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  1. Yes, there were a lot of VERY obstructed views on Royal Princess/Artemis but definitely no inside cabins. They made a big deal of that at her launch in 1984 (by Princess Diana). Athena is now the Astoria, sadly soon to be no more, but she has had a good innings since 1948! Astoria/Athena 16,000 tonnes, Royal Princess/Artania around 45,000 tonnes
  2. We loved Artemis as well, although in our case it was when she was Royal Princess, her original name, in the late 1990s. We sailed from New York on a cruise to Canada and had a great time. She was the first cruise ship to have no inside cabins. We loved the bar at the stern of the ship with a 360° view and particularly remember sitting there watching us depart from Boston and sail down the Charles river with great views of the planes arriving/departing from the airport. Indeed a lovely ship back then 20 plus years ago.
  3. That is so helpful Princeton. And also Majortom, that came in as I was typing. Many thanks to both and kind regards
  4. Hi, we are looking at doing a return transatlantic trip, Southampton to Southampton late next year on Queen Mary 2 with just the one turnaround day in New York. Obviously, we understand all the uncertainties with everything at the moment. However, I would be most grateful if anyone can advise what ship tours are offered on these turnround days as we would probably be a bit nervous about spending time on our own in Manhattan with the risk of missing our return half of the voyage if we were late back to Brooklyn! We have been to New York several times before so it would really be a question of an organised tour visiting sights we have seen previously, just to give us a few hours off the ship. Any help much appreciated and with kind regards. Peter
  5. Yes it has actually, London-Calling but thanks anyway. A very sad state of affairs for the crew, and apparently there are many more crew stranded on other cruise lines as well. Here's hoping they all make it home soon. Just being nosey, whereabouts are you in London? My profile says London but we are actually on the south coast now, the CC profile won't change it for me despite several requests! Hey ho.
  6. Yes there were indeed eight ships on that list and I don't think that it is a definitive list of those about to be sold/scrapped. On a US video which referred to an interview a day or two ago with the Carnival Corporation CEO, there was reference made to the older Fantasy class of ship still being profitable (in normal times) - and needed as Carnival Cruises (as opposed to the corporation itself) do use a lot of smaller ports in the US such as Tampa where there are bridges which preclude larger ships. The overriding message was that no announcement had been made about the six ships although elsewhere I did read that Costa Victoria was likely to be one of them. It all remains to be seen and with CMV in acute financial trouble a lot of ships being sold/scrapped seems likely in the next few months.
  7. Hi Tring, indeed let's hope so. It would be very sad to see them and their smaller ships disappear. Even the Amy Johnson we are due to go on is "small" at 70,000 tonnes compared to some of the large ones of other lines these days! I see you are based on the lovely Wirral. I stayed there in digs while working in the centre of Liverpool for 6 months a lifetime ago and have been back when the football team I follow played at Tranmere Rovers! Kind regards. Peter
  8. Hi Comcox, it is indeed ABTA but I am not sure what the protection is in the US. I know there are lots of differences with booking holidays and I think you can cancel cruises without loss of deposit, which we can not do. Did you book through CMV's USA office? Do you have to book flights separately or do they do the whole package? Just interested in the different systems in our respective countries. As far as CMV are concerned there are lots of details online about their attempts to get additional funding but, as I said in my previous posting, I do fear for them. Even if they survive this week it is likely they will be in trouble again very soon as their target of starting cruises again on 25 August is surely impossible. One of the big issues remains where cruises could sail to with so many countries reluctant to have thousands of people arriving in their ports, after the well documented problems on cruise liners at the start of the pandemic. Indeed, only yesterday, Spain (which is starting to open its borders and beaches) extended their ban indefinitely on cruise ships in any ports, including the very popular Balearic islands. It really would not be a surprise if some of the smaller cruise lines did not make it through the pandemic and CMV are the most likely in this country. As I said before, I do hope not as we have a cruise booked and are looking forward to sailing on the Amy Johnson, having cruised on her sister ship when the two of them were launched in the early 1990's. We sailed on the Crown Princess, now the Karnika sailing from Mumbai and the sister ship was Regal Princess, now Pacific Dawn, and soon to become Amy Johnson - fingers crossed!). Good luck in getting your previous refunds. Kind regards. Peter
  9. Worrying indeed, and despite my criticism of CMV on other threads I do hope they survive, indeed we have a cruise booked on Amy Johnson next year. Our previous CMV Cruise was on the lovely old Astoria a couple of years ago and we had an excellent time. I do stand by my other comments, that the way they treated passengers by only cancelling cruises in July a couple of weeks before sailing date, was unacceptable but I do wish them well. Although they hope to resume cruising in August the reality is that, like other lines, they are unlikely to sail until very late this year, if not into next year. Not that I know anything about their financial situation but if that does turn out to be the case I think it will be very difficult for them to survive
  10. I wonder if Mr Hill's £100 is on its way to maritime charities? (see my post #25). I suppose the reality is he would not have seen my post and has no interest in this forum, much like CMV's lack of interest in their passengers, suggesting as recently as a few days ago that cruises would sail in July.
