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  1. FWIW, if folks are looking at cabin choices, we had 16015 last summer and booked it again for April. Reason, with 4 people in our cabin, it's right across from the YC hallway bathrooms which came in verrrry handy when getting ready for dinner as they are rarely used. With 3 females in the cabin, it was like having an extra bathroom!
  2. From personal experience, very easy to get funds at the table, no fee. Sat down at 3-card poker, put my cabin card on the table, and just stated the amount I wanted. Easy, peasy! All play is in US$$. No problem on the drinks either. I tip a $5 chip each time (I seemed to be the only one at the table tipping), and I actually had to tell my waiter to slow down, hadn't finished my current drink LOL
  3. Yes, but get there early because it's the same deck above the pool with pool chairs. As folks come out, the chairs tend to intrude into the "track" lanes.
  4. We've enjoyed the service from Andrei for 2 years in a row. His assistant waiters keep getting promoted to full waiters, so he's a good teacher as well! If he's still there, he works the section to the left by the floor-to-ceiling windows as you walk in on deck 18. Great way to watch the sail away from Miami on Day 1 with his highly enjoyable service!
  5. I could not stack the Diamond (formerly Black) status discount (5%) with my military discount (10%) last year, but I could stack my Diamond discount with our offered 30% Casino discount for this year's cruise.
  6. Yes, we too have noticed YC prices have increased, but still cheaper than NCL Haven. We are booked for our third Seaside YC cruise this spring for right at the same price we paid for last summer's YC Seaside cruise. However, this year's cruise was booked with a 30% casino discount + Voyagers Club 5% discount to come out at the same price point. Having said that, NCL Haven is pretty close to 2X the price for the same cruise itinerary. We luv NCL, but we LUV MSC YC experience sooo much more!
  7. psmarkle

    New to MSC

    IMO, yes! Enjoying the quiet YC pool deck and poolside buffet are worth it. Having cocktails delivered to your room as the fam gets ready for dinner is worth it! The priority elevators, reserved show seating, butler escort during disembarkation, the YC Topsail Lounge, etc...to us, it's soooo worth it! We previously sailed in the Haven on NCL and the YC is literally about 1/2 of the price. As for the YC menu, I ordered the available-everyday Filet Mignon 3x this past cruise...I'm a carnivore and that steak did not disappoint each time!
  8. psmarkle

    New to MSC

    We have cruised both Royal and Carnival as well as MSC Seaside 2x. From my perspective, if you have young kids cruising, I'd personally pick Royal for the vast array of onboard activities to keep the kids entertained. We are not fans of Carnival, just not our taste anymore, but I've not had a "I'm never sailing X again!" moment, just shifting tastes. In fact, we are doing an all-family cruise next summer with our grown boys (men?), daughter, and 6 immediate family members going on their 1st cruise (hmm, my nephew is in the Navy on a sub...does that count as a "cruise?" LOL). For this cruise, I'm booking Royal due to all the things to do, Coco Cay and the fun experiences. Having said that, we are now MSC converts! we've done 35+ cruises at this point and we look for service, attention to detail, good/great food and a place to relax. Yes, there are water slides and a water park, a ropes course and activities all day on the Seaside, but we usually skip those. For the price point, we find MSC checks all our boxes at a great value which actually allows us to upgrade to the Yacht Club while staying in our vacay budget. Luv me some YC!! We take an open mind on all our cruises, and you'd be hard pressed to find little things annoying us. We just let stuff roll off our backs (like getting caught in a torrential downpour because the port terminal was logged jammed with only 2 people checking ship IDs to get through the port area and back onto the ship. We now refer to that cruise as the "Rain Cruise") and enjoy our vacation! I wrote an extensive cruise review on the Seaside, Rattanchair has several MSC reviews, and APDMOM has 2 very excellent recent reviews. Definite must-reads to learn more about MSC's offerings. Hope these opinions help out!
  9. Us, too. Sailing her a third time in April, and I'm hoping the shows are refreshed as I really enjoy that after dinner/before the casino time to catch a show.
  10. Enjoyed scrolling through the photo album, looking fwd to reading your review!!
  11. I, too, am an educator and bound by the school calendar. I truly look forward to the retiree discount days. I very, very, very much enjoyed your review and am eagerly anticipating your new review from this cruise!! Thank you for giving of yourself to us here on CC!
  12. Rattan: Is that the Aurea Top 19 lounge area you're speaking of? It's a really nice setup, to include shaded sitting area. YC can use that area, but not vice versa. There's no pool, but a couple of hot tubs and some outdoor showers for cooling off. I've not seen it over crowded on our 2 Seaside trips so far.
  13. Merry Christmas to all here! And here's to new adventures on the high seas for 2020 (in the lap of luxury, of course...we don't want to rough it!) 🤣
  14. Ahhhh, yes. For me, it was NCL Star, in 2011, Family Suite which was the former Spinnaker Lounge converted into suites with floor-to-ceiling views, perfect for viewing Glacier Bay, Alaska while sipping a Grey Goose martini delivered by our butler! Haven't looked back since, although I have looked at my wallet and wondered why it's so empty LOL! 🤣
  15. Ahhh, yes. The "Addicted to the YC Syndrome" LOL I am afflicted with it! Wife mentioned booking an Aurea room for next cruise because it would be cheaper, and the rest of us just tilted our heads and gave her that "are you crazy!" look. Truly enjoyed your review with all the great pics, especially of Ocean Cay...thank you so much!
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