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  1. Current hot spots are Florida, Texas, Arizona, and New York. Sandals and other resorts furnishes their guests’ contact information to the official Jamaica tourist agency. The tourist agency emails a health question and directions for uploading pre-test information if required. This information is furnished to the airlines. You can’t fly at all if you don’t submit the questionnaire. When you arrive in Jamaica, you’re directed to appropriate screeners based to your responses to the questionnaire. For example after July 10, Jamaican Nationals will be advised to make an appointment for a test and stay sheltered until then. Tourists from non hotspots aren’t tested if their health questionnaire responses doesn’t raise issues. Business travelers are tested on the spot. If you’re from a hotspot, my understanding is that you won’t be tested upon arrival. The Jamaican Prime Minister has stated that they don’t want to quarantine tourists as it’s bad for everyone involved. From what I’ve read I’m surprised they haven’t banned people from hotspot states.
  2. I’m following the Facebook pages for Sandals Montego Bay and the prime minister’s announcements very closely as I have a reservation there (which I will be canceling due to the uncertainty of the situation). Here’s what going on Jamaica tourist and testing-wise. Phase 1: June 1 - 30. Before Jamaica opened up, the PM announced no testing for tourists visiting resorts. That caused an outcry from the Liberal party because Jamaica Nationals were being tested and Jamaica crew repatriated from the Adventure of the Seas had to wait three days to get off the ship due to testing protocols. (I threw in a little cruise ship relevance.) The PM reversed his decision and tourists had to take two different tests upon arrival in Jamaica along with filling out a digital health questionnaire before arrival. After testing visitors were told to proceed directly to their resorts and stay at there until they received their test results which would be available in three days. It it turns out getting test results back took more than three days in most cases. There was confusion and some resorts (not Sandals) were trying to confine tourists to their rooms. Anecdotally some tourists staying at Montego Bay never got test results. Phase 2: July 1 - 31. On June 30, the PM announced that going forward in phase two, Jamaica would stop mass testing at the airport. The PM said doing mass tests and reporting put a huge strain on its health care system. They didn’t have enough personnel, tests, and testing supplies to handle the estimated 1500 people a day arriving via flights. So they came out with a different system. Tourists from hot spots would need to upload test results to the Jamaica tourist app along with answering some health questions. From what I read, no further testing will be needed for these tourists unless something is flagged on their digital health questionnaire. Non hotspot tourists still have to answer the questions, but will not be tested in mass or be required to submit protests. They could be tested based on their answers on the health questionnaire. Until July 10, there seems to be a hodgepodge of testing protocols going on at the airport. Some people are being waived through based on where they live. Hot spot people are being tested because they didn’t have enough lead time to test in the states before their trip. The PM claims that there are fewer positive cases coming in than originally projected and that prescreening before travel will eliminate most cases. Who knows how that will turn out? Sorry this is so long and probably of little interest to most people. (I’m bored.) I think this account does give insight into how Caribbean countries are balancing tourist dollars with protecting their citizens and tourists.
  3. Sandals Montego Bay update Jamaica’s prime minister says the country doesn’t have the resources to test everyone at the airport. Starting next week travelers from hot spot states will have to test in USA and upload results to a travel Jamaica app. I could see Royal Caribbean doing something like setting up a health screening app with ability to upload required Covid test. Of course there are gaps between testing and actual travel.
  4. We currently have a reservation at Sandals Montego Bay. The rooms have been recently renovated, the grounds are beautiful, with seven or so restaurants, beautiful beaches. We booked it as a backup to an Alaskan cruise on the Ovation, which we ultimately lift and shifted. We we booked a Butler suite at Sandals at a price that I think was a computer glitch. Needless to say we have been really looking forward to it. But of course Covid-19 has reared it’s ugly head. The rate in Jamaica was close to zero new cases a day when the island opened up in June. To rightfully protect Jamaican citizens, airline passengers receive two tests upon arrival at the airport: a nasal and throat swab. You can then go to your resort but not leave there until you get your results in three days. If you test positive, you are supposedly taken by ambulance to quarantine for 14 days at a facility at your own cost. Some people on the Sandals Montego Bay page are testing in the US and quarantining until their test results are in. There is no testing at this time when arriving back in US, but my husband would most likely need to work from home for two weeks. We thought the way things had been going here in Florida that there was a good chance that he could avoid the subsequent quarantine. Obviously that’s not happening so we are going to cancel. I understand that Antigua started out requiring tests, stopped testing, then had to start testing again due to rising rates. It it seems to me that the islands are facing some of the same challenges that cruise ships are.
  5. On Celebrity Edge, drinks were provided at some type of top-tier event on the first night. The elite menu of drinks continued to be served after the event seemingly was over.
  6. I tried to change my August 27, 2020 cruise on the Ovation to its September 3, 2021 sailing. A representative said I could not change it to that date because the September 3, 2021 sailing was over Labor Day, and the August 27, 2020 was not over this holiday.
  7. If I understand your question correctly, you are questioning how you can book now with a current two month old. If that’s the case, you can book with the infant now with the child’s birthdate. The system will book now based on the infant’s age at the time of sailing. I’ve done this before.
  8. Oh, he will. He’s over 70. I imagine he’ll get an automatic pass.
  9. Chris, who is posting on YouTube, is a member of the casino team. He states the casino crew is being sent home first.
  10. Sorry, Robinhill, that doesn’t seem fair. Is it because you had to use the prime certificate before the end of March? Whether or not, they should allow you to reschedule. Ordinarily I would suggest escalating your request to shoreside executives, but they probably would not be sympathetic at this time. Maybe wait until this all calms down and approach them about it saying you didn’t want to burden them with your request while they were dealing with the immediate situation. The supervisor you dealt with probably didn’t have the authority or ability to override any system programming blocks. I hope you can eventually get your cruise reinstated.
  11. I am very loyal to Royal to Royal and have only sailed NCL once many years ago. However with the price difference and the drinks situation, I think you should go with NCL. With the savings of $4000-$5000, the adults can book another Oasis-class cruise.
  12. We have gotten expedited arrival consistently when checking in through the app. One time we had a guarantee cabin and I checked in before the cabin was assigned. We initially did not receive expedited arrival. Once our cabin was assigned, I updated our set sail pass and we received expedited arrival.
  13. With expedited arrival, you go through the expedited security line which can make a big difference at some ports. Diamond status puts you in the general security line these days.
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