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  1. In our case, the original cruise was $20,000 - we were bumped and given a credit of $10000 and our $20000. back. Our replacement cruise was insured for the $10,000 fare.
  2. Yes, if they set it up, it wasn't abandoned at that point. It would not apply
  3. I think this behavior as a transfer from the mass market lines where people do that regularly. I have not seen this on Crystal at all but it seems to be an issue on the Caribbean itineraries which are less expensive. We were in the Caribbean on the cruise before Lynn and it was not an issue. Maybe they need to have the pool crew circulate and remove items but putting a warning card on the seats when they are reserved that items would be removed after an hour of no one occupying and put a time on the notice so that the people have been warned.
  4. We were on another line and then were bumped for overbooking. We were allowed to move our insurance to the rebooked cruise. We booked through Travelguard/AIG outside the cruise line.
  5. I tried it and then I tried Crystal and I doubt I will ever go back to Oceania.
  6. We are booked from LA to Hawaii and then Vancouver - that will be fun. And Quebec to Miami. Glad we haven't booked too much exotic travel of late.
  7. All my favorite people from Serenity are going to Endeavor.
  8. Why do I think it was announced that he was acting CD on some cruises on our 11/24 Serenity sailing. Was it a test of the Emergency Cruise Director Drill? I think he has a great personality and will be wonderful in the position. Wishing him the best.
  9. I took two small 8 year old twins and their mother, that are my chosen family on a Royal Caribbean Cruise. They would not be candidates for a Crystal Cruise at that age. I did get adjoining cabins. It was one of the weekend cruises and the ship experience was not near what I preferred - but - it was for them and to create memories. They rock climbed and went to their first foreign port. We got hair braided in corn row styles. They had fancy steak dinners and could order what ever they wanted. They loved the kids club onboard. We went to the show. They are early 20's now and out of college. They still talk about that cruise. Maybe one day, I will take them again to Alaska but on Crystal - they can appreciate it now.
  10. It really depends on the time of day. We went from JFK into Midtown for an overnight pre-cruise during the UN Opening. 4 hours and mid town major streets were closed. Nightmare!
  11. We thought included wines on Oceania very overpriced. We waited for the wine sales and some wines easily over $100 with $25 retail prices. 4x markup. We actually went wine shopping and paid corkage to drink our own on Oceania. Compared to ordering a bottle of Veuve for an anniversary dinner on Crystal which is $75 - 1.5x markup. On Crystal, there are a number of drinkable included wines. Some we liked enough to order directly from the winery to drink at home.
  12. Yes. They have an independent traveler tag that is timed for you to get off the ship with your private driver. Go to the front desk when you are a few days before you get your docs for disembarking and they will put you down to disembark at the time you request.
  13. They can still do some kind of celebration dockside. May not be ideal but there are other options.
  14. They have a new spa manager that came from another line as I understand it. They are required to sell now. My last massage was great but I heard that the masseuse is not returning to Crystal as the manager is a problem.
  15. All the frustration sounds like you have an agent that does not book much Crystal. My agent knows to get the price adjusted. She also books a cabin/suite for me but there may not be an open cabin at your category - it may be on hold for a consortium or group and they will rebalance the available cabins to the bookings. We often get a guarantee because sometimes you get what you requested/paid for and sometimes you might get an upgrade. We feel like there are no bad cabins so no big deal. When you disembark your first cruise, you usually get a letter from the Society Host to welcome you and you get a letter from Crystal welcoming you as well. I hope this eases your frustration. Nothing anywhere is perfect but as far as I can see, Crystal is way above the others I have sailed and my Travel Agent takes care of the details. That's her job.
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