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  1. That is true. So is night 4 a second formal night? I assumed there was only one formal night on a 5 night cruise. That's been our experience in the past.
  2. We are also used to lobster only on formal night. So I am assuming now that there is NO lobster on night 2, which is formal night. Just seems odd to me. I will change my specialty restaurant reservations.
  3. I've heard this too...
  4. How was the food in the dining room? Specialty restaurants?
  5. FrannyK

    Black Friday Deals 2018

    Yes, that is the normal price.
  6. No, it's not over a holiday. Oh well, I will keep checking.
  7. Hello All We usually book the BOGO Specialty Dining for the first two nights of a cruise. We've booked it on 7 and 5-night cruises before. I do not see it listed for our upcoming 5-night cruise on Independence. I only see "First Night Done Right" available. Does anyone know if RCCL has done away with this option?
  8. FrannyK

    VOOM 1-device pkg

    We leave Saturday on Indy. A couple of weeks ago I paid $15.99/day for one device surf and stream VOOM. A week ago it was $19.99.
  9. I just got the same email, same times, for our Indy cruise this Saturday. I think I am ignoring this, especially since there is no reason mentioned.
  10. FrannyK

    VOOM 1-device pkg

    That's creepy. It's amazing such a huge corporation has such a rudimentary problematic website. It leaves a bad impression and is one of the reasons I use a TA instead of going to RCCL directly.
  11. FrannyK

    VOOM 1-device pkg

    OK Understood. Looks like I will grab this now and be done with it.
  12. FrannyK

    VOOM 1-device pkg

    So are you saying on the ship it's only surf and no streaming? Do you feel the $15.99 is a decent price? Not sure if this price includes tax or not.
  13. Well that's good news! Thanks :)
  14. Our cruise is about 3 weeks away and ordinarily we like to "disconnect" while on vacation but now, because our parents are having health problems and work reasons, we need to have internet. I checked on the RCCL website and it lists One Device VOOM package for $15.99/day. It says this is 20% off regular price. My question is should I purchase this now or would it be cheaper to do so on the ship?
  15. Same problem with credit card. Failed twice on Chrome, once on Internet Explorer. I will try again tomorrow and have resigned myself to only being able to register my credit card at the pier. Yuk.