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  1. It is all about money. If you were really concerned with your health why would you chance it? And if you do go what happens if you catch norovirus from someone who doesn't care about there health and takes the same cruise because they do not want to lose there money on the cruise. Good luck. One week away.✌️
  2. Travel costs to and from a cruise port is another topic. For some it is easy but for most it takes time and money. But we are discussing price drop compensation. In most of my cruises my travel costs are more than cruise fare whether I book early or last minute. ✌️
  3. Maybe some of the other price drop threads can help you.✌️
  4. Funny on how many recent price drop threads have popped up. Doesn't anyone learn from all the other price drop gripes or just wait when it happens to them.
  5. What kind of help are you looking for? OBC, refund, a free perk. Everything is negotiable. But expect no for an answer. I will say that past cruise history can help. The more you have cruise NCL the more flexible they can be with compensation.✌️
  6. As a bad business model, I do not think NCL will worry about your loyalty since your last cruise was six years ago. Why should they compensate you when your agreed to pay the price you paid. Why should NCL take the loss. And what about the cruisers that have no idea that the price dropped. Not every cruiser knows about Cruise Critic. And I am sure that your next cruise with another line they will do everything you want when you book it. But what will you do when the price drops even lower? It is all about timing. God luck on your future cruises and welcome to the game of price drop after booking. Learn, live and cruise.✌️
  7. Who cares. It was just another restaurant option. So it is being replaced. What is your opinion? ✌️
  8. Why are you interested in Alaska? Itinerary, ship, tours, food, glaciers, wildlife? Alaska is different. Alaska is the show. The ship is just a way of getting from one place to another. I spent 10 weeks in Alaska last year on cruise ships. Each journey pretty much all the same and yet they were all very different. Just way to much to do in Alaska. Looking forward to another season.✌️
  9. I do not understand why you need to purchase OBC prior to your cruise. Are there advantages or extra perks you receive? I am always looking to cut costs on my cruises. I have been on over 50 NCL cruises and have never considered buying OBC but when on my cruise always purchase Cruise Next certificates. ✌️
  10. It is the best way to cruise. I agree with the "double your pleasure double your fun" benefits as mentioned above. And NO snoring from you know who.✌️
  11. Or maybe you purchase more than one cabin for the same cruise. I did this last year and used four certificates on two cabins on the same cruise. Or on B2B cruises. I have done this often. Three times last. $1000 savings every time. Or maybe you have enough OBC's to purchase more free money for free. And I too have four CN in reserve and I usually cruise solo. I guess there maybe more reasons to purchase more than two. Your way isn't the ONLY way but just another opinion. And I still do not understand the penalty factor (from another thread you started) when purchasing only one. When is getting free money a penalty? You just might not get as much as you think you should receive. ✌️
  12. There are a lot of great deals out there if you can book last minute. You just have to like to go to the place that NCL cruises to to have the reduced costs. Sorry for the planners if it is not when and where you want to go.✌️
  13. $500(CN purchase)-$250(CN OBC)-$100(shareholder OBC)-$150(travel agent OBC)= ZERO money spent on $500 to be used on my next balcony. This happens pretty much every cruise I take. FREE MONEY. That is my method. I have no need for a casino at seas OBC.
  14. As far as I know NCL is the only cruise line to offer this program. The program works great. Free money any way you look at it. The more times you purchase CN on your cruises , the more you learn how to maximize your buck. We all have many different ways on how to use the cruise next program. Cashed in over $3000 in CN last year. I was able to take a few free cruises because of CN. What ever works for you. Have fun on your next cruise.✌️
  15. I agree. With the cruise next program and the possibility of the solo supplement being waived on very late bookings I think my next NCL cruise will be free.✌️
  16. How is receiving free money a penalty even if it is less? The more you purchase the more you get back. It is not like you are being charged extra. You are still getting more money than you purchase. I still do not understand.
  17. What is the penalty? You are still receiving a OBC credit for your cruise. Free money. You just get more free money when you purchase two. Still a pretty deal.🙂
  18. Common sense would be getting the correct insurance that covers cancellation for any reason. Any insurance like home, health, dental, car and cruise are all different. You just have to read the fine print.
  19. This is amazing. I was unaware that there are so many lawyers on this thread to give expert advise on cruise insurance. We need more witnesses. But the funny thing is that everyone is just guessing. Just another learning experience to all.
  20. Boo Hoo Hoo. Just check your statement every morning. And nobody has ever wasted time waiting in line on a cruise ship for something they think should be so simple. Oh those darn representatives. Just pull yourself away from the buffet a little earlier the next time and make up that time. OBC are one of the most discussed topics on NCL threads. And still cruisers think they are being screwed with their OBC.
  21. Never have had a problem with finances while on a ship. I make them aware of a issue and then give them time to research. Although I am usually right, I have to admit it that I was wrong once. All it ever cost me was a little time. I have always received excellent customer service regarding my concerns. It is sad to know that you think their representatives are clueless. Happy cruising✌️
  22. Just don't go to the second. And then if you get a little note to meet the safety officer, you can explain it to him. Although it would be a nice story to tell. H*#@ NO WE Won't Go.
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