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  1. Even if the ship sails, what guarantee the ship will not be quarantined on its way back to port. What's another two weeks.✌️
  2. Your chance to get a suite with a upgrade or a minimum bid. And if the cruise doesn't happen you will have more future cruise credits for your next cruise.✌️
  3. Oh my Gosh. Are you telling us that the airline industry is just as despicable as the cruise industry when is come to cancelled flights . Say it isn't so. I thought that NCL was the only one. Time for our government to get involved.✌️
  4. The government control the ports. They can mandate who comes and goes.
  5. Cruising will not happen until the government allows the zoo, schools, concerts, state fairs, casinos, sporting events, etc. to resume again. So you can kiss the Alaskan season good bye. And we are just talking US ports. Do you really want to cruise in Europe? Or cruise out of New York? Will Vancouver allow cruisers from other countries to even enter? And we all know New Orleans and Florida will be safe, right? So when baseball starts again, so will cruising✌️
  6. Another though. What will be the new disembarkation procedures from the ports view. Not just regular customs anymore.
  7. From what ports are they sailing from. And will they be accepting passenger from all countries. Will the cities in with cruise port departures be accepting passengers flying in from different countries will even to be able to embark? Will Hawaii accept people flying in from China? How about flying in from Europe. Will it be a world wide lift of restrictions? Really doesn't matter what the cruise lines decide.
  8. Who will be the first country to accept cruise ships again? And then what ports will be available. What about Florida, Washington, Vancouver, Alaska? Really to much to think about.
  9. I will cruise again when the destination I want to go to will be available. I do not think that it will be up to NCL or any cruise line on when they want to cruise. It will be all up to the countries that will accept cruise ships. Better question would be which country will be the first to accept cruise ships again.✌️
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