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  1. Hi, I have never hired a scooter for using onboard the ships, but I usually take my own, which is a GoGo sport (mine is the 4 wheel version). I have used this on numerous occasions onboard, it manages the ramps on and off the ships, but there's always some of the staff there to ensure there are no problems getting on and off the ship. The corridors are easy to manoeuvre, even with the trolley carts sitting outside cabins, there's usually still enough room to get past. The only problem I've had is turning it to get it into the cabin (we don't always have accessible cabins), but it will go in, and there's room inside the cabin for moving around if the bed is next to the balcony. If you decide to take it apart, that is quite easy too, the model I have breaks into 5 separate pieces and makes it easier for storing in the cabin. Hope you have a good trip.
  2. I've just logged onto our account, and we only booked this on April 5, and there has been nothing there since we opened our account with them, but low and behold tonight there is an email dated April 5!!!!
  3. This has obviously not been updated, the link still shows Getaway going into drydock on May 10, there is nowhere it shows it going into drydock on May 7th, or 8th.(2 days earlier than scheduled).
  4. Thank you for your reply. If you order the water package, is it bottles of premium water or 'basic' water that they give you?
  5. We are sailing on NCL for the first time in a couple of weeks, we were supposed to be on Royal's Oasis of the Seas TA, until the ship was damaged by the crane. We have the Premium Drink package as a perk, but if I want to buy water from the bars etc, can anyone tell me how much it is, and what size of bottle they would sell. I will probably buy a water package, but just wondered how much the bars sell it for? Thanks
  6. Dial 7 is quoting $121.75 not including tolls, congestion tax, tips. Our price with Rideways is $145.14 and that is the total price we will pay. They are all quoting roughly the same prices. I think Rideways is an agent (affiliated to Booking.com), so they may even use Dial 7 for the transportation There are 4 adults with all luggage and my collapsible scooter, so we require a van.
  7. Hi I have joined the roll call, but haven't had much time to browse through everything so far, I'm hoping this week to have a proper look. This week has been busy cancelling everything we had planned for our Oasis trip, and trying to put our new things into force since booking this trip on Friday. Look forward to meeting you onboard, and we'll be at the M & G with a drink in our hands.
  8. Thanks for all of your input, it certainly helped. We now have a hotel booked near the cruise terminal, and have booked a shuttle through Rideways part of Booking.com, which will be large enough to accommodate my mobility scooter and our luggage (the scooter collapses for travelling in vehicles), and have made a booking again with Rideways to take us from the hotel to the cruise port the following morning. I try to walk around the ship with just a walking stick/cane, unless I have a very bad day and would have to use the scooter, but I require it if we get off at ports and for long treks through Airports and around town/cities etc. We wanted to try to get close to the cruise port, just in case the traffic was heavy on Saturday on the way to the ship. (we remember what it was like on our last visit in 1996 to NY, and there's a lot more traffic now than then!!). Looking forward to our cruise in 3 weeks and trying a new cruise company. Thanks again for the information
  9. Thanks for the info. I'm not sure if we'd have time for a lot of touring, since we don't arrive until 13.00, so probably early to late afternoon, by the time we would get to the city. Just somewhere close to eateries and near the port
  10. Hi Everyone We have just booked a TA with NCL Getaway, after we were cancelled from RCCL Oasis of the Seas TA sailing because of the crane damage. We have never sailed NCL before, so are looking forward to using a new cruising line. My question is: We fly into JFK on Friday lunchtime (the ship leaves the following day), does anyone know if there are any hotels who provide shuttles from the Airport to the hotel and then from the hotel to the Cruise port in Manhattan at a reasonable price, or would we be better staying at the airport Hotels and travelling to the cruise port on our day of departure. I also have mobility issues, and will be travelling with a mobility scooter, so that sometimes limits my transportation.
  11. We had these containers on the last few TA's we've done, both Westbound & Eastbound, and didn't have a problem with them. In the UK these kind of cartons are quite popular for different types of soft drinks, so to get the milk out easily, insert the straw, and squeeze the carton, and the milk comes out through the straw, fairly quickly. Trying to squeeze the milk through the hole without the straw might be more complicated. If you wish to drink the milk, drink it through the straw, simple!!
  12. Hi Hithere, I haven't used it yet, and have since bought the full deluxe drinks package (we managed to rebook our cruise and include it in the new price, for a lot less than normal price!!), but thanks to Bob (Host Clarea) we have our answer. Thanks again Bob for your reply, I will remember for future cruises, and will also pass this on to 'Saint Brenda' , who may be interested in this. Hope you enjoyed your cruise, and Ian says 'Hi' Margaret
  13. I bet your glad you're not on that Transatlantic!! lol I celebrate my 21st birthday onboard Oasis, and that's the main reason for the trip. There are 2 couples on your sailing this week, who have also had the 'pleasure' of Jeff's company, you might run into them in the Diamond Lounge (Melanie & Frank, Barb & Bob), if you do, poor Bob ended up giving Jeff his t shirt when we sailed with them on Celebrity Eclipse in 2015!!! So far, Melanie & Frank have escaped anything happening to them, although, they have sailed with Jeff (and us), 3 times now, and also had a full week touring in Italy last May after we disembarked the Jewel TA!!! They must've bribed him!!! lol 🤣 Have fun on your trip, and let Lee know we're asking for her. Margaret (& Ian) ps, sorry Robyn for hijacking your live review, I'm looking forward to following the rest of your trip. x
  14. The baseball caps on Jewel are better than a ballpoint pen. Have fun at trivia and enjoy your trip. We have friends on this trip this week, and I found the 'live' review, so I'll follow along. We're off on Oasis for the TA in April, with Jeff & Brenda, and a few others, just counting down the weeks. Margaret
  15. I am a CPAP user too, and have always completed a Guest Special Needs form before our sailings, (we've done 4 with Royal and 5 with Celebrity), and if required I've always been given an extension cord for use with my CPAP machine, and I am always given a gallon bottle of distilled water for use during the trip. I've never used the full gallon, but I'm sure if you require more just ask your cabin steward for more.
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