  11. Why couldn't he be honest and say "like other cruise lines we will not be sailing for several months" Have CMV really got crew ready to start in a few weeks? Have CMV really got ports who will accept their ships? It's just nonsense! They will NOT be sailing in July! If I am wrong I will write a personal letter of apology to Mr Hall and donate £100 to a maritime charity. Will he agree to make the same donation if they do not sail in July? Mr Hall?
  12. Having seen the various postings about CMV still not officially cancelling cruises in the very near future (and therefore having to refund the passenger's money if they refuse a FCC) I went online and did a mock booking for the Marco Polo cruise on 4 July, just a month away. Had I wanted to I could have booked a cabin and handed over several thousand pounds. Why are CMV still taking bookings for that cruise when the whole world knows that it will not take place? One can only be left with the conclusion they need the money to return to other passengers from earlier cruises - before refunding me in a few months time. A totally unsatisfactory state of affairs and I will give this company a wide berth I think
  13. Hello, apologies if this has been covered in the various coronavirus threats. The Arcadia 26 April cruise goes to three mainland Italian ports, Genoa, Civitavecchia and Salerno. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on alternative ports if the current situation worsened in Italy before then, albeit the cruise went ahead. Salerno of course is a lot further south than the main affected area but there was a problem with a Costa cruise ship at Civitavecchia recently and Genoa is relatively close to Milan. Just wondering at this stage as, like others I guess, we are not 100% certain that we still wish to cruise in the current circumstances, particularly if Genoa and Civitavecchia were removed from the itinerary. (I fully appreciate that P&O can alter the ports if necessary without us being able to cancel with a refund). Any thoughts would be much appreciated and, as above, apologies if this is a repeat. Kind regards. Peter
  14. Hi, we have just booked a cruise on "Amy Johnson" for next year. We have been on one previous CMV cruise, on Astoria a couple of years ago, and had a great time. My question concerns the dining times offered at speciality restaurants, if anyone can assist based on current Columbus etc cruises, please. On Astoria you could only eat at the speciality restaurant at the same times as the two main seatings for dinner, ie: you had to arrive at 6.00 or 8.30. I did wonder on the bigger ships whether you can select any time between, say, 6.00 and 8.30 to arrive at the speciality restaurant? Any information from people who have cruised in the last year or two on the bigger CMV ships would be much appreciated. PS: the reason for asking is that we prefer eating around 7.30 but that is not possible in the absence of any "Freedom Dining" option on CMV (we do not wish to use the buffet in the evenings). It is obviously not enough to stop us booking another cruise but I just wondered whether it was different on the larger ships. Many thanks and with kind regards. Peter
  15. Hello, my daughter and a friend disembark the "Pride of America" on Saturday 15 February after the one week Hawaiian Islands cruise. They then overnight at a Waikiki hotel before catching a plane back to the UK the following afternoon. I am trying to arrange a Pearl Harbour tour for them on the Saturday. Time is obviously tight but it would be hugely helpful if a past passenger can advise the likely disembarkation time at the end of the cruise. Also, does anyone know if post-cruise tours to PH can be booked onboard. Thank you very much for any help. Kind regards. Peter
  16. All very good points, especially Eglesbrech re travel insurance. We are not on this cruise but insurance would definitely have been an issue (we can not get annual cover due to my wife's medical history so the cover would run out on the scheduled arrival day back at Southampton). If a serious medical issue arose in the "extra days" I wonder whether P&O would cover the costs if passenger's insurance had run out? Hopefully nothing will arise for anyone on the extended cruise for those staying onboard. Any thoughts on P&O's stance if it did
  17. Hi, we are on the 19 night Arcadia Mediterranean cruise in April. I was looking on the Cruise Personaliser at the shore excursions for our 9 ports and see that in 3 of them it says "no shore excursions available in this port". (Ajaccio, Elba, Genoa). Does anyone think some will appear for them in due course? It just seems strange they can be booked for 6 of the ports and the other 3 have nothing. I know it is still some way ahead but the fact tours are available for 6 ports only confused me! Gave up trying to get through to P&O so just wondered if anyone had thoughts on this. Many thanks and kind regards. Peter
