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  1. If your into sunbeds then Aurora and Arcadia well suit you fine as there is plenty of deck space to find a suitable spot which is not hemmed in on the other ships
  2. Roatan is a lovely port of call .we were blessed to be the only ship in on the day we called and one of the abiding memories was of at least half the crew having the most fantastic time for a few hours and was a pleasure to be on the same stretch of beach as them , they were polite and made sure they did not interrupt or disturb any of the guests, however quite a few passengers saw what a good time they were having and joined in with them !!! There is a chair lift from near the dock which takes you to the beach area and cost $2 ( may have gone up now) but in all honesty the walk was really nice through well kept gardens , the only downside when we called was the departure time of 4pm ,even though our next port was less than half a days sail ,most people agreed we could have stayed for at least another couple of hours without it making any difference.
  3. Thanks ,we will be applying for the extended cover shortly for our January 2025 65 night cruise as we have been informed if we renew before the expiry date of our world extension we will receive the same charges as last year , hopeful this is information will be correct
  4. We applied for our missed ports when we arrived home and were paid out within two weeks with the full amount for the seven missed ports , well impressed with the NW policy which we only started using two years ago, wished we had known about it years ago as our other policy did not cover missed ports ( we found this out after trying to make a claim) we then paid for the cruise cover and tried to claim when we missed ports on a later cruise , only to be told we could only claim if we had a shore excursion booked!!. So pleased with the policy we now have and very easy to add on for things like the world and longer cruises ๐Ÿ‘
  5. We do feel its an area that really lets P and O down , same with e mails ( no reply after ten weeks now) as our bookings are with a TA we usually leave it up to them , in context we have had to contact Fred twice in the last three months and the call was answered within two minutes and our query dealt with immediately, as this will be our first time with them it bodes well for our upcoming cruise
  6. Indeed on the longer cruises they SOMETIMES give vouchers for in cabin consumption at a greatly reduced price , however the problem is that the most popular brands get sold out quickly and are seldom restocked , if you drink gin it does not appear to be an issue, if you don't its tough luck
  7. There are only two port presenters left and they are only on the world cruise and the 65 night cruises ( or 75 night ) ,Speaking to one of them it would appear that its only a matter of time before they too are gone, regarding the condition of Aurora I agree that things will need to be updated if the high prices are to be justified , although it is our favourite both it and Arcadia need some serious money spending on them to bring them up to a standard that warrants the high prices ( personal opinion )
  8. well after years of procrastinating we have booked for the Balmoral later this year and as we like to try other lines we will go with an open mind, the sailing from Newcastle was the thing that tipped it for us
  9. Iโ€™m afraid to say itโ€™s a massive issue across the whole fleet , something really needs to be enforced with relation to personal hygiene in eating areas. As for leaving restrooms, what can you say? ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
  10. Mine were ordered and paid for three months in advance , unfortunately neither shoreside or on board would accept responsibility
  11. It may not be important ,but there is no doubt when the crew have a good captain in charge IE, a peoples person , the whole ship is a happier place , we have noticed this with both sides of the coin
  12. Of no help with the contacting customer service ,but I can say I had a similar experience on our recent cruise and the on board reception informed me that shoreside had not relayed the correct information to the ship ,the result been that the surprise birthday package for my wife was in our cabin as we arrived in January, instead of March , it took a few visits to sort out the situation but by then the surprise was spoilt. Best of luck and hope your complaint is dealt with when you eventually find a way to speak to somebody
  13. I can see both sides to this issue , however in relation to choice , a very popular whisky ran out within three weeks of our world cruise and was never replenished , despite various port stops where it could have been , and if you donโ€™t drink gin (I donโ€™t ) the onboard offers were very restrictive, the only other whiskey offered was top end malts which I donโ€™t particularly like . I took onboard one bottle of my preferred whiskey and bought another whilst on board before it ran out , however with just the one drink on the balcony pre dinner it soon ran out , and I was unable to purchase any from any bars for the remainder of the cruise. If this new policy is implemented it is to be hoped the onboard stocks are sufficient to satisfy demand
  14. Had an inside cabin three times on Ventura on lido deck (it was our preferred location and cabin) and we had no problems with noise or anything else ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  15. Indeed it will , not for the better I suspect
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