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  1. I've converted to going a day early after that experience with the Summit.
  2. What everyone said about ease of mind is true. I flew from Washington DC to Rome twice and San Juan once, arriving on the day of the cruise all three times, and had no problem. I risked it only because the flight was nonstop and the port for the next day was easy to get to--Naples is a 2-hour train trip from Rome, and San Juan has numerous 45-minute flights to St. Croix. But airline delays aren't the only possible glitch. The itinerary on the Summit from San Juan changed to avoid over-crowding at ports. So instead of St. Croix, the first port was going to be Curacao after a sea day! Needless to say, we were sweating that one. We made it on time and got to the ship before 1 PM. Here's what happened to one passenger: Flight to San Juan was delayed. Passenger arranged to fly directly to St. Croix because he didn't get the message about the itinerary change. When he landed, he found out the Summit wasn't going there, but to Curacao. So he flew to Curacao from St. C. But at the last minute before departure from San Juan, the Summit had a computer problem that affected navigation, so the ship didn't leave San Juan until 24 hours later than scheduled. The passenger ended up flying from Curacao to San Juan. I hope he had insurance that covered those flight changes.
  3. To answer the question about tender tickets, this was our experience last May on the Veendam in Santorini. An announcement notified us when the tender tickets would be distributed. I don't remember the exact time, maybe 7:30. People who wanted to take the first tender (like us because we were meeting a private tour guide) began lining up half and hour before the distribution time.The ticket indicates which group you are in, and each group is announced by number over the PA system when it is time to board. The tenders were quite large, and we easily got on the first one though we weren't near the front of the line for tickets. Once on shore, we bought tickets for the cable car and got on with little or no wait. To get down on the cable car in the afternoon, we had to wait 30-40 minutes.
  4. Go to the following thread and scroll down for pictures of this cabin on the Summit. It should be the same layout. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/1587582-room-6035-summit/
  5. Thank you for the information. I've enjoyed the Indian dishes in the Lido. It's great to know Indian food can be ordered to a particular spice level in the MDR.
  6. I love Indian food, but I request mildly spicy when I order at an Indian restaurant, where the food can be fiery hot (at least for my tastes). I know tastes differ, but I'd appreciate comments on the spiciness of the ship's Indian food. Thank you.
  7. The last two times I was on the Veendam (June 2018 and May 2019), PG Tips tea was also available, not in an envelope like the Bigalow teas, but in a canister with tongs so you could fish out an unwrapped teabag without touching the other teabags.
  8. If you can't get Bonine where you live, Dramamine All Day Less Drowsy formula contains exactly the same ingredient: Meclizine HCI 25mg. The original Dramamine and its Chewable formula contain Dimenhydrinate 50mg. That drug knocks most people out. If seas are rough and I want to stay awake, I take half a Bonine, which allows me to eat dinner and keep it down. I don't drink wine after taking Bonine because wine makes me drowsy anyway. I take the other half of the pill right before going to sleep. A non-medicinal remedy that works for me in rough seas is to watch the horizon, which helps the brain figure out which way is up. Of course, you can't do that at night unless there's good moonlight. Smooth sailing!
  9. We've never been on the NA, but after going on the Veendam to Bermuda, I immediately checked future cruises on that ship so I could book it again. Our second Veendam cruise, last May to the Greek Islands, was even more enjoyable than the first. If the elevators are now all functional, that would eliminate my only quibble about the ship. We did not find smoke an issue. With the casino only on the port side of the ship, it was easy to avoid smoke by using the the corridor on the starboard side, which goes by the shops. I wouldn't hesitate to book again on the Veendam because we prefer smaller, quieter ships.
  10. Recent experiences with Celebrity flights: I booked a cruise through a TA and chose flights myself from the Celebrity site. A couple of weeks later, I wanted to switch to a different carrier on the outbound flight (the same carrier I was taking for the homebound flight after the cruise). I checked the prices on Choice Air's Quick Flight Search. They were only slightly more than my original booking. I decided to make the change and called the Celebrity Air number. Celebrity had higher prices for the carrier I wanted than shown on Choice Air. When I told the agent this, she said Choice Air's Quick Flight Search often doesn't give accurate pricing. So I decided to stick with flights I had. Then the Celebrity agent told me the price for the flights I'd booked had gone down. Instead of $820 per ticket, the new price was $711. She cancelled the old booking and made a new one at the lower price. The moral is: call the Celebrity Air number for accurate pricing and good customer service.
  11. We took an Alaska cruise the last week in May. The weather was terrific with rain only one day. I'd heard that rain was more likely in summer months and September. It was also fun to eat late (second seating) and still be able to see the sea and the occasional whale.
  12. Sorry, I meant the Lower Promenade where H cabins (obstructed ocean view) are located.
  13. I stayed in a cabin on the Navigation deck on the Zaandam 10 years ago that was classified as an interior and had a window. That cabin on the Zaandam, Amsterdam, and Volendam is now an H--obstructed oceanview. There is no similar cabin on the Veendam. If you are tempted to reserve an H, you would be better off choosing one on the Upper Promenade deck. Those cabins are much larger than the two "secret" cabins on the Navigation deck, which are cramped, the tiniest cabins on the ship.
  14. On a 12-day cruise in the Caribbean (January 2019) on Summit, the so-called special flat-rate for a single bag of laundry was $50. I hesitate to think what the non-special rate was.
  15. Corfu has an inexpensive city bus from the port to the center of town. We had no trouble finding it at the port or on our return. It's a pleasant town for walking with a picturesque waterfront. Though I'm not much of a shopper, we found an interesting collection of stores selling local goods. A couple of churches were worth seeing as well.
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