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  1. Emtbsam

    2019 World Cruise sold out

    I so hope you two will be able to get a suite on this segment. It is way too soon for a "swan song"! We really enjoyed dinner with you on the TA and hope to have another in the not too distant future.
  2. Emtbsam

    Whispering Around The World 2019

    I will have to check them out.
  3. Also make sure that you explore the folder on your desk completely. Sometimes the invitation to the meet and mingle is hidden in it.
  4. Emtbsam

    Project Invictues enhancements

    We had no problem getting the caviar offering on the Whisper this past fall on a B2B in the Med and the Transatlantic. It was available in the MDR and was made available in La Terrazza both at lunch and dinner. Either we are oblivious or there was no eye roll. Either way, it was a lovely presentation.
  5. Emtbsam

    Whispering Around The World 2019

    Bob decided that he wanted to be able to look like Pierce Brosnan at the end of the movie The Thomas Crown Affair where Brosnan untied his tie, so he bought a number of bow ties. He used YouTube for instructions and is now a pro! From my perspective, the most important consideration is to have a tie of the proper length. Looking forward to meeting Mysty and Myster once we board in Singapore.
  6. Emtbsam

    Just disembarked The Wind

    CrusinPashmina - So glad to hear that you enjoyed your time on the Wind even if the ports were less wonderful. Hope our paths cross again so we can be on a trivia team together! We're still looking at real estate on Sanibel especially since hurricane Michael hit very close to home.
  7. Emtbsam

    Athens to Muscat - The Middle East with a Muse

    TTS - I just saw this post since we are seriously considering taking the Athens - Athens - Dubai in November 2020.
  8. Emtbsam

    Whispering Around The World 2019

    I am sure someone else from Oz can answer this, but I do not believe that you can take food off the ship and into Australia. I would have a chat with the Concierge desk to see if they could provide food for everyone on the tour, but I have to believe that the vineyard would not be happy. I don't mean to throw cold water on the tour, but it really wasn't to our taste. While the brewery tour was fun, we did not care for the beers. The wine was definitely not close to Penfolds quality in our opinion!
  9. Emtbsam

    Whispering Around The World 2019

    We are now at 120 days prior to our departure from Singapore, and we made shore excursion and a few restaurant reservations today. The excitement builds!
  10. Emtbsam


    Silver Spectre - yes you did meet some nice people on that cruise and they will be on the Capetown to Lisbon segment. I thought the highlight of Nico's impact was the swimming pool. Didn't the ship's crew eventually go out and buy a wading pool for him due to all the complaints? Sorry to hijack this thread.
  11. Emtbsam


    Silver Spectre - So sorry to hear that you also experienced the "joy" of traveling with Nico and his oblivious parents.
  12. Emtbsam

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    Our trip home was easy. There were plentiful cabs at the terminal. The 10 minute drive to the FLL airport was easy. We got through TSA pre-check with no further examination of our carry on. Unfortunately, we had quite a wait for our flight as expected, but it beats missing a flight in case something goes wrong. We sat at a table in the terminal reading and charging our various electronic devices while I remarked on how serene the terminal was. We boarded our Southwest flight and had the bulkhead seats which was nice. All in all, it was an okay trip home although I do envy those who could take a limo to there homes directly from the ship. I agree that MIA is an embarrassment to the country! I will not go through LHR until they really do fix the problem they have with long waits for immigration. CDG is okay if you are just arriving or departing, but connecting is a nightmare. It was a great cruise and we so enjoyed meeting TTS and having dinner with the Dusababies. "Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home!"
  13. Emtbsam

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    I assume these are the same in the veranda suites. We always bring a multi plug so we can charge many things at once. We also bring magnetic hooks which hold coats and hats, clothes pins to keep the curtains closed and a bottle top humidifier. We have found the air in the suites to be extremely dry on this trip. Hand laundry dries very quickly. A lovely dinner in La Terrazza this evening. Upon returning to the suite we noticed that serious measures have been taken to secure things in the event the weather does indeed turn rough. More tomorrow...
  14. Emtbsam

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the Reuben! Sea days are wonderful for relaxing but there is not much to write about. We had dinner last evening with the Shore Concierge Manager Leandro Ponte which was most enjoyable. Having complained about the Reuben, I must say that I have ordered the filet twice in the MDR and it has been excellent. Also, it is sometimes possible to order caviar as an appetizer. It is Oscietra caviar, and the presentation is lovely. BTW, gourmet burgers are still on the dinneer menu in the MDR which is disappointing. Tomorrow we have been invited to a brunch for 2019 World Cruisers. I guess it will be a sort of Meet and Mingle. I understand that there are 15 people who have been invited. Since we are only doing a third of the WC, I am surprised that we were invited. The weather is supposed to turn bad this afternoon with 10 foot seas. Fortunately it will be a following sea, so it should not be bad.
  15. Emtbsam

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    Silverspectre. See you in Capetown?