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  1. Don't believe this is an option from what has been previously posted here. We have already booked a cruise for 2021 and made sure it was refundable deposit, just in case we need to cancel or want to move our sailing date further ahead next year. The FCC's are undoubtedly going to take some time to show up. You could check with Princess, just in case.
  2. I cancelled our cruises (had 2 booked with Princess for this May) on March 11th. Received refunds for excursions, specialty dining, etc. within a few days, so guess we were lucky. Waiting now with everyone else for the FCC...have cruise booked for 2021 we'd like to apply that to.
  3. Cancelled 2 May cruises on March 11th. No FCCs have posted yet. Chose Option #1 on one cruise--so that will be $$ we'll put toward cruise we booked for 2021. For the 2nd cruise, which had sailing date after May 11, have received refund to CC. Am checking Captain's Circle Account every day, but understand it could take awhile.
  4. We sailed twice - late April into early May. Our 1st was hot & humid, with hardly any rain.. Our 2nd was more humid and we did experience a thunderstorm while in the canal.
  5. Make sure you choose "departure only" for the 1st flight leaving your home airport to London and "return only" for the 2nd flight leaving Rome for home. I discovered this when we booked 2 cruises - the 1st leaving our home airport to LAX and the 2nd departing from Seattle to our home airport.
  6. With 2 cruises coming up soon, we're more concerned about the latest Princess advisory than getting e-mails at this point. https://www.princess.com/legal/legal_privacy/privacy-event/
  7. Per Port Everglades webcam....looks like the ship is finally moving--
  8. We are sailing in May on 2 cruises (May 9- Pacific Coastal and May 17- Alaska) and have already passed the final payment dates on both. Sounds like your TA may not have done their homework. If you're from FL, it's much better to fly in the day before. We are on the East Coast also (MA) and can't imagine flying in for an Alaskan cruise the day off... We prefer booking directly with Princess. Have control and can call Princess with changes and not have a go-between.
  9. You have much more "chutzpah" than we do. Sailed on the Breakaway a few years back--too big for us--too many people. But you are way more laid back than us....we are uptight "septuagenarians"...LOL. Wishing Aprille a very happy birthday!
  10. Please post whenever and whatever you'd like---we are ALL enjoying your review. On upcoming cruises, we'll remember you said "not to let anything ruin our vacation".👍
  11. Hi, we are sailing on your cruise! Yes, there is always a dining room open--as soon as we board the ship we always ask which one is open. The other option is the International Café -- less hectic than the buffet and perfect for a lighter meal. Sandwiches, salads, and lovely "goodies". One of our favorite spots. You can get your brewed or specialty coffees and tea there as well.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. We generally book balcony (or mini-suite) cabins, but thought the Lanai would be a different experience for us. Especially since we love walking on the promenade deck (on whatever ship we sail), and this location would be handy, The Montreal to Boston itinerary is especially appealing as we'd be sailing up the St. Lawrence seaway, out and over to the Canadian Maritimes then back close to home. Imagine you need to be careful at night and make sure the drapes are closed, however. 😉
  13. Looking into possibly booking a cruise on the Amsterdam in 2021 from Montreal to Boston and considering the Lanai stateroom category. This would be our 1st Holland America sailing. Would appreciate pros/cons from those who have stayed in these cabins and on this ship in particular. TIA!
  14. Thanks for sharing the photos of the Spirit...sailed on her nearly 10 yrs. ago to Bermuda. One of our favorite NCL ships (after the SS Norway) Love the changes--she looks beautiful!,
  15. Thanks for your input...think you and Astro Flyer have sold us. Yes, wine sure helps everyone to become more mellow....or convivial as you stated. LOL...😉
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