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  1. Celebrity has eliminated Cellars on the Edge class and we were told that they are eliminating Q-zine when refurbishing the S class ships. I also miss the Tuscan Grille on the Edge class ships. ++++
  2. I don't know what I did above, but this is in response to Mitsugirly's response. Will you please give us any info, good or bad, about your jeep experience with this company. Were you able to customize your itinerary or was it set? Thank you!
  3. I agree with all responses above that Blu is lovely. I do want you to know that when I cruised on the Millennium last month in Aqua class, we asked about the menu differences between Blu and Luminae and were told the menus were the same with very few exceptions. You may want to check with you maitre’d first.
  4. I was on the renovated Millennium in Aqua 9116 last month. Although not the cabins you referenced, please look at what is located above them. I had Oceanview Cafe above mine, and often in early morning or late at night I could hear what sounded like heavy rolling carts. Also, because of the overhang, the balcony does not receive direct sunlight. I didn’t mind, but some people do. For me, the perks for Aqua, especially dining in Blu, still made it worth the small inconveniences.
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