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  1. Weii, just for information, and something else to look at. I was advised by a friend to look into the nationwide flexplus account - so I did. It basically has a 70 age limit but that can be increased for £60/yr, and then the medical conditions add-on was a reasonable price, so even including the monthly fee it was still cheaper than my previous staysure annual policy. So it might be worth looking at. I haven't had it for long enough to claim against it. However I am interested to know if anyone has.
  2. that seems like a good idea.
  3. Talking about dining, if you don't bother with the app/web booking and just turn up, what are the times when you are likely to just be able to walk strainght in?
  4. Thanks for the information. It is just that I've never had such a short window before.
  5. Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question. Now I am going on the Iona on 14th Jan. However the boarding pass says : " Don't arrived before 15:45 and the final book in time is 16:30" Now 45 mins seems a bit short to me. Has anyone else seen this sort of short time window ? What do people think?
  6. Note that you need to be aware that sometimes you can get the equivalent of black ice on the deck. So you need to be careful, especially in the morning.
  7. too true. I'm not flying again until things get closer to normal.
  8. The other thing is to make sure that you have credit cards with different 'providers' ie one from each of mastercard and visa. I was once in a situation where one provider's site had failed and you couldn't use those cards - so I had to use the other one.
  9. They also seem to have misunderstood the way dynamic pricing should work. The idea is that you start off at a low price (ideally covering the costs) and then increase it as the availability reduces. But fred is doing the opposite - start high then drop the price as they become desperate. Mind you even after the latest discounts their prices for a january cruise to the canaries is higher than I when I booked for one with P&O last summer (the P&O price has gone up a little bit since then). I have no idea who I will be going with for future cruises.
  10. Sorry don't know - I have been on the Bollette in an inside cabin in 25xx where xx was a low number. Heard no noise overnight and slept well.
  11. Yes, the hotel does list a package for up to 8 days parking, so that should be fine. However it is always worth clarifying this with reception when you check in.
  12. I too was with Lloyds and ran into this problem. However I have recently been advised by friends that the Nationwide flexplus account also gives such insurance, for which there is a one off extra fee if you are over 70, and you can also buy more than 30 days cover for another surcharge . Note I haven't tried them yet, but will look at it when my current annual travel insurance runs out. Anybody using them who could give a comment.
  13. The hotel web site only gives offers for two weeks. When I phoned the hotel, reception said that they had only done bookings up to two weeks. That's why I went elsewhere.
  14. I'm not sure that is true - when I tried recently I couldn't find a hotel that would let me park for the 4 weeks (I'm on the same cruise) - so I ended up with port parking. Pre pandemic I have a memory that there were hotels that did this.
  15. I agree with this, Marella is a good alternative, and I've cruised with them many times. However this year they only have fly cruises and I'm not going near an airport just yet.
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