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  1. Do you remember if the amounts are the same, better, or worse? I did those last year.
  2. Inside room on Caribe deck. It is one of the side facing cabins. Does any have any experience with it, or a similar one? Pictures? This will be our first time with a side facing one. Curious as to how the room layout will be different. Thanks.
  3. So emails, but no texts?
  4. For my wife--Facebook???
  5. So I can Google? Text family members at home? No costs?
  6. Recently booked the Sky for February of 2012 with the sale. I know exactly what free gratuities, and free drink package are. Trying to figure out exactly what free WiFi gets me. This is my first "medallion" cruise. I assume the medallion does not require a separate WiFi, or not many would use it. Is fre WiFi only so I can use the medallion app on my phone? Free WiFi does not mean internet, correct? I still am encouraged to be on airplane mood while on the ship to avoid $$. In a nut shell---exactly what does free WiFi get me?
  7. You can order a bottle of gin (or other liquor) through room service?
  8. We are scheduled to leave the port at 7:00 PM on the Emerald Princess (if that matters). My question is; when should we plan on arriving at the port? Higher priority to be on the ship early, than to see the city.
  9. You can't go wrong buying now!!
  10. Just remember to use the bonus card for payment as they expire early.
  11. Bought four yesterday. May try one more round today. Have just over $600 left to pay on cruise. I see the gift card as OBC. Applying to cruise payment it frees up budgeted money to use on ship.
  12. Bought four. Applying all (gift cards too) to our September cruise. I love free money. I know I have to pay for the cruise anyway!!
  13. RBAlbany


    Thank you for your input and video.
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