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  1. You can do a search for your cruise ship and date and see if anything pops up. We do have another group on our next cruise, but I don't think it will be as much as a take-over situation...at least I hope not.
  2. What is even more important are the partial ship charters. Most full ship charters aren't open to regular bookings. But partial ship charters could be even more surprising because people can book the cruise without realizing that a good chunk of the people are on the cruise with a group. We ran into this earlier this year when we were on a partially chartered cruise. Certain venues were closed and the vibe of the sailing was different than what we were expecting/used to.
  3. We've been on the Dawn twice after only being on mega-ships (Escape, Epic, Getaway) in the Haven. We had suites on the Dawn. The Dawn is nice for a port-intensive cruise. We enjoy the shorter evening shows (no reservations needed). We do miss the Haven sun deck and bar, but we do enjoy spending time in Gatsby's. Would I sail the Dawn for a "standard" Eastern or Western itinerary if a bigger ship was also available -- probably not. But it is great for port-intensive itineraries. If you have any specific questions, please ask.
  4. There is no diet ginger ale on board. You can find diet Sierra Mist in some bars -- but not everywhere. They ran out of it on our last cruise. If you specifically need diet/caffeine free soda, you could contact the access desk and get a liquid exemption. We actually have one so I can bring on diet ginger ale -- I'm a diabetic and have a tendency to get sea sick the first few days of the cruise (no matter what I use to combat it). We don't always bring the diet ginger ale, but the option is available to us.
  5. You will make it barring any late docking issues, but keep in mind that NCL seems to dock far, far away from the port building in Nassau (at least every time I've been there), so you will need to allow yourself enough time to make the walk.
  6. We rarely use our butler, but we do appreciate the snacks. Does no butler mean no snacks??? 😮 And what is this going to mean for ships with suites but no Haven? No butlers at all on those ships?
  7. We are pretty basic eaters and have eaten at Aqua (MDR), O'Sheehan's, Cagney's, Moderno, and La Cucina. We've also gotten snacks/lunch at the buffet, and both Bimini and Topsiders on the pool deck. All of the food is what we expect from being on a cruise. Some things really good...other things were just fine. We did really enjoy the thin crust pizza we got at La Cucina. It was a nice change of pace for us and we were able to bring our leftovers back to the cabin to snack on later. We're not huge fans of Moderno and didn't really like it on the Dawn. The salad bar is smaller than it is on the larger ships. The other item we didn't like was that there is only one soft serve machine in the buffet. My husband loves getting ice cream on cruises and this wasn't as convenient as it was on other ships.
  8. We've sailed on the Dawn twice. We really enjoyed Gatsby's -- it was our favorite bar. I thought the wine bar was a waste on the Dawn. We love it on the Escape, but didn't like how it was tucked away and dark on the Dawn.
  9. I'm not happy about this at all...but holy crap...that is true! One of the reasons I avoid the Getaway/Breakaway for future booking is because of the teeny-tiny restaurant. There are a ton of Haven cabins and all it would take is for one or two tables to be taken up by non-Haven guests during prime dinner times for Haven guests to have to wait. I honestly think that people who regularly sail the Haven need to let NCL know how they feel. There was enough backlash a few years ago to stop them from selling the Haven benefits to non-Haven people. Maybe it can be done again.
  10. Well...two fewer people we won't have to deal with on our next cruise. I'm grateful NCL kicked them off...and we all know that things were drastic in order for that to happen.
  11. Thanks everyone. We cruise with a friend, so we want her to have her own space. I started looking at 2021 cruises for fun and was wondering about what was available on some the smaller ships.
  12. Okay...and tied to this...I'm looking at the Breakaway and the 2-bedroom family villas are gone for 2021. The description/floor plan now seems to match Owner's Suite with Large Balcony (minus the large balcony part). And they are all sold out for the cruise I am looking at. I know NCL planned on making some changes in room designations. Is this one of them or is something just messed up?
  13. We normally sail in 2-bedroom suites (H4s), but this year we sailed in a DOS on the Dawn that had two bedrooms. Do any of the DOS or OS on the Jade or Gem have two bedrooms? What about on any other ships (large or small)? I know we could always go for the Garden Villa, but we can't quite justify the cost for three adults. We are just wondering if there are other options for us besides the named 2-bedroom villas. Thanks!
  14. Was the bartender Keshav from Pakistan? We were on the Dawn in November of 2017 and then again in February of this year. He remembered us and my preferred drink.
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