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  1. So enjoying your review. We've sailed Reflection before and we'll be on her Monday as you get off. Completely different itinerary. I agree, Thenford Grey does a great tour. Last time we were in St. Lucia we did a "Cook like a Lucien" tour and 12 or so of our cruise mates went to a little place in the mountains and cooked a big dinner, all local and authentic. Lots of fun. We've also taken what I assume is the same food tour in St. Maarten - from the Amsterdam cheese shop? So good. I'll be curious to see how much the French side has recovered. Last time we were there was about 5 months after the hurricane and Grand Case really wasn't "open". The French pastry shop was a fabulous finale. Hope you bought some good gouda at the shop on the way into town. Loving your wine recs although I can only handle maybe one or two alcoholic beverages a day, and I seldom even finish either one. I'll have to try harder I guess. lol. I also was curious about the shows - particularly the non-Celebrity shows. We usually prefer the guest artists.
  2. I wish I was on that cruise. I'd love to hear him, and if I saw him somewhere playing softly I'd stop and listen and just enjoy. I think some of the passengers whom I've heard on piano and yes on guitar are phenomenal. Not showing off, just doing what they always do - playing their instrument. I would say probably the majority of people would love to hear him play, and if he was in a public space, some would walk by and some would stop and listen. I'd be a listener for sure! Have a wonderful happy musical cruise.
  3. I highly recommend Azamara for their 15+ nights in Norway. We took the cruise in 2018 and loved every second. Went up to the North Cape and some of the cruises now go even further north. If it's in the budget I recommend this cruise line because it's small (under 700 pax) and can get way into the fjords and right into town.
  4. Start with upgrading from classic to premium drink package if that's your interest. Go to the specialties! We always consider it part of the whole cruise experience. A wine paired special dinner is wonderful. I got a Michael Kors bag two cruises ago when we realized the last night that we had $350 in non refundable credit left. I wouldn't have normally gotten it but honestly it's my go-to bag when I want a black bag.
  5. Weenah We like the specialties and always eat in all of them on a cruise; to us it's just part of the entire cruise experience. On our upcoming cruise we bought the package for all the nights. We booked the time and restaurant for the first night, and as soon as we board we'll set the restaurant and times for the others. Often we take a suite, but this time we're in a regular cabin and are eating every night in specialties. Still came out way ahead $$$ wise. We got all 4 perks so it looks like it'll be a pretty sweet cruise. We might do this from now on.
  6. We finally did that too, and I like those holders better. It's been hit or miss as to whether or not we get the luggage tags when we order them a month or so out. 9 days.........Reflection here we come.
  7. Honestly, there is only one first time on a new ship. Don't learn too much ahead of time. Step aboard and enjoy the ooh and aah as you turn every corner and discover something new. You will love it.
  8. Another recommendation for Woodwind in Bonaire. Try and get the first group in the morning. If you're golfers, there is a good course in Curacao, although a bit of a drive from port.
  9. Our experience was the same as laurieb's. We were on the 15 night in 2018. Wonderful cruise!
  10. Check out the Alaska board here and read about doing it yourself. I think that's the way to go.
  11. We are elite+ and ever since we became elite we have still gone to many of the elite gatherings in the evenings - not for the cocktails but to meet others. We like the sky lounge at sunset. We have a beverage package usually so when we go we order what we want instead of the captain's club offerings.
  12. Just a thought. If you have booked less than 60 days ago, you could consider transferring your booking to one of the big online travel agents. We did that about our 6th cruise and haven't looked back. They always give us a whole lot of on board credit and other perks, IN ADDITION to what we got from Celebrity. We keep using the same TA and they give us loyalty credit too, every time we book.
  13. We do sailaway on our balcony which is almost always far aft. Same view as Tuscan Grill but higher up, so we never really scramble to get a window table there because we have that view the entire time. Often at sailaway we're putting our clothes away and finishing the settling-in part. We have always sailed alone (just the two of us) and it's fun to find another couple or two to share meals with or hang out with on the cruise. It's one of those things that just happens or not.
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