply wonderful and so welcoming. Do, however, take plenty of water with you and keep very well hydrated, keeping in the shade whenever possible. Embrace and enjoy ! Colin
  5. We booked one of these on our last cruise. Cabin was assigned well before sailing (not assured, of course) and pricing was great, even after losing society and on-board discounts. We were happy bunnies !
  6. Terry Saw your tea just had selected items rather than the whole cake stand shebang. Was this by your request or have they reverted to the old system ? Thanks Colin
  7. Thanks for a superb blog Terry. Really helpful for our Serenity trip in October (all our others have been on Symphony). Couldn't help noticing the bottle of Chablis. Hope it is as good as the one served on Symphony last year, which was simply superb. Here in the UK Chablis is often fearfully expensive, so it's great to enjoy on Crystal as an inclusive offering. Keep enjoying. Colin
  8. Good news indeed😀. What a relief...BTW Cherry Garcia is also one of our faves ! Incidentally, although Ben and Jerrys is available here in the UK, our licensee produces a very pale imitation of the offerings we so enjoy at Scoops. Also, these ''classic'' flavours are, inexplicably, no longer sold. Yet another reason, as if any were needed, to stick withe best cruise line...!! Many thanks Mr O.
  9. Scoops shock horror....seems that Serenity does not have our favourite flavour, Chunky Banana😞. Must hide this news from DW.......
  10. Once again Rob, great posts ! Love your ratings on Elio Pace, I share your philosophies entirely. Such a shame when an ego impairs an otherwise really talented artist and performance. Interestingly, when we saw the Rocket Man show, it was presented by the very talented (and missed) Neil Lockwood. It seems that he had a predecessor in this role. Sorry to hear of The French Press coffee issue, so untypical of Crystal. Keep having fun... Colin
  11. We are still very fondly remembering him from our October Symphony cruise. Remember to keep your larynx well lubricated, so that you can sing along !!
  12. Thanks Rob, for all the great postings, much appreciated. And the good news regarding the French Press coffee😀
  13. I think you will continue to enjoy him. He runs a very smooth operation and is also most charming and personable. He was previously on Azamara and, I believe, introduced The White Night concept to Crystal, which has proved to be very successful/popular. Have a great cruise Colin
  14. Thanks Rob for posting. I, too will be disappointed if the French Press coffee has been permanently discontinued. Quite often, we have enjoyed this, together with a chocolate truffle or other confection after dinner, as we find the Waterside coffee not particularly great. Incidentally, I noticed that Double Malt are on board and playing in the Palm Court. Would recommend listening to them there, with pre-dinner cocktails and canapes, a great way to start the evening. Have a great cruise Colin
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