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  1. What kind of sound system is in a full suite on Britannia? Wondering if I should take my portable bluetooth speaker or not? Thanks in advance
  2. I don't believe in violence but hats off to the officer when dealing with that ridiculous loud mouthed man screaming 'liar'. I would have slapped him just to stop him being so hysterical! On a serious note I've done several Amsterdam cruises and have been stopped by the wind before. They are building a new North Sea Canal which will be much wider than the current one which dependant on size of ship can leave as little as a metre clearance each side so any high winds risk damage to the ship. I'm afraid this is what you get when snow flakes cruise. People have no real idea of the power of the sea. I get that its disappointing and I'm sure that NCL could most likely have been a bit more forthcoming with information. For my wife and I the ship is always the focal point of our holiday not the ports!
  3. I had direct contact with P & O Senior Management that the stairs are not being opened up. I was very direct in my thoughts that this was a wasted opportunity. Other than the public areas we seem to have had no information on cabins. I get the impression that new balcony furniture is much needed and works in the bathrooms
  4. Sure you'll have a lovely time. Guernsey is a tender port and often gets cancelled. I'd be inclined to chill on board and make most of the ship
  5. I'm a diabetic myself so largely stick to water or a diet variant. Not bothered about alcohol so that would not be an issue that I'd worry about. I take the point that for medical purposes this is completely acceptable but to save money I just see it as pointless.
  6. Exactly especially on the very short cruises not worth getting off. Just done a short 3 nighter on MSC which went from Hamburg to Southampton via Le Harve. Stayed on ship and had a wonderful day and that was moored against quay.
  7. look I know each to his own but seriously you've likely spent a small fortune on a cruise in the first place so why be so tight that you actually want to carry water onboard! Sorry I don't get it!
  8. On a two night cruise it may be worth just taking carry on luggage. My only word of caution would be that a two night cruise may not be the best way to introduce him to cruising. These can tend to turn into party cruise with everything pretty full on due to the limited time. We've done many short cruises but vowed not to do two nights again. I would try find a three nighter. That extra night makes a huge difference and allows you to relax.
  9. Very often better to stay onboard and chill especially if everyone else gets off!
  10. Lol would be nice to have a Yacht Club like MSC
  11. Still no news on refit other than a rendering of the new look atrium that I saw the other day. I appreciate nothing much will change but you would have thought P & O marketing department would have put something out by now!
  12. I fancy a cruise on her but don't like not being able to choose cabin location so I'll have to wait before committing
  13. No issue at all. Any empty seats are released a short while before Show is due to start if people have not turned up. From memory you can also cancel via the app
  14. We stayed Hotel Pestana Miami Beach. Great stay!
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