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  1. I do agree with Mrs Goggins that even though some of the answers do not directly relate to the original question this thread has provided some welcome light relief. On that basis I will also reply "off topic" to the post from so,ton saint regarding his experience as a waiter on the Queen Mary. He referred to Elizabeth Taylor which brought back many memories to us. We are avid collectors of autographs of stars but only when we have seen them in shows and get the autograph in person. During a lifetime of theatre going we have met many actors and obtained dozens of signed pictures including Sir John Mills, Debbie Reynolds, Elaine Stritch and Diana Dors, all very big stars, but sadly no longer with us. We had the great pleasure of seeing Elizabeth Taylor in "The Little Foxes" at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London in 1982 and had high hopes of getting her autograph. Sadly it was not too be as her Rolls drove right up to the stage door with several security people forming a wall between fans and her. So we never did get her autograph but we did get a smile and it was still really something seeing her on stage.
  2. Thank you all very much for the speedy and most helpful replies. Ruth – yes, we noticed on our last Princess cruise (which was a wonderful 17 night Far East cruise in 2013) that the big production shows were only a fraction over 30 minutes in length. They were indeed very good and we love musicals, but hardly justify the time you need to sit in the theatre beforehand to get a seat! All - my recollection from previous Princess cruises is that the second seating dining was always later than 7.15/7.30, possibly even 8.00/8.15. (I'll have to get all our old Patters down from the loft!). Is that a recent change? It does seem so early and on some nights first sitting must be before the ship leaves port, even for a late PM departure. I do know, of course, that many people like eating early but for us I think we'll stick with Anytime Dining. Thanks again everyone.
  3. As the subject says, we are (hopefully) back on a Princess cruise next year after a few years on other lines. We have done several Princess cruises in the past and are Elite status in Captain's Circle (although that is also due to P&O Cruises being counted towards our number of nights onboard). So we are pretty well up on the Princess product overall. Just a few questions if anyone can assist please. • I read on another thread that the barrel chairs in the standard type balcony cabins are no longer there, just the desk chair. Can you request a barrel chair be brought to the cabin? Alternatively are you allowed/able to bring one of the balcony chairs into the cabin if two of you want to sit down inside? • Although I can no longer find it I thought I read that the second sitting dinner was 7.15pm. I am sure I must be mistaken on that as it is so early, but can someone please advise the approximate times of the two fixed dinner sittings please. • Are the big production shows timed so the performance for second seating is before dinner? (on a personal note that does not suit, as "pre-dinner" is cocktail time, "post-dinner" is show time!) Thank you very much in advance for any answers. Kind regards. Peter
  4. We also saw Liz Dawn on the Queen Mary 2, she was a regular cruise passenger, not onboard as a guest entertainer. In the mid 1990's we saw another Corrie stalwart Brian Mosley, AKA Alf Roberts, again as a guest. We had several long conversations with him at cocktail parties and around the ship, a lovely man. He was, of course, a film actor as well as a Corrie regular and perhaps his most famous film part was when he was murdered by Michael Caine and thrown off the roof of a multi-story car park in Get Carter! Brian's wife, Norma, sadly also now no longer with us, was also a pleasure to talk to.
  5. It is interesting how we all have different views on what constitutes a bargain – and, indeed, it is all a matter of opinion! Yes, the £1800 does include all premium drinks, Wi-Fi and gratuities but without them you can get a 12 night balcony cabin Princess cruise for £1400. Certainly for us the additional cost to include the drinks package and other items is a significant benefit. From our point of view, as I mentioned, we did benefit from an additional 10% discount due to the cancelled CMV cruise booked through the same TA. Plus, we had £350 accrued on the TA’s “loyalty” scheme which brings the cruise price down to significantly under £1500 pp including the three perks. I do, of course, fully appreciate that not everyone would have the benefit of the 10% and loyalty discounts but still felt that £1400/1800 represents an excellent price for the Princess cruise. We have always felt Princess had a very slight edge over P&O although, to avoid being shouted at on this forum, appreciate others may disagree and I would add we have had many excellent P&O cruises as well. Finally, I feel the Princess Captain’s Club benefits at most levels outweigh the P&O equivalent with, at the top level, the mini-bar set up (not included in the drinks package), and fully complimentary laundry being additional benefits worth having. I think I am right in saying at the top P&O loyalty club level you have to cruise a significant number of nights in a 3 year period to avoid going down a level or two – with the Captain’s Club you retain all the benefits even without cruising with them for any length of time. Our balcony cabin on the cancelled CMV cruise was £1859pp for 10 days so putting everything referred to above together makes this feel like a bargain to us. Very happy for others to disagree. Kind regards. Peter
  6. The small deposit was certainly one of the attractions of the current Princess offers which end on 10 August (although, as we all know, there is bound to be another offer round the corner!). £50pp is a small amount to lose if the cruise sails but we do not fancy going with any restrictions that might then be in place. Mainly though the actual prices are seriously competitive helped by our extra 10% due to the cancelled CMV cruise booked through the same TA.
  7. And the Crown Princess. Booked a 12 day cruise in September next year from an advert yesterday - amazing prices, £50pp deposit (nothing else to pay until balance due), premium drinks, wi-fi and gratuities included and a further 10% discount if you had a cancelled CMV cruise booked through the same Travel Agent - think three letters and lots of newspaper ads. Much cheaper and they would have been paying us to go. Now we just need a vaccine...................
