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  1. I booked my flight via American Express Travel and paid with points. I canceled the cruise a month ago and Amex told me to wait to cancel the flight because there is a window where they will refund 100% to me on a canceled trip. I think it was July for the October cruise
  2. I am sorry, Nancy. I was hoping it was a go
  3. I'd be up to cooking for a dozen. We were having block parties in our development and my last one was 30 people for BBQ theme. I bought bandanas for napkins in all colors. Happy to have them now repurposed for masks. Still hoping for a cookbook
  4. I'd be happy to make someone Lamb Chops or a Portuguese Tart in exchange for their cookbook. They'd have to come to Palm Springs...
  5. He is so fun to watch. I can't wait to make these.
  6. This is how we feel too. And it will be a while before we want to fly too.
  7. If it's Montreal to Miami, I was on Marina a few years back and we had a Noro outbreak on the cruise before and the cruise after my sailing. They kept spraying the walls, which were dripping with disinfectant and the food was overcooked on purpose. It was a very unpleasant experience. I canceled a Crystal sailing for this October for the same itinerary. I think the ports are still going to be a hotbed of virus. Very sad as I had a celebration I booked for and I don't think Canada is going to allow us Americans in yet 😞
  8. Here is the link.https://www.alaskapublic.org/2020/05/06/carnival-princess-holland-america-cancel-all-2020-alaska-cruises/
  9. I found a link to an Alaskan newspaper that said 80% of all the cruises to Alaska have been canceled by Carnival, Holland, Royal and their sub-brands. They also own many of the resorts and tour companies as well.
  10. Yes, they are using their older ships in the ports to nowhere. The people who will sail on them are most likely booze cruisers or first timers.
  11. We were booked on that sailing. More than the sailing itself, I booked for the ports and Boston and NY are very hard hit by the virus and while there was a benefit to wait for Crystal to cancel, I had hotel and air as well to cancel so, sadly, we did now.
  12. This is why I cancelled my 2022 Cruise. I'd rather risk $1000 now than the $6000 I have on deposit.
  13. I canceled our 10/30 booking and a 2022 booking. The 10/30 cruise was 13 days and the $100pp admin fee will be a future cruise credit and the 2022 booking was for 24 days and the admin fee of $500pp will also be a future cruise credit. I have one year from the cancellation date to book a cruise to use the admin fee credits.
  14. I cannot see traveling at all until the risk is greatly reduced. I live in a tourist destination and was on a call yesterday for business owners who want to reopen their businesses. If there are few tourists and there are such restrictions, I cannot see the profitability. They can open this week for curbside service. I am trying to imagine the emergency need for a Gucci or Louis Vuitton bag or a St. John or Brooks Brothers suit to need to buy it by curbside pickup. I am not that essential that I am willing to risk either having clients in my place of business or am I willing to get onboard a ship at half capacity to experience floating somewhere to eat well and be entertained. I am shocked at the idea that people are complaining about staying home to be safe. On social media someone I know complained about wearing a mask to go clothes shopping in a big box store and that the area where clothes were being sold (Walmart) was roped off as non-essential. People here are thinking the risk is that low they are willing to risk the life of someone else for their own entitlement.
  15. I watched it on my Android phone. It was fun. I will try to make it this week if I go to the store that has veal.
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