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  1. Take a look in My Silversea, Bookings, My Bookings, Activities, Shores. There will be a list of all the shore excursions available including free ones, if any. Free shore excursions are rare on Silversea with the exception of the expedition ships and certain events for World Cruisers for Grand Voyagers.
  2. So glad to hear that the WC events and Silversea Experiences were so special. We only went to the Goree Island dinner and thought it was magnificent especially the fireworks. What a great way to end such a wonderful evening. Welcome home and back to reality. We are already struggling with getting everything done around the house. I'm looking forward to our next adventure in August. Hope our paths cross again.
  3. Your travel agent might be able to get you VIP status. In our experience, it probably is not worth a whole lot. Yes, you probably get dinner at an officer's table and you might also get a "free" back pack but the overall service and attention on Silversea is so good that VIP status is really not necessary. If you have booked one of the larger suites, you automatically get free laundry and dinner with an officer, so I wouldn't worry about being a VIP. We have traveled both ways, and it really doesn't make much of a difference.
  4. Safe travels home. Enjoy all the wonderful memories.
  5. The bib clips can double as a hat tether when you are walking on deck in the wind.
  6. Magnificent sunrise and a great photo.
  7. I doubt if Norman made this decision in a vacuum. There had to be a lot of pressure put on him to make such an unusual decision which inconvenienced a number of passengers.
  8. Turtlemichael.. following on JP’s comment, just wear a life “jacket” and you will be properly attired. We had the same problem when the last night of our cruise was turned into a formal night at the last minute for some unknown reason. Very inconvenient for the 50 of us disembarking the next morning in Lisbon. I am sure you and Turtle 2 will look fine. Enjoy every minute of the remainder of your wonderful adventure.
  9. I heard that some people had complained that there were only two formal nights this segment instead of the expected three, so they made the change. It is particularly awkward for those of us disembarking tomorrow morning since our formal clothes have been packed for a week, and we want to go to the crew parade and dinner without looking out of place. At 5 am this morning, we were just leaving the mouth of the river having traveled very slowly all night. It was a real treat to dock in Seville and have the experience of going through the lock. This trip has been simply wonderful with very few and unimportant hiccups. The weather has been mostly wonderful except for the heavy rain during our canoe excursion! The staff has been excellent and the food mostly better than last year's world cruise with the possible exception of the dinners in La Terrazza. Service in La Terrazza has improved greatly due to the efforts of a number of people. We will miss everyone, but we are now looking forward to getting home and back to reality. I hope the final segment of the world cruise is wonderful for everyone on board. Hope to see you all some time in the future.
  10. Twoboys...the best advice I can give you about Silversea is that if you want something, just ask for it. If you want a special meal, ask a day in advance and if the ingredients are on board, you can have it. If there is something that you do not like, be sure to mention it to the hotel director so it can be corrected if possible. We are currently on the world cruise which has a very different vibe from the usual shorter cruises since the vast majority of the passengers and crew have been together since early January. It is more like a large family gathering than a cruise. The ship is older and will have areas that have not been modernized, but the last refurb really spruced up the ship. Be sure to bring a multi-plug since 110 plugs are not plentiful. i see you are from Dobbs Ferry. I went to high school in Scarborough. Small world. hope you enjoy your trip.
  11. We also did the truffle hunt with Giotto last October. It was one of our favorite excursions, and the meal after the hunt was wonderful. Thanks for bringing back such lovely memories.
  12. For some reason, the meet & mingle has not yet been scheduled, so I thought it might be good if we arranged one ourselves. I suggest that we meet the last sea day before Sao Tome which is April 24 at either 11 am or 6:30 pm in the Panorama Lounge. I have no idea if these times will conflict with speakers or evening entertainment, but I thought I would start the ball rolling.
  13. Welcome on board. Looking forward to a meet and mingle whenever that might be.
  14. Thanks. Your photos are much better than mine.
  15. Dccruiser57 beautiful pictures. What underwater camera are you using?
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