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  1. Hello, my daughter and a friend disembark the "Pride of America" on Saturday 15 February after the one week Hawaiian Islands cruise. They then overnight at a Waikiki hotel before catching a plane back to the UK the following afternoon. I am trying to arrange a Pearl Harbour tour for them on the Saturday. Time is obviously tight but it would be hugely helpful if a past passenger can advise the likely disembarkation time at the end of the cruise. Also, does anyone know if post-cruise tours to PH can be booked onboard. Thank you very much for any help. Kind regards. Peter
  2. All very good points, especially Eglesbrech re travel insurance. We are not on this cruise but insurance would definitely have been an issue (we can not get annual cover due to my wife's medical history so the cover would run out on the scheduled arrival day back at Southampton). If a serious medical issue arose in the "extra days" I wonder whether P&O would cover the costs if passenger's insurance had run out? Hopefully nothing will arise for anyone on the extended cruise for those staying onboard. Any thoughts on P&O's stance if it did
  3. Hi, we are on the 19 night Arcadia Mediterranean cruise in April. I was looking on the Cruise Personaliser at the shore excursions for our 9 ports and see that in 3 of them it says "no shore excursions available in this port". (Ajaccio, Elba, Genoa). Does anyone think some will appear for them in due course? It just seems strange they can be booked for 6 of the ports and the other 3 have nothing. I know it is still some way ahead but the fact tours are available for 6 ports only confused me! Gave up trying to get through to P&O so just wondered if anyone had thoughts on this. Many thanks and kind regards. Peter
  4. Hello SeaJane, that is most kind of you to reply. We would be so interested to hear your thoughts on Arcadia in due course. It would also be great if there was any way you could get us a set of the Horizons to send us (obviously we would send you the postage costs first). We are always so interested to read in advance what's on offer on the ship (I know a lot of people prefer everything to be a surprise but we are the opposite!) My email "peter.s.smith26@outlook.com" We have done the same several times for other CC members, including on the 28 nighter we did on Oriana this year - obviously not a problem if this is not possible. We see you are from Surrey, we lived in Stoneleigh, near Epsom, Surrey, for 34 years until moving to Rustington on the south coast last year. Many thanks and sorry to bore everyone with this. Have a wonderful cruise. Kind regards. Peter and Beverley
  5. In reply to the last post, yes I see that online about the Surf package. Didn't really register with me before as the ability to use the internet and send texts (by WApp) was what I was after hence booking the package. As per my previous post I was able to send dozens of photos though, all by WApp, so didn't really think any more about it. I don't use Instagram or Facebook so can't assist with that. I don't know if the blurb about Surf means sending photos any other way (I'm not that good technically so not sure of the alternatives to WApp) but it certainly did what I wanted. Interesting though and would be pleased to hear from others about their WApp experiences, for future reference. Kind regards. Peter
  6. For Maylea (Michaela) On Silhouette two weeks ago on a Norway cruise we had the Surf package. It worked superbly and using my iPhone I sent dozens of texts, WApp with numerous photos to family and friends and was able to access the internet and emails. It worked perfectly in the cabin, on the balcony and around the ship. The only exception was leaving Flam and Stavanger with very high mountains on both sides - the daily programme advised in advance (obviously from previous experience) that the satellite reception would be lost - that included the UK television channels. That brief couple of hours apart the surf package worked brilliantly. We don't do face time/stream videos etc etc which need the more expensive package. Hope this helps. Kind regards. Peter
  7. Hi, on Silhouette last week I had the Surf package, £95ish UK for the week, purchased pre-cruise. Very impressed with it. I use W/App a lot to send pix to family and internet for news/football scores etc. Pretty much perfect service. To answer the last post from Hollis25 it was really easy to connect. Can't remember the exact process but all done by following prompts on WiFi settings, with the ability to click a link as I had purchased before sailing. Not sure what you do if you buy the package onboard but I'm sure it is similarly easy. Summary (of my experience), extremely simple to set up, just a few seconds.....the wi-fi was then really excellent throughout the cruise. Hope this helps. Kind regards. Peter
  8. Thank you Emam for taking the time to post the sample excursions - most interesting and very kind of you. Thank you also for the other replies. Kind regards. Peter
  9. Arcadia in the Med next April. I guess the answer is 5 or 6 but would be pleased to hear any thoughts. Just to whet our appetites with 7 months to wait! Kind regards. Peter
  10. Agree entirely with the last post. I did not phrase my earlier comment very well and I did indeed mean that most people who booked in advance were those wanting a table for two. If you are happy to share there is clearly little point in booking in advance as there are (nearly) always tables ready at any time.
  11. I take the point about people not turning up if they had a table booked (perhaps the £50 deposit suggestion was tongue in cheek!). However, we were on the Celebrity Silhouette last week for a 7 night cruise, and the Freedom Dining worked perfectly with virtually no waiting time, even for tables for two in the busy period. The Maitre D told me that most people had booked in advance (a service Celebrity offer) but if they do not show within 10 minutes of the scheduled time the booking is cancelled automatically and the table becomes available for people waiting without a booking. I can only say that it worked exceptionally well last week.
  12. Hi, can you request specific times for dinner each day of the cruise on Freedom Dining before sailing, or do you just go to the restaurant and get a table when you turn up. (I appreciate if that is the case it may mean taking a pager and waiting.) I know you can book in advance on some lines, not sure if so on P&O. The ship is Arcadia if that makes a difference. Many thanks for your help. Peter
  13. I know this is off topic from the original question.............but replying to Helen's post above..............there were about 10 free films on the cabin TV on Silhouette last week. Peter
  14. Just off the Silhouette yesterday. Excellent TV picture still with (I know this was not your question) free films. Not sure how many were free (some were chargeable) but my wife watched a free Abba film twice while I decided the balcony and 🍺 was a better option. Digressing even further, the TV was really good for information as well eg: your onboard account etc. Kind regards Peter
  15. Hi, we are on a Mediterranean cruise on Arcadia next April with 10 ports. I know the shore excursions are not available to book until a few months beforehand but is there anywhere I can find details from a similar P&O cruise this year, please? The ports are largely the well known ones eg: Civitavecchia, Palma, Lisbon etc so I am sure plenty of other cruises will be calling there. I have looked extensively on the website without success and waited so long for Customer Services to answer that I gave up. It is purely out of interest to see what may be available so any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks. Peter
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