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  1. T The travel agent we used for Regent cruises arranged the tables as a benefit to her passengers. She often hosted group cruises and had a cocktail party followed by hosted tables and the passengers knew one another as well. The Crystal officers are more gregarious throughout the whole cruise and I believe the passengers are as well. For a long time, Regent passengers stayed in their cabins because they has alcohol bottles in cabin and there was a charge for drinks. They went All Inclusive with drinks about 2007/2008. Later they added excursions to their all inclusive under Prestige Cruise Holdings and I stopped sailing with them.
  2. AT one time it was the higher end suites that had the "privilege" of dining at the Captain's Table. One of our travel agents arranged it for her Regent Passengers. It was fun the first few times but it got old and we declined the invitations.
  3. One night on Regent - the Navigator, I think, we had dinner with the Chief Engineer and another officer who I think is now on Crystal. We usually declined, but this night was a total laugh fest. It was the final World Cup Soccer and Italy was playing. He had his ship phone and every time there was a play that scored, he got a phone call. He'd assigned his staff to keep him up to date. The whole table of 8 was in on it. He ordered an Italian wine and lemoncello in addition to an Italian feast not on the menu as I recall. It was a wonderful evening.
  4. There are really good snacks in the Bistro for those of us who travel in steerage.
  5. We have been on Regent's Navigator, Mariner and Voyager and both Crystal ships in a variety of cabins. We just spent 2 weeks in Crystal's Serenity with 3 bags and room to spare. On Crystal the C1 (standard/non balcony) is very comfortable particularly when you will not be lounging in your cabin all day. There is so much to do on Crystal, you have many options from which to choose. On Regent, there is less to do so you need a larger cabin to relax. The value of Crystal's programs and entertainment to us exceeds any thing we experienced on Regent.
  6. I thought that the idea for Churrascaria was to have a casual place to dine. We ate there on our last sailing on Serenity when were on excursion and literally last to return to the ship. We went about 8:30pm after arriving with our tour mates and being out all day. We'd eaten at Fogo de Chao a few times and we felt it was similar. Not a place we'd choose over Waterside, but in our case the service was good, the meats were tasty - (especially the lamb and shrimp) and our service was very good. On a long cruise, we'd dine there as an alternate, but we would only go if there was nothing special in Waterside.
  7. It's very walkable on the Embarcadero from Pier 35. Uber's are easy and so are cabs.
  8. We took the Colonial Tram which circles the city while you have a grand lunch. We went out to Phillip Island to see the Penguins. My friend lives nearby and took us to a National Park where the wild birds land right on your hands to eat what you brought. They were Rosellas (colorful parrots) and huge Cockatiels. I was most unhappy when two of them landed on my head. I don't recommend that but we will laugh for a long time. I did not know I could run that fast.
  9. I, like you, live in a town where there are some amazing spas (I live in a vacation destination) with many resorts with phenomenal spas. Just like those spas there are good people and not so good. When I cruised another line, they had a special treatment I liked but it was only those who were members of the repeat passenger program. When they no longer offered that treatment I said I would just go close to home. I also tried a massage on another line and the technician gave me the worst massage ever. No pressure massage - not even worthy of being called a Swedish Massage. Just like at home, some nail services are great and others not much better than a polish change. I like that they don't force a sales presentation on you. I think most of the people are decent. It depends on who you get.And it depends on your expectations and prior experiences.
  10. Keith - it's somewhat safe in the tourist zone, but there have been a host of incidents that have been in our local papers lately. Like anywhere, don't let your guard down. Don't leave an unattended drink and don't wander off on your own.
  11. Actually in Cabo many of the stores sell Nambe style decor/plates/serve wear. And it is very reasonable. Remember in Mexico everything is negotiable. When you start to leave a store, the price drops just for you today only.
  12. I would be careful about any tours that are not from Crystal. There have been some missing tourists and warnings to stay at the hotels or within the tourist areas. We have been to Todos Santos on the Crystal Tour and enjoyed it. The boats that leave the dock are negotiable - some people paid $10 pp some $20. We got 3 for $30.
  13. The hopping shore side bar is called The Office I think and the food is also good. We took a small boat to the Arch. I've been a number of times. We walked around the loop of the Marina. The tenders run frequently. And look down at the water from the ship as there are a lot of interesting fish to watch.
  14. I went back there several times on multiple cruises with my camera to photograph. Smoke was interfering with the view. The ship was moving forward and we were leaving port blowing the smoke back behind the ship.😱
  15. Well you learn things all the time. Shame that non smokers can't use the aft deck. On the pool deck, the Port side is half the out of door area. That's a huge space. Well I guess I won't beat the dead horse any more.
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