  8. When we got up this morning we had no cruises booked and nothing was further from our mind, for obvious reasons. Then a look at the paper showed an advert for Crown Princess Round Britain cruises next year and by mid-morning we had booked the 23 September 2021 sailing. Fingers are crossed, of course. Absolutely amazing prices and only £50pp deposit. The drinks, gratuities and WiFi package was also very reasonable and it is a definite plus having that. Although it is a very port intensive cruise we don't drink (alcohol) during the day so are not "missing out" by being off the ship during most of the days. The evenings are a different matter though 😊. We have been on numerous Princess Cruises (the first was on "The Love Boat", Pacific Princess, back in 1988) and the last was a Far East cruise in 2013 on the Diamond Princess. On there we spent a few days in the Sanctuary on the top deck and enjoyed the privacy and space. Does anyone have any experience of The Sanctuary on the Crown? I guess it is the same or similar but wondered how fully booked it gets - we had to reserve a place many days in advance on the Diamond cruise. It really was a delightful way to spend a day at sea with great forward looking views as well. Just asking out of interest - any other comments about the Crown would also be gratefully received. It will be our first cruise with the Ocean Medallion - know nothing about that so will have to do some reading up! Also our first Princess cruise from Southampton but living along the coast only 40 miles away now it could not be more convenient. Kind regards. Peter
  9. Let's hope we do what ports abroad are, quite reasonably, doing and stop their passengers visiting ports in the UK.
  10. The link below on this subject makes unhappy reading, including Stavanger not accepting passengers from AIDA ships in August. The question of what ports will accept passengers remains one of the (many) issues cruise lines have to deal with, and is perhaps one of the most important. I can only agree with the earlier posters that this does not bode well. Not "doom-mongering", just being realistic. We are very keen to get back on a cruise like everyone else but it suddenly looks further away than ever this evening. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/07/articles/disease/covid-19-crew-member-infections-confirmed-on-hurtigruten-cruise-ship/
  11. Apologies if I am missing something Roger (it's been a long day!) but I don't understand your post? The cruise line is in administration so how will they help? As above, sorry if I am missing your point. Kind regards. Peter
  12. Carnival have the issue of the two ships that are still with P&O Australia at present, Pacific Aria and Pacific Dawn, that were being "sold" to CMV next year. I am not sure where they feature amongst the 13 or 15 or whatever number it is that Carnival will be disposing of. Perhaps they are the two represented by the figure increasing from 13 to 15? And as a further issue, I should think Carnival still "own" the Vasco De Gama of CMV which won't have been paid for after its sale last year. That is presumably part of the Administration process so have no idea whether that ship gets returned to Carnival or sold by the people dealing with the process.
  13. I can only agree with the comments above about the prices on this cruise. Adding to Britboys calculations, a balcony works out at £338 per person per night! I appreciate that Fred is having to allow for prices on a cruise that is over three years hence but they do still seem excessive to me. We did a 28 night Bermuda and Caribbean cruise last year on Oriana where our deluxe balcony worked out at £185 per night. Finally, as Dermotsgirl said, who knows what circumstances we will be living in three months hence let alone three years? I assume it is not possible to get insurance so far ahead but at Fred's prices even the deposit is an amount I would want protected by insurance.
  14. I feel a bit of an intruder to this site never having sailed with Fred Olsen so hope my presence will be excused! I do know Fred's ships very well though, having done numerous day visits on all of them to assist with a lot of writing I do for journals, online etc. I was really surprised today to receive a flyer through the post for a 34 night Balmoral cruise in September 2023, yes 2023. Lovely itinerary, including going to New York and sailing up the Hudson River. I can't remember ever receiving anything about a cruise so far in advance of this sailing which is three years and two months from now! I guess the travel agent (think three letters and they advertise a lot in newspapers) sent it to me because I was booked with them for a cruise with CMV next year and Fred is a logical alternative. However, Fred's prices are quite high and certainly £11,499 each for a balcony on this cruise is outside our budget. I also have to say that sadly Fred's ships are out of bounds for us anyway at the moment until they change their policy of allowing smoking on balconies. But that's another story and I don't wish to upset anybody on here by dwelling on that! Medical reasons make it impossible to sit on a balcony with smoke adjacent and we do love time on the balcony. I would be interested to hear if anyone has plans to book on that cruise but it's just SO far ahead. Great itinerary and I do like the Balmoral - although she will be 35 years old by the time of the cruise in question. Kind regards Peter
  15. Cunard.......................our favourite ship by a country mile is the Queen Mary 2 and, trust me, you are totally unaware of a class system onboard. The Grills have their own restaurant (amazing food and service with ordering off menu no problem) and a small adjacent lounge but that apart the rest of the ship is open to everyone. (just so that no-one corrects me there is also a very small private deck area for Grills passengers which is nothing special and out of the way). It is absolutely no different to, say, a P&O/Princess etc ship which has two or more separate restaurants and you only go to the one you are allocated. The Britannia Restaurant where everyone else eats is a magnificent 3 tiered room - the food there is much the same as other cruise lines. The Club Dining rooms are a separate room within the Britannia Restaurant and there you can eat at any time you like, as I said previously. We have been on the Queen Mary 2 many times and have been in the "bottom" Britannia Class and the "top" Queens Grill for a real treat (it was!!). Out of the restaurant, though, no-one would have any idea what "class" you were in and indeed there really is absolutely NO feel of a class system at all. The big difference with the Queen Mary 2 to other large ships is that there are only 2,500 or so passengers (probably less in the future for obvious reasons) whereas RCL, NCL and other ships of that size have 4,000 or more. It all means it is incredibly spacious. As you gather, we love the Queen Mary 2!!
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