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  1. The Joy is sailing out of San Pedro this winter. Check out the dates after the holidays. I cruised two weeks ago and got a great rate for the cruise after Thanksgiving. And when on the ship purchased Cruise Next certificates for your next NCL cruise. You will lower your costs this way too.
  2. You are my girl. People ask for advise and when you give it, it is well that really doesn't work for the most of them. Well to bad people. I too was able to cruise 15 weeks this year using Budget Queens method. The key is to be able to cruise at the last minute. I have waited up until 2 days before cruise to book to get the solo supplement waived. And if not, I do not cruise that week. Maybe the next. It all comes down to flexibility. And do not try to bring up the travel costs Those costs are usually more than the cruise itself. Some people live near cruise ports but most cruisers don't. It is all a part of cruising. The more you do it, the better you get. And I will never book a studio cabin because I will always find an inside for half the money.
  3. When is embarkation normal? They all seem different to me. Some good some bad. Some fast some slow.
  4. We had a flat tire. Called AAA in Cabo. All is well and in Puerto Vallarta on time. We are now able to serve ourselves.
  5. You are good girl. I have learned many things from you. I too have had my best year cruising. Just did it again. The Joy on the 1st to Mexico. Balcony(BF and I got the full package) $629+$144(taxes and port fees)+158(package expenses)-$500(CN)=$431. Not free buy any means but I think I got a great deal cruising solo in a balcony with all the extras. This will be my 17 week on a cruise ship in the last 13 months. Karen, looking forward to cruising with you when our paths cross again.πŸ˜€βœŒοΈ
  6. I have explained my method many times in the past on CC. And if I say anything more DEL RIO may change the Cruise Next program. He is know for taking things away(to increase bottom line) rather than trying to improve the product with innovation. Still do not understand why most of the NCL(if not all) ships got the NFL this year but not the Jewel(sorry Jewel cruisers). Corporate says demographics and I say this is the beginning of getting rid of all NFL games on all NCL ships for next year. You heard it first here.
  7. It has taken many years and many cruises to learn how to cruise cheaper than most. Just knowing you have saved money is reward enough. And the more you cruise the chances are better you will get great prices in the future. Having flexibility helps out with last minute cruises.
  8. On my last Panama Canal cruise I met a couple who spent over $15000 (Haven) on the same cruise that I spent just under $1000 with all my costs(tips,travel and hotel). I hope they got what they paid for. I do not think I have spent over $15000 on my last 10 cruises this year. Last minute bookings, Cruise Next and travel agent OBC help a lot.
  9. So does this mean that you are still looking for that MOST enjoyable vacation that you can remember and afford? Hope you find your cruise. All my cruises have been enjoyable, memorable, and cheaper than most. I like to save money and spend it later on another cruise.
  10. I just completed 8 weeks in Alaska on the Jewel. Balcony (BX) $599 and no supplement, taxes and port fee $205. Used two CN for $500. And had OBC to take care of my on board tips. 804-500=$304 total for a solo in a balcony for a week. This was the second week of a B2B. First week Inside (IX) $299 no supplement, taxes and port fees $234 fora total of $533. Used two CN on this one two. 533-500=$33. Had to pay for tips on this one. I was also able to purchased $1000 of CN for only $150. So my $1000 of CN that I purchased went towards $1000 for my next B2B. I was able to use $3000 of CN towards my eight cruises I took in Alaska this year. Just got off the Joy last month. 16 day Panama Canal. Balcony (BX) $699, taxes and port fees $446 minus $500 CN for a total of $645. I think I do pretty good. I would like to thank CruiseCritic and Budget Queen for all your help over all the years. Looking at the Joy next month at another possible free cruise. I still have two CN left and waiting for the solo supplement to be waived.
  11. I like the way your first sentence starts, "I know this is TRUE of All cruise lines, but". Your opinion about how NCL communicates its message and this thread is useless if all cruises line do the same.
  12. Why not just book the studio, incur the additional costs and then tell us about your experience. Was it worth the extra money for a smaller cabin? I myself like a larger inside cabin at a lower sail away rate (unless a balcony is within reason). I like to pinch pennies and save for the next cruise.
  13. I have never had an extra cost on my cruise that I did not know about. Nobody ever tricked me into purchasing a perk that I didn't need. It is my responsibility to research and to ask the right questions if I do not understand. Nobody can read my mind and tell me what I need to know. As for all the nickel-and-diming you all are complaining about, just do not purchase the cruise and find a better option. All cruise lines know how to get you to pay more. It is the smart cruiser who knows how to pay less and there are a lot of us out there who know how to play the system.
  14. I am willing to bet that most major cruise lines follow basically the same practices for consistency. Just like any other food corporation operating in foreign countries.
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