  18. Hello SeaJane, that is most kind of you to reply. We would be so interested to hear your thoughts on Arcadia in due course. It would also be great if there was any way you could get us a set of the Horizons to send us (obviously we would send you the postage costs first). We are always so interested to read in advance what's on offer on the ship (I know a lot of people prefer everything to be a surprise but we are the opposite!) My email "peter.s.smith26@outlook.com" We have done the same several times for other CC members, including on the 28 nighter we did on Oriana this year - obviously not a problem if this is not possible. We see you are from Surrey, we lived in Stoneleigh, near Epsom, Surrey, for 34 years until moving to Rustington on the south coast last year. Many thanks and sorry to bore everyone with this. Have a wonderful cruise. Kind regards. Peter and Beverley
  19. In reply to the last post, yes I see that online about the Surf package. Didn't really register with me before as the ability to use the internet and send texts (by WApp) was what I was after hence booking the package. As per my previous post I was able to send dozens of photos though, all by WApp, so didn't really think any more about it. I don't use Instagram or Facebook so can't assist with that. I don't know if the blurb about Surf means sending photos any other way (I'm not that good technically so not sure of the alternatives to WApp) but it certainly did what I wanted. Interesting though and would be pleased to hear from others about their WApp experiences, for future reference. Kind regards. Peter
  20. For Maylea (Michaela) On Silhouette two weeks ago on a Norway cruise we had the Surf package. It worked superbly and using my iPhone I sent dozens of texts, WApp with numerous photos to family and friends and was able to access the internet and emails. It worked perfectly in the cabin, on the balcony and around the ship. The only exception was leaving Flam and Stavanger with very high mountains on both sides - the daily programme advised in advance (obviously from previous experience) that the satellite reception would be lost - that included the UK television channels. That brief couple of hours apart the surf package worked brilliantly. We don't do face time/stream videos etc etc which need the more expensive package. Hope this helps. Kind regards. Peter
  21. Hi, on Silhouette last week I had the Surf package, £95ish UK for the week, purchased pre-cruise. Very impressed with it. I use W/App a lot to send pix to family and internet for news/football scores etc. Pretty much perfect service. To answer the last post from Hollis25 it was really easy to connect. Can't remember the exact process but all done by following prompts on WiFi settings, with the ability to click a link as I had purchased before sailing. Not sure what you do if you buy the package onboard but I'm sure it is similarly easy. Summary (of my experience), extremely simple to set up, just a few seconds.....the wi-fi was then really excellent throughout the cruise. Hope this helps. Kind regards. Peter
  22. Thank you Emam for taking the time to post the sample excursions - most interesting and very kind of you. Thank you also for the other replies. Kind regards. Peter
  23. Arcadia in the Med next April. I guess the answer is 5 or 6 but would be pleased to hear any thoughts. Just to whet our appetites with 7 months to wait! Kind regards. Peter
  24. Agree entirely with the last post. I did not phrase my earlier comment very well and I did indeed mean that most people who booked in advance were those wanting a table for two. If you are happy to share there is clearly little point in booking in advance as there are (nearly) always tables ready at any time.
  25. I take the point about people not turning up if they had a table booked (perhaps the £50 deposit suggestion was tongue in cheek!). However, we were on the Celebrity Silhouette last week for a 7 night cruise, and the Freedom Dining worked perfectly with virtually no waiting time, even for tables for two in the busy period. The Maitre D told me that most people had booked in advance (a service Celebrity offer) but if they do not show within 10 minutes of the scheduled time the booking is cancelled automatically and the table becomes available for people waiting without a booking. I can only say that it worked exceptionally well last week.
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