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  1. Interesting topic - but I have a question regarding insurance. If we book on board or just way in advance thru a TA - to be covered for pre-existing, insurance must be purchased immediately or almost - which is quite a bit for us older folks . At least I believe that’s how it works. Do you consider insurance when purchasing way in advance? Thanks for any info!
  2. Thanks all for your good information. I think that I must have just been looking at my TA's sale page (big box-my fav) - that doesn't show anything but the sale. That explains alot! Thanks again.
  3. I'm elite on Celebrity and see that there seems to be no way of booking a basic Aqua Class with no drink pkg or wife (since I can buy 30% off on sale) without losing the 'refundable' deposit option, which is just under $1000. I see so many who just buy the different packages separatey without including them initially in the cabin purchase. Perhaps I'm not understanding it right? Or its just people knowing they will be going regardless-and not concerned about losing the deposit if a problem occurs. We've been cruising for years!! Still trying to learn the ropes.....any responses welcome. Thanks!!
  4. I saw an ad by Celebrityand I thought current sale on til June - but then this MemorialDay one starts tomorrow? So confusing but maybe that’s the idea!
  5. The cruise we booked in November is scheduled to end in Barcelona at 5:00 am. I know passengers wont be able to disembark for awhile but is booking an 11:15 a.m. international flight just too close to be doable? We'd be happy to 'walk off' with our luggage if possible and arrange private transport. Has anyone had experience here? Thanks so much!
  6. We were on the Island Princess in July (Norway/Iceland) we did not see any pop up restaurants. Actually any time we walked by the 2 specialty restaurants they appeared empty. We did have dinner one night in the One serving Cajun food - there were 6 of us - we were the only ones in the restaurant when we got there and when we left hours later.
  7. We finished a Princess Cruise Aug. 3rd and purchased the transport from South Hampton to Heathrow. We had a 4:15 pm flight on United and Princess assigned us the 9:15am bus. It’s good to have a little extra time in Heathrow - never know how busy it will be.
  8. In May we’re on the Celebrity Solstice in Alaska - first cruise post pandemic. In July we were on the Island Princess in Iceland/Norway. To us the experience totally different - Celebrity is much better. The staff on each did a good job but the food, the ship, entertainment, the activities - so much better on Celebrity. We are elite on Princess. We did like the medallion device for opening doors and tracking drinks - we did not use it to order anything. We found the Island Princess depressing. The cabin was ok but the speciality restaurants had few if any in them. They looked so outdated esp. compared to Celebrity.
  9. If Princess would update their ships - spend some $ on that - the increased prices might be more palatable. We are booked on the Emerald for December - not fun to hear of sections of the ship where the toilets not working and the food not being great - yet they give $ to the Rams!
  10. Sounds like an interesting place - glad to se it’s not raining!
  11. Thanks for posting about your trip. We’ll be following your posts. Our friends, also from Toronto area, are on board with you somewhere right now and we will be joining all of you in Copenhagen on July 12! Enjoy your cruise!
  12. Thanks for the info everyone. Actually we’d love to be doing a tour instead but both ship and private tours are all booked. We’re disappointed but going to town will be something to do!
  13. We’re booked on the Island Princess leaving Copenhagen on July 12. We booked later than usual and have only been able to book a couple of tours thru the ship and 1 private…none look great but that was all that’s left. Frankly a real disappointment but couldnt know when we booked. However we feel we’ll enjoy things anyway. In Reykjavik we didn’t see any shuttle into town from cruise terminal which is not right in Reykjavik. We hoped Princess would provide transport even if we had to pay but don’t see it listed. Was on hold at Princess to ask but gave up. Anyone know? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for your input everyone - overall sounds like it will be a ok!
  15. We’re sailing on Island Princess in July…14 nights..joining friends who will have been on the ship for the previous 2 weeks as well. I am concerned about the state of the ship after reading reviews - it’s run down, inferior food, crowded because of reduced public space and some comments about a lot of coughing. I am hoping to get some positive feedback from any current passengers. We’ve managed to keep healthy these last 4 years which has included travel - most recently on Celebrity to Alaska with no problems. Hoping this upcoming cruise will be ok. Thanks for any input.
  16. Just wanted to say thank you for respecting your fellow travelers and yourselves by wearing masks when appropriate.
  17. We’re on a cruise in July to Norway and have used all our free covid tests from the government. We want to have a couple of tests with us in case one doesn’t feel well - then we’ll know w/o going to the medical clinic. Neither of us has had covid so far and are boosted with the latest vaxx. We were on the Celebrity Solstice last month to Alaska - no sign of covid but ship did not feel crowded at all. In July we’ll be on the Island Princess. From many of the reviews - it seems crowded since they have added more cabins and reduced the common spaces and recently had outbreaks of covid. We just want to be prepared.
  18. Does EZ air allow asking for specific flights offered by the airline but can’t be seen on EZ air?
  19. Thank you so much Silkroad —-I had both - and they are delicious. I’m having one this afternoon here at home - thanks to you!👍🏻
  20. I was recently on the Solstice and had a great drink ( was on the nightly menu) in Blue. I believe it was called Sea Breeze - had ginger beer and vodka I believe. I failed to make a note of the ingredients and it was delish! Wondered if anyone has seen it on Blu dinner menu and noticed what’s in it? It’s a great summer cocktail.
  21. We have reservations for a Christmas Cruise on Infinity in Aqua - concerned about the state of the ship so was glad to read some positive info. On another cruseline, Princess, we are scheduled for a July cruise with friends. The ship is getting terrible ratings but we want to have a trip with these friends. The refurbishing of many of our favorites however are creating less public space and more cabin…not appealing to us.
  22. Getting ready for our May 3 cruise out of Vancouver. Just today got access to documents and the bag tags won't print properly. Cuts off the vital info. Could not see a link to order any either. We'll be staying at the PanAm in Vancouver and the hotel staff will take the bags down to the ship for us--but we need the tags on it. Trying to avoid a bag drop line if possible. Anyone else have to this problem - and a solution. Thanks for any help - will be much appreciated.
  23. Thanks everyone for the great info. We do have Global Entry and surprised it will be useful there - worth the hassle of getting it! This is our first post pandemic cruise and we can hardly wait! Thanks again💕
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