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  1. Those of you who are old enough out there would equate this to a E ticket ride at Disney. For you younger folks, think Universal roller coaster rides. Odd that the crossing was fine, but cruising along the coast is rocky. We kind of enjoy the pitching during the day, but at night prefer gentle rolling to rock us to sleep. Don’t think that will happen tonight. Sea Bands are doing their job!
  2. There is no printed wine list. My wife is given an iPad with currently available wines when she asks for the wine list. Sommelier Maxsym is very knowledgeable, as are a few others on the staff.
  3. We had a traditional Thanksgiving meal yesterday on the Jupiter. There have also been interdenominational church services on Sunday. The ship is already decorated for Christmas ( including a menorah). So I’d say yes/yes/yes.
  4. On Jupiter now. Can confirm the bars you use often will know in 1-2 days what you drink,whether you have the package and your cabin number. You never have to present your card. At other outlets you just give your room number. Your picture pops up on their screen so strangers can’t use your account. They also call you by name, which is nice. We’ve been to one wine and one bourbon tasting thus far - SSBP covered both. Next is premium whites - high end wines only sold by the bottle - which will cost $. Sommelier Maksym is excellent!! 🍷🥂🥃
  5. Her’s a very helpful reference. https://www.onlinetraveltraining.com/free-courses/providers/VikingOceanTravelGroup/faqs
  6. Barrachina actually is a great place to have lunch. We usually order a bunch of appetizers - tapas style - to sample the local fare. Drinks there are also very good. After lunch it’s a pleasant walk to the fort or local shops, including high-end stores if you want something special. There’s also a scenic walkway along the water if you want to stretch your legs.
  7. Punta Tombo was a “life experience” for us! (But have not been to Volunteer Point)
  8. After the piece completely loads, there is a Spanish or English option in the lower left corner.
  9. Does anyone know which two cruise lines diverted from Barcelona today??
  10. Is Deck 9 on Orion still clothing optional?? 😉😎
  11. But better than on the woven placemats in the World Cafe...incoming!! 😎
  12. Everything is gluten-free, and “plant-based”. and air fried. Garnished with foam. And lots of pho. With just a hint of CBD oil. Served on 100% recycled cardboard. Washed down with almond milk (which contains NO milk, by the way.) Bring your own reusable straw. 😉😎
  13. Both in Terminal 1. https://www.lh-travelguide.com/ae/en/frankfurt/fra/#terminalplan-und-transit-infos-frankfurt
  14. Orion and Jupiter currently have one.
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