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  1. They(SDP) all can be used for lunch or dinner and you can use as many as you like on any day. You do hit the purchase limit(length of cruise) but with free at sea and platinum, you can get enough I only bought extra for one of us as there is plenty of food for lunch in FR with the 4 items FR is designed to share so they should not moan if your dining companion does not use a package. 2 of our FR visits --------- Spicy Tuna Roll Tuna Stack Lamb Pork belly --------- Rock shrimp roll Calamari Pho(beef) Peruvian beef Also consider adding another SDP $10 goes a long way at the American diner as well.
  2. Looking through to end June stuff still priced a little high. If Americans are avoiding travel should be some deals in Europe for us that live here hopefully on Southampton departures.
  3. If you fancy American diner and buying SDP load a couple extra on for lunches. $10 worth on the menu.
  4. Dress the same on all lines we look at. Celebrity,RCI,Princess,MSC,Marella, CMV and others. We like the variety of food options on NCL at sensible prices with the SDP. Total price always a factor
  5. Agree buying a package needs a rethink. PAYG could well work out cheaper on port intensive cruise if you have to pay full price for package.
  6. The price trawling sites are struggling. I see the fish mentioned previously, the plum also has issues with cruise lines spiking prices. . The cruise lines are keeping their real prices behind their own search wall sometimes, go through to see lower pricing. Some TAs cache prices so miss the drops. Then you have package dumping that hides cruises prices within flight/hotels....
  7. Cheapest thing in FR is $5 plenty of meat options, at $10 for the extra SDP ala carte is more even if you don't get all 4 items.
  8. We do ocean Blue at night Food Republic as a lunch. If buying the SDP add some lunch meals to one persons and share the 4 dishes with a top up paid for if not enough. The $15/$10 for each extra meal is a bargain for 4 items at Food Republic that are around $10 each.
  9. I don't care how they structure the price as long as the total is about right for the product. We like the Dining options on NCL so lets look at that as an example. The menu prices are relatively steep but you never have to pay those if you plan. The dining package its (menu price) $33 for the first 3 then the next 2 cost $15 then it $10 a meal 6+ the actual cover/item prices are not that important. On a short cruise if needed the 3 dinners adds $120 to the total. Last cruise my extra 6 dinner package worked out at around $22per meal-menu prices We have to adjust the extra package for the free at sea/platinum dining and length of cruise and sharing options. In the UK on 7n-9n cruise, 2 perks cost $130, that comes with 3diners(4 on the 9n) and pick another perk, drinks works for us. As the UK has a fixed price for free at sea 2 perks can also be added to sailaway we have to balance the UK-v-US pricing to see which works out best for each grade of cabin on any particular cruise. Reality is that to upgrade a base cruise to speciality dining(inc grats) every night and the odd lunch will be ~$30pppd going down the longer the cruise to below $20pppd As we can also get value from the drinks, on a 2 week trip, Drinks + dinners adds <$35pppd to the base fare on a UK booking. As long as the base fare is good I can compare similar trips on different lines on a pppd basis with all the bits we want added in.
  10. When it is about ship time. For us in the UK, dubai/gulf and Suez trips are often better value than coming to the US for similar flight times. Not so good for US people unless there already. That is cheaper than UK, for that I would have looked at B2B and done the 9th as well
  11. As I understand one of the problems going bigger is you need to go higher. If you go longer and wider you limit the docking options. Go higher you start to get limits due to bridges. The slightly smaller ships can have wider deployment options so are a lot more flexible to market conditions.
  12. Two 9n cruises late last year and quite a few times different restaurants we got the line "one of each on the dining package" Just say that's not what the T&C say and order what we wanted never got the surcharge. On Platinum dinner in Le Bistro order the lamb($36) you will get charged the $1 with 20c gratuity as it is over the $35 limit.
  13. These cruises got cheap last year as well I put the normal price as under £1,500 bargains don't start till under £1,300
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