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  1. Marine7, you are most welcome! We are Platinum cruisers on NCL and enjoyed the suites and the Haven; however, the Haven prices have accelerated way beyond our vacation budget! I do like the room choices of the Haven vs YC, but that's about it. We find the Seaside YC a much better value with better service and atmosphere. We will be sailing the Seaside for our third time in a row next year as that's how much we enjoy it!
  2. Yes, we stopped by Venchi almost every night, and it was included. They scanned our wristband and rang it up like a regular passenger, but no charges ever appeared on our bill. Glad you enjoyed the review, and I hope I presented some useful insights for those considering the Seaside!
  3. If I could get the 2 bedroom Haven suite for the same price as a YC1, I would go for the 2 bedroom for the 4 of us travelling. We really enjoyed all the space and the ability for DW and DSIL to have their own room since they tend to close down the casino every morning! However, for the luxury experience, the Yacht Club wins easily, IMO and based on experience in both. The food, cocktails, butlers everywhere, the Topsail Lounge, and the value appeal to me more than our Haven experience.
  4. Question: we are sailing Seaside YC (again) in April. I know there's going to be a YC area on OC...does anyone know if there will be chairs umbrellas avail in this YC area for YC guests free of charge or do you have to rent the YC Cabana ($449 for oceanview, $499 for ocean front) to get in/use this area? And while I'm going to the well here, what about the food options in the YC beach area? In the cabana description, it says you get a lunch along with fruit skewers, drinks. If you don't rent a cabana, do you go to the included buffet in the main area or is lunch also provided in the YC area for non-cabana people, if they even have such a thing (my first question above). Many thanks in advance for any help on this! Even though this will be our third time on the Seaside, I am excited about the new stop at OC!
  5. Capt Massa told me during the CC Meet N Greet on our Seaside 27 July sailing that he was taking over the Grandiosa this year.
  6. I am also interested in this topic, but for the Seaside. We enjoy the shows on Seaside, but after sailing 2 years in a row, would to have some new entertainment next year.
  7. I will comment that our April YC cruise is going to cost about $250 more than our cruise this past July...and that's with a 30% casino discount and our Voyagers Club 5% discount. I know it's peak season for Spring breaks, but it has gone up in cost for theYC. Just to compare apples to apples, I looked at next July and compared it to what we paid this past July, and it comes out about $2K more.
  8. Please tell your wife "Thank You!!!" I really enjoyed watching it right before our cruise in July and I hope she doesn't mind me sharing the link here on the CC boards. I've been making sure folks appreciate it's her video, I just found it (and very glad I did!).
  9. Thanks for the kind words, just to clarify, I found the video on Youtube posted by someone else and copied the link here. I really enjoyed our meal in the YC Restaurant along with great service by Andrei!!
  10. As Beamafar said, no need to put luggage tags on your suitcases at all. At the YC check-in tent, after the Butlers check your passports against the manifest, they hand the luggage porter Gold-colored luggage tags. The porter writes your cabin # on each and whisks them away! Then, "Poof!", they appear outside your door before dinner (at least, for us they did).
  11. Dusting this one off as I now have the same question for our next cruise in April. I was in 16015 this past summer and found the sofa bed not very comfortable, so I'm hoping these mentioned rooms might have the "transformer" bunk bed sofas, by chance? Anyone have current info on this (hopefully)?
  12. Here's a link to a youtube video on the new Seaside YC menus I posted back in mid-July. Pretty accurate depiction based on my 27 Jul cruise in the YC. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2679445-new-seaside-yacht-club-menus-video-link/?tab=comments#comment-57901317
  13. Frank808: I agree with you...7 days is just a tease, right? We've done an 11-day Hawaiian and a 12-day Australian/New Zealand cruise and DW commented that on day 7 of both cruises, she could really see a difference in my demeanor for the better! Just a few more years to go before I'm completely retired and ready to go!
  14. A small addendum to my trip review as I was going through some vacay stuff last night. One of the perks of going to the Cruise Critic Meet and Greet is you will receive a free group photo in your room about 2 days later. This time, Capt Massa hand wrote a thank you note on the back of the photo! Talk about a little touch to have a big impact, I'm amazed a ship's Capt would take that time to personally pen a "Thank You." The meet and greet should be one of your "must do" items, IMO.
  15. Our butler escorted us from our room in the YC at 8am. By 8:30am we were pulling out of the Terminal G parking garage...one of the easiest disembarkations we've experienced!
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