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  1. You don't say which country you are from. So assuming that it isn't the UK, you need to be aware that the ability to gamble is commonplace in the UK - with lots of betting shops on the high street, and lots of online gambling firms. So the ability to gamble on a ship has little interest to most UK customers.
  2. Although I was normally booked for dinner in the ballindalloch restaurant, I always used to have lunch in the spey and avon restaurants on deck 10, which also has an outdoor dining area (if it is warm enough). Enjoy
  3. apologies, I thought I had said I was looking at southampton departures - but I hadn't.
  4. sorry now even more confused - I am on the borealis out of southampton on may 7th, and borealis has no cabins on deck 4. Were you looking at balmoral out of newcastle? .
  5. Well, I think I managed to get the last interior cabin on the 7days around the scottish isles. That cost £999 pp (less the on board credit). I intend to enjoy it..
  6. As I recall, Some weeks prior to a cruise FO starts offering upgrades, which frees up the cheap cabins. Can anybody remember when this starts ? I am now thinking about taking a cheap cruise in May, but the cheap cabins seem to have been sold..
  7. Are you travelling by car or train? You can always stay in Newcastle itself and just drive out, (or if on train) take a taxi, to the port on the day.
  8. Well the local metro does have stations closer to the port, they are not that close so you would still need a taxi. I would suggest just taking a taxi from newcastle central station.
  9. Well given that BS EN 14476 certification means that it contains anti-viral ingredients and is required to kill (amongst other viruses) Poliovirus, Norovirus, Influenza A and adenovirus. I would rather go for one that meets that spec rather than one that doesn't .
  10. Alcohol gels are of no use against noro, and neither are a lot of anti viral gels. You need to search for something that meets EN 14476 - which is a test for anti viral products that includes norovirus. Though that info is often hard to find on web pages. ( One such is purell advanced hand sanitiser gel, and its clinell equivalent - though there are others. I normally use the sterizar hand sanitiser gel.
  11. Which is why I always take a gel that is effective against norovirus and use that as well as handwashing.
  12. Sorry I'm confused - the title talks about an "all inclusive" package, I did not think Fred offered such a thing, as far as I ca n recall he only offers a drinks package.
  13. I don't know with Barclays, but with Nationwide it is called the Travel Insurance Schedule. It isn't the full policy.
  14. Sorry, to be more accurate, a good handwashing which is then followed by using a sanitiser.
  15. fair enough, but I would rather use both a sanitiser and hand washing,
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