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  1. I called back and got a better deal with the celebrity rep who knew what she was talking about. We were booked with A2 and upgraded to A1 and got 4 perks (instead of 3 without OBC) for only an extra $50.
  2. I booked our new cruise 2 days ago and had called to get a credit because I booked Aqua Spa 1 instead of Aqua Spa 2 with the 1 category upgrade. First rep I talked to yesterday morning said she could not give me the credit because of the new promotion. She said I could switch for an additional $700 (huh?). I spoke w/the TA that I was going to switch the reservation to. She urged me to call back and ask for supervisor intervention. The Celebrity rep I talked to said there was a loyalty promotion that DH and I were eligible for. We changed from 3 perks to the 4 perks that included premium drink package along with $300 OBC. Our cost was $50 more. I'm glad I called back!
  3. WE only opted for the refund because the TA said we could not transfer the booking to the same one next year. Oh well, live and learn.
  4. I spent an hour and a half with my TA from an online agency. I wanted to switch our cruise from the March 23 2020 on the Reflection to the same cruise on March 29 2021. The guy at Celebrity said I can't do that. And the refund is finally issued. I am happy that there are cruisers that can make the switch but sad that we could not. We were booked in a sky suite and were looking forward to that. Now the rate is almost double. Maybe that is why we can t switch. Very disappointed in Celebrity.
  5. I booked A1 last night. there were no A2 cabins available only guaranteed. I thought no big deal. We are Select and felt they would probably change what the fee was and reduce our balance to that of the A2. On hold forever and the rep said she cannot do that as there is a new promotion and it would cost me an additional $700. So frustrated with this as it doesn't make sense to me. We might just cancel altogether and not cruise next year. Our cruise this year on the Reflection in March was cancelled by Celebrity and we still are waiting for the refund. It's a hot mess and am told one thing by our TA and another by the customer service people at Celebrity.
  6. Was the "Same Cruise, Same price" for anyone that had their cruise cancelled? We were booked for March 23 2020 on the Reflection and Celebrity cancelled the cruise. When I asked about transferring to the same cruise in 2021, I was told I could not do that. I would love to be able to just switch to the 2021 sailing. BTW our FCC and refund got all screwed up and we are still waiting for some notification that we are getting a refund. I am once again on hold with Celebrity. I do have a TA who was helping but the refund comes directly from Celebrity. Therefore, I am waiting for a representative to give me a hand.
  7. I heard from our travel agent that the entire refund comes from Celebrity to us. In our situation, we were a week out when Celebrity cancelled all cruises. We did opt for the refund instead of FCC. We have been told that we wil get our refund this week. time will tell
  8. I agree. We definitely would have re-booked if we could have the rate with a different date. I asked our TA and she said nope, can't be done. So we took the refund. Even with the 125% FCC, the rates were higher than any benefit with getting the additional 25%.
  9. the same itinerary one year from now (our cruise sails March 23) pricing is more than double what we paid for this one. My husband still feels it is a go even when everything around us is shutting down.
  10. The rates on the 11 day March 23 cruise on the reflection dropped after final payment and we were able to get a sky suite for what you usually pay for veranda. I was beside myself with how cheap it was. After the TA said no moving of the reservation, I checked the same cruise for next year. with our credit I will be lucky if I can get a 2A veranda. We will see what transpires today but we will probably cancel by Sunday.
  11. You are lucky! We too use an online US cruise agency. I checked with our agent this evening and asked if we could transfer the booking from our March 23 Reflection cruise to the same one on the Reflection next year March 29. She said we would have to pay the difference in the cruise fare which is more than double. not so cool.
  12. there is a page on Celebrity where you can place a bid to upgrade to other categories. There is a range in what can be bid depending upon what the cabin is. For example, a Celebrity suite might have a minimum bid of $500 up to a max bid of $1500 if you want to gamble on getting an upgrade. There is also a forum on cruise critic under Celebrity that you can enter the information if you bid on a certain cabin. Based on that information, lots of people have upgraded successfully paying less than if they purchased the upgrade.
  13. I was hoping they would reduce the minimims as well. We are on the Reflection on March 23 and within 2-3 days 3 Celebrity suites and 1 Signature suite became available. No one is purchasing and the minimums are still what they were 4 weeks ago.
  14. I agree with your statement "my choice, my risk, my decision". What is also helpful is that you are an experienced nurse and can make a decision that has all of the education to make a sound decision. We will be on the Reflection March 23 unless Celebrity cancels and the 2 couples that were going with us have cancelled. One because of a personal family issue but the other based on the Corona virus. What is disturbing is that the blame is falling on the cruise lines but what most don't understand is that the quarantines were not properly set up and the ship then became a breeding ground for nosocomial infections. The Japanese physician who first attending the passengers mentioned this. But instead of looking at what needs to be done, they tell people to stay home. We are going as I mentioned. I am 66 and husband is 68. good health with no underlying conditions that would affect our decision. We also use essential oils, good supplements and vitamins and will have oily supplies (thieves) with me as well.
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