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  1. Do the pigs wear diapers while you’re swimming with them...??
  2. Took this course at a resort, first in the pool, then in the ocean. Absolutely loved it, and was thrilled to complete a “real dive” in the ocean. Only wish I had done it much earlier, as I was older at the time and a bit overweight. Would have loved to have taken at a younger age and pursued diving as a hobby, given my extensive travels throughout my life.
  3. Anything in the Seaport area, very up-and- coming, with great hotels and restaurants. https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=17df6wPk_dHjyqOmqpPf9Gbx4F0w&ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&ll=42.34497,-71.068754&spn=0.01042,0.013604&output=embed
  4. Ken! I haven’t seen you in - what’s it been? - 40 years! How the heck are you, old buddy, old pal?. 😉😎
  5. Consider Luciano’s for a nice Italian meal overlooking the water. Suggest a short cab ride vs. walking. For local fare, we like Curly’s also.
  6. Appears OP has too much time on his hands and is happy to challenge each post. Life is too short...bye bye!
  7. I have it on good authority that you are absolutely correct. 😉
  8. Hurricanes in September 2017 totally decimated the original forest, so disregard any references to visits before that. If you had never seen it before that, it may be worth a visit, but it will take a long time for the OMG vistas to return. PR of course still promotes it, because they have to generate tourist visits and spending at that end of the island.
  9. Taxi’s are very expensive in Bermuda (see below). A better choice is busses and ferries. Buy a day pass. https://www.bermuda4u.com/transport/taxis/ https://www.gov.bm/bus-routes-and-maps https://www.marineandports.bm/Documents/Ferry/Summer Ferry Schedule 2019.pdf
  10. Prior postings indicate Solstice class balcony dividers CAN be opened (but not M class).
  11. There apparently is no Host Star, so it’s futile to continue to post to her. Welcome to anarchy! 😉
  12. Also, most of the water taxis are dirty, noisy and smell of engine exhaust. They wait to fill up, usually in the hot sun. The supposed “guide” has been giving the same spiel for 20 years and is of marginal value. The water taxi is nice to do once, but you’ll probably prefer a taxi back.
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