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  1. If you have a zero at the beginning of your booking number you need to drop it i had same problem mine was 0359******* on email,but worked without the zero
  2. I think refering to people that chose to cruise in other levels rather than YC as cattle class is very derogatory. We would have booked YC if available but to be honest by the sounds of it im glad we didn't waste our money.
  3. Yes i did see maybe we have cruised before i have done a lot of Royal cruises over the years so our paths could of crossed. If not they will this time
  4. Yes i did see maybe we have cruised before i have done a lot of Royal cruises over the years so our paths could of crossed. If not they will this time
  5. Yes were on the 2nd September yes we looked at anthem 14 night with rci but would have been nearly £1000 more pp for that even with our D+ discount. We got arura experience but got our ta to through in premium drinks pkg upgrade for free so we paid £1600 pp which i thought was a good deal. Im sure we will find some food edible lol But as long as drinks are flowing im not to worried.
  6. Were booked on her in September but arura experience will be our first with MSC going with an open mind but looking forward to trying a new cruise line.
  7. So why was the food inedible and what was so wrong throughout the restbof the ship could you explain in a bit more detail. Surely if it was so bad there are other dining options or was all food inedible on the whole ship on a plus side you didnt put on any weight.
  8. Lol if you was seated at my table with a baby you would soon be on your own 😀😉🤣
  9. What a ridiculous comparison Viking to MSC its a completely different experience, price point ,and demographic. Utter garbage.
  10. Wouldnt say we have had a terrible meal in mdr but just noticed the decline and certainly in the little extras you used to get but i guess thats the way they survive the ever growing competition that wasn't there 10 or so years ago
  11. Preziosa we are booked on but were happy with the deal plus we got the status match to their Black/Diamond level so we also get the free Butchers Cut dinning experience looking forward to trying something new and to be honest i think Royals dinning and overall experience has dropped over the years certainly since we first started cruising with them.
  12. So 14 nights on Anthem med cruise in September balcony with drinks packaged was about £2780 pp with D+ discounts 14 nights europe cruise on MSC Preziosa Arura Balcony with upgraded premium drinks €50 obc each was £1695 pp Brest France Sea Lisbon Cadiz Malaga Sea La coruna Sea Rotterdam over night Hamburg Sea Le Harve Southampton Anthem was like a med beaches itin. So with £1000 pp difference we thought we would give it a go plus there were a few ports we had never been to and we have done med last 3 years so nothing new for us.
  13. Is laundry a deal breaker?? I have done 18 rci cruises bit this year our first MSC the difference is about £1200 each on a 14 night cruise thats with premium drinks pkg. So im not expecting the royal experience by any shot if thats what u want stick with rci you get what yp6u pay for.
  14. We found them nothing but helpful done ours online was matched to gold from rci diamond plus which I was a little disappointed with so sent them a nice email with a bit of bs added and was upgraded to Black/Diamond.
  15. Why are you going to report him 😂😂
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