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  1. That sounds like a day stop? Embarkation day (when the problem was) is a totally different ball game.
  2. Clearly you do not know Southampton docks. Sailaway is usually 5pm; all aboard on embarkation day is 90 minutes earlier (3.30pm). It would be a taxi ride there and back to get to any alcohol supplier (probably another hour). Totally impractical suggestion.
  3. As for the skinny trousers that finish halfway down the calf - harrumph.
  4. Probably better not mention Scotland's minimum price per unit of alcohol. That would send NCL's suits into mental meltdown!😈
  5. NCL are in BS mode - whether that stands for blame-shifting or something else - I shall leave for the reader to decide.
  6. I am finding the NCL β€˜Judge Dredd’ book of excuses quite amusing (in a sad kind of way). β€œIt’s the Law” now seems to be the default response to any query regarding drink service, shuttle buses or other services. I do not have a dog in this fight, but it saddens me to see a cruise line I used to like, going down the pan like this. It should not be this way.
  7. I know that - another poster from US was trying to imply that something had changed in the UK laws.
  8. This post on the P&O board links to the relevant? HMRC guidance. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2936952-no-alcohol-in-uk-ports/#comment-65381810 Section 3, particularly 3.15 seem to be the applicable parts. Obviously this is not relevant to the Italy and Spain scenarios, though itineraries including those ports and UK ports are relevant.
  9. If you have a private transfer you should be able to ask them to go via a supermarket to stock up. I think there is a Marks and Spencer in Southampton, who will have a decent selection. In the UK one can buy booze easily (on land anywayπŸ˜‰).
  10. So you have taken on board (excuse the pun) the problem, and are going to take steps to mitigate any issues. Good for you. Knowledge is power. I would suggest that you also pack a dose of cynicism, because there will likely be other issues to deal with on your cruise.
  11. The way this is panning out, would they dare stop you? (posted tongue-in-cheek)
  12. For our UK readers - https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.ncl.com Not a good read even before this fiasco.
  13. Lots of social media exposure - think Bud Light.πŸ˜‰
  14. My first eight cruises were with NCL. Unfortunately, their ethos and general service/attitude has dropped since then. The furore over the current lack of drinks service in UK ports and NCL's 'evasiveness' are evidence of that.
  15. We are experienced cruisers, having sailed with lots of different lines. we booked an Ambassador cruise in March to Iceland. We then booked the next cruise whilst on board. We have now booked another cruise in June (North Cape and Spitzbergen). They are good value for money - if you find you don't like it you will not have spent a great deal of money. Go for it - you will have a blast! Be warned, cruising can be addictive.
  16. I think the evidence is beyond reasonable doubt that this is an NCL specific issue.
  17. I am Platinum on NCL, 9 cruises (DW has done 11), so I think I have some reasonable experience of NCL. When Del Rio took over, the decline in their standards (and honesty) started. DW did a cruise last November in the Med and came back saying 'never again - they have lost the plot'. If they cannot even sort out being able to serve drinks in ports, where they did so in the past, they have some major systemic issues to address. It would be wrong not to highlight these issues so other readers can make better informed decisions as to who to book with.
  18. Has this problem occurred in Oceania or Regent Seven Seas (who are both part of NCLH group)? Thought not. Despite your desperate best efforts, NCL have either dropped the ball admin-wise or made a deliberate decision to not pay for the correct licence. The UK Licensing laws have not changed in the last 10 years at least (leaving the EU has had no bearing on our domestic licensing laws BTW). NCL have sailed from UK ports for at least 15 years (I did my first cruise on NCL out of Dover and my second was out of Southampton). They know perfectly well what the rules are. My 'bovine excrement' detector went off the scale from that reported NCL officer's statement at the M&G. Their position is indefensible.
  19. NCL have departed from Southampton (and Dover) on and off for at least the last 15 years! I think they should know the rules and paperwork by now.
  20. Lengthy discussion of this issue here It seems to be exclusively an NCL issue.
  21. London Tilbury is subject to the same laws as Southampton. We boarded Ambassador Ambience last month at Tilbury and drinks were freely available. Ambassador even do overnight dinner and show bookings where they never leave the pier. NCL have sailed out of UK ports for years, they should know the rules. NCL have either c**ked up their paperwork or are refusing to pay some licence fee somewhere. As shown upthread, they have previous form for this.
  22. I have some of the dinner menus as pdfs from our last 2 Ambassador cruises if anyone is interested.
  23. Β£100 pppd was for a Premium Oceanview on Ambassador, but that included their top drinks package and gratuities. The P&O drinks package is not really a value proposition to us (and we both like a drink!). To be fair, there was a small discount because we booked on board for a last minute fare, but the deals are definitely there to be had. We found the atmosphere on board to be very good as well.
  24. I live in Central London so Tilbury is easy, especially with the coach from Victoria coach station.πŸ˜€ I guess 'our friends in the North' (and West) could now start looking at Ambassador Ambition as well.
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