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  1. Yes. In addition to people not showing up, it has to do with staffing. The same thing happens on land in restaurants.
  2. We're on the Encore later this year so I'm really looking forward to this report!
  3. We loved the Cellars on the Escape. It was a prime people and chandelier-watching spot.
  4. We were on the Viva this year with zero port days. We stayed on board in Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Thomas. While we like Barbados and St. Thomas, we enjoyed staying on a fairly empty ship more. It also allowed us to enjoy the days we did get off the ship more simply because we weren't as exhausted.
  5. St. Lucia for sure. It is not our favorite place. Plus, you are likely tendering there which just gives you another reason to stay on the ship. With the late arrival in Aruba, I'd consider just doing a sunset sail on that one and spending most of the day on the ship. Bonaire has that really crappy port time (we had this last year), so that would come into consideration as well. We actually still have this itinerary booked for next year (we're going to end up canceling). We've been to all of these ports except for the Dominican Republic. My plans for ports were going to be: -- Dominican Republic -- wasn't sure, but we were definitely going to do something. -- Aruba -- maybe a sunset cruise? Or just stay on the ship. -- Curacao -- private tour and beach -- Bonaire -- rent a golf cart and beach -- St. Lucia -- stay on the ship -- St. Kitts -- either nothing or do the train ride. We've already done a private tour here.
  6. And honestly, it's better to do this sooner rather than later. Sometimes people aren't allowed to add people to their cabins because the life boat capacity for that muster station is reached.
  7. Yep. On the roll call, but haven't visited recently. Recently cruise thoughts have been concentrating on our replacement cruise for our February Viva we are going to cancel. It's between Bermuda on the Getaway next summer or another TA on the Breakaway in the fall of 2025. That's a long one -- a cruise around the Med before heading towards NY.
  8. Which direction on the Encore? We are doing the Southampton to Miami run. It's our first TA and our first non-Caribbean cruise, so I'm trying to figure out all the details.
  9. We're looking TAs for 2025. NCL is offering a couple that are long and port heavy at the beginning, but then have a week of TA travel, so you can have a week to recover from your trip. I just looked at one on the Pearl that is 15-days Barcelona to Miami with multiple stops in Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, and Madeira. There's another one on the Breakaway that does Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal before crossing the ocean.
  10. This was my brother's choice of beer when we sailed the Epic in the Caribbean last year.
  11. Just get a taxi. Taxis are right outside the door from baggage claim There is someone organizing things. Fares are set (there is a $1/bag charge), so no worries there. I believe the Uber/Lyft pick up area is a bit of a walk, which can be a pain with luggage.
  12. St. Lucia is going to get more interesting in the future. They are re-doing the port. From my understanding, it is being paid for by Carnival and Royal, so they will have priority in docking (like Disney and NCL do in Tortola). Like you said, if more ships stop there after the port redevelopment, things could get even worse with the limited "star" things to do there.
  13. We had bitterballin in Aruba and it was not something we'd order again.
  14. That's still loads better than the Haven waiting area in San Juan!
  15. I know that's the big draw for Vigo and I'm definitely not opposed to going, but I'd like to know what others have done. I'm also considering that we're going to be there in December and I'm not sure that's the best time to visit the cathedral/walk around the area.
  16. We're doing a red-eye out of JFK on a Saturday night and will get to Heathrow Sunday morning. Our cruise leaves Tuesday. I thought about staying in London, but factoring in the time of year and our bodies adjusting to the time difference, I decided to just stay in Southampton. I'd love to do Windsor again, but then I think...December...this may not be the best time to tack on a tour. I have looked at the boards and TripAdvisor, but I appreciate your recent first-hand knowledge. Now...if anyone has any suggestions for what to do in Vigo (besides going the pilgrimage site), I'd love to have them. NCL has nothing offered for shore excursions to help guide me in making plans and there just doesn't seem to be a lot of options here.
  17. Thanks. I've been on that board and it's been helpful. I have a few recommendations from there, but I thought I'd ask about this one in real-time. 😁
  18. Can you give me a ballpark on the cost for this? We are on the Encore TA in December and are staying pre-cruise in Southampton. To keep things simple, we want to hire a car service for the transfer rather than hauling our luggage on trains.
  19. I've been reading your updates on Henry's Live and am enjoying them! We're not huge fans of the Haven lunch menu, but we're pretty happy with the dinner menu. Like you said, you can mix and match, which is what we do. We've never had issues with any of our requests being met. I also love the Haven bartenders. I'm a Type 1 diabetic and I tell them that, then tell them how much sugar I want in my drink (low, medium, high). For the past two cruises I've never had the same drink twice and they've all been outstanding. It's also a reminder that not all "fun" mixed drinks have to be filled with sugar. I'm always considering MSC, but we've reached the point where we really enjoy our status perks on NCL. I'm sure we'll venture elsewhere eventually. Enjoy your remaining time on the Prima.
  20. According to my brother (in his 40s), Hey Dudes are awesome, but aren't meant for a day of serious walking (amusement parks or excursions). Everyone has their preferences, but that is something to take into consideration.
  21. Just to clarify -- Slip INS. They have slip-on shoes, but the Slip-ins are the ones that have the reinforced heel that make them special. It can sometimes get confusing when shopping for them. They have a decent variety of styles, even in wide. My dad bought his first two pairs last year and he loves them! My husband and I both have a couple of pairs and the simplicity of them is awesome.
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