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  1. I can’t imagine a better way to spread the Covid 19 virus. The mind boggles.
  2. What I find so interesting is that the authorities in FP. seem to be ahead of those here. There are clear instructions to local residents what they should do if unwell. Essentially, stay home and someone from the health service will come to you. How civilized!
  3. Fdl2020. There is no need to be confused. What do you need to do? If you want to charge several USB devices at the same time (phones,iPads,cameras,kindles ), buy the Anker unit.
  4. The Anker unit is safe and acceptable. The surge protection that it may or may not have has nothing to do with the surge suppression built into some power strips https://www.cruisehabit.com/power-strips-why-theyre-not-allowed-ships-and-how-safely-gain-some-extra-outlets
  5. First Nations silver. Earrings, pins , bracelets . Either in Vancouver or Alaska.
  6. Get theAnker unit. Works great. Charge 4 devices at once. It won’t be confiscated
  7. There are several competing HoHO operations. The one we picked was horrible. Largely due to the metro construction downtown leading to a large traffic snafu. Unfortunately I can’t remember which It was. Do your research and consider a private tour.
  8. in that case, Boston to Montreal via Concord New Hampshire, and Magog Quebec. There are many country inns to stay at along the way. Allow at least 1 full day in Montreal concentrating on the Old City and area below the mountain. Return to Boston by way of Burlington Vermont or through the Lake Champlain islands. Alternatively via upstate New York and western Massachusetts. It’s all delightful
  9. Wait until you are on the ship before you decide. I think they will open earlier on some port intensive days
  10. I presume your cruise ends in Boston. To try and see New England in 3-4 days would be the same as seeing all of Oregon in the same period. A lot depends on whether your car rental is one way or not . If not you will spend most of your time driving on interstate highways.Pick one of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. When We were younger we drove Montreal to Boston about 40 times. It’s a long drive. I like the idea of Northeast along the coast to Kennebunk for the coast or Northwest to Woodstock and beyond for the green mountains. Problem is you probably want to return to B
  11. Read them all. They make you think you know Venice like a native.
  12. Try the hotel website. I just looked and didn’t see a 3 night minimum. We thought Ca’Angeli was a ‘hidden gem’
  13. Look at Ca’Angeli. Centrally located in SAN Polo on the grand canal. One street over from the home of Commisario Brunetti. A short walk to Rialto and St. Marks. Has a water taxi stop steps away. Water taxi is the fun way to travel in Venice. If you share, the cost is reasonable. ps your font is difficult to read.
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