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  1. Fist, YES, I am changing travel agents when this is over. So I had 3 FCC from a cruise last fall we cancelled prior to Royal cancelling. Then we booked a Royal cruise using the FCC's, but we had to cancel it also. Now, when I check online the Royal site shows they are used. I emailed my TA and he says I would need to talk to his companies customer service and they are really snowed right now and it might be awhile. Why don't I call Royal's Diamond Plus CS.... really... I asked if he knew the number and I got crickets..... so I guess it is up to me to track these down. Anyone know who or a number to call? Thanks
  2. We also are very worried. Even if you did not get covid, what if you needed to go to hospital? Would there be room? We are hoping WS might move our cruise elsewhere.
  3. Thanks so much. I never realized it had that benefit. Will definitely use that today.
  4. @DingoMom I am also on the 2:30 AA flight. I do not have "status" with AA, but I do have the Citi AAdvantage Elite card. The one that costs $450 and comes with Admirals club membership. Do you know if that one counts? Thanks
  5. Got off today, but not flying out till tomorrow. Trying to decide when to go to the airport. Anyone fly out in the last 2 weeks?
  6. We did not have a beach day, but it was mentioned they are trying to arrange.
  7. Star Breeze – July 10th Sailing, Days 5 and 6 For those on the next cruise and going forward. First and foremost be flexible. This week, the Amphora Restaurant was open 2 nights. Based on feedback from the passengers it will now be open 3 nights. The Executive Chef for WindStar, Graeme Cockburn, is on board for this and I believe the next 2 cruises and he said they were moving to opening 3 nights. When you get on, make your reservations for Candles and Cuadro 44. We only made one night at each, and I wish I had done Candles more times. Mid-week, it was too late to add another night. When you arrive at the port, we were processed outside in tents and portable buildings, this coming week they are moving part of the processing to on the ship in the Amphora. They are working hard to make the process as smooth as possible for the passengers. We had 127 of us this week. I heard they had expected 134. Next week the passenger count is supposed to be in the 170’s. Someone said they are slowly working towards sailing with around a 70% passenger load. Covid Test – I had pre ordered and paid for the covid test to fly back to the US. Turns out, WindStar will be refunding our money as St. Maarten is requiring a Covid test to come back in. Therefore, everyone was tested this morning (Friday) for the 4th time this cruise. Everyone will receive paperwork in their cabin later today that will be the negative test for the US and St. Maarten. We fly out on Sunday, so the timing works for us. Wednesday afternoon the Star Breeze had a Celebration Party for everyone on the outside decks. Drinks, canapes, and Celebration Cake (a really tasty cake). It was to celebrate everything, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries… Let’s have a party! Weather was perfect. Sailing away from St. Lucia was beautiful. Had dinner at the Star Grill. Hubby had the Duck, I just sampled a little bit of everything. They announced an itinerary change yesterday. The ship did not receive permission to enter into St. Barts on Friday. So, Thursday is still Antigua, St. John’s, Friday is now Antigua Falmouth Harbor. The excursions for Falmouth are Swim with the Stingrays, Beach Escape, Open Course Canopy Challenge. Sailing into Antigua St. John’s, the city did the water cannon welcome. They had a small craft on either side of us shooting their water cannons and blowing their horns in a very warm welcome back. I have pictures, but not enough internet speed to be able to post them. The Mayor?? Governor?? Not sure his title, was on the dock to welcome us. First cruise ship in over a year and a half. Had TV camera’s a band, big big welcome back. Someone asked my thoughts on the ship. One word. WOW!!!! It is a like a brand-new ship. We have sailed Windstar before, but on the Wind Surf. It is a quite different style of ship. I have to say while the Star Breeze is fabulous, love the cabin, love the food, it is the crew that is so outstanding. It is the crew that will stand out in my memories of this cruise. Every single one of them is so friendly, helpful, caring, engaging. They greet by name and continually show us that they are glad to be here and are happy to have us on-board. Thursday evening was the deck BBQ. Wow the food spread. Just Wow. They then moved the tables and we had line dancing. I made a fool of myself…. But who cares. All for now. I will try to post Saturday afternoon from the hotel on our final day and disembarkation.
  8. July 10th Sailing – The Beautiful Star Breeze. Days 3 and 4 First let me answer some questions I have been asked. Sorry, no idea on the coffee bar, neither of us drink it. I can say they use Twinings Tea which I love. Antigen test for going home. I have pre-ordered it, but I have not been contacted about when, where, or how. Will keep you posted. We are not flying back to the US till Sunday, so I am aware it needs to be late in the cruise to make the timing work. Ports and Excursions Our ports were changed to: Day 2, Barbados (Bridgetown), Tours, Beautiful Barbados, Five Star Catamaran and Barbados Beach Break. Day 3, St. Lucia, Pigeon Island, Rainforest Canopy Zipline adventure, Panoramic St. Lucia, Full day Private Car and Guide, and Half Day Private Car and Guide. Day 4, St. Lucia, Castries, Coastal Cruise to Pitons, Let’s Make Chocolate, and Half Day Private car and guide. Day 5, Antigua, St. John’s, Beach Escape, Spectacular Antigua Island Tour, Open Course Canopy Challenge, Swim with Stingrays and Segway Fort Conqueror. Day 6, Gustavia, St. Barthelemy, Explorer by Car, Intimate Island Tour, Sailing Catamaran Adventure, St. Bart Luxury Resort and Beach, Walk and Shop, Intimate Island Tour. Day 2 sail away and dinner. We left Barbados at 5pm. Everyone was invited up on deck to listen to the new Sail Away song and a performance by the crew. The song was moving, but I do think it will go better on the Sailing ships watching the sails flap in the wind as the song soars. We dined at the Star Grill last night. The coffee crusted brisket was fabulous. Somewhat of a limited menu there, but when the dish you choose is great who cares. Day 3. St. Lucia, Pigeon Island. We are anchored off the port. The view is beautiful and so peaceful. Hubby is already wanting to come spend some time here. We did have to have another Covid Antigen test today. We were told a test must be done prior to Antigua. No big deal and it takes all of 2 minutes. The Sports deck has been open today. Water is a great temperature, but with a pretty good current flowing by. I was extremely impressed with all the ships safety measures. If the water had been calmer I think it would have been even better. Fingers crossed that before the end of the cruise we have a really calm anchor. They have lots of water toys down there. Yacht Club welcome party last night before dinner. Lots of bubbly and canapes. Enjoyed the duo “Mardi Gras”. Dinner at Candles. Today was my Birthday… woo hooo. Dinner was great. Really great. The crew all day long kept wishing me Happy Birthday. Loved it. Day 4 St. Lucia, Castries – Mid morning Been raining off and on today. Just a beautiful sky and then it rains for 5 minutes, then clears off and hour later, rains again. Sign off for now.
  9. Yes we did. No word on when yet. Another covid test was also required for entrance into Barbados. Everyone got another test yesterday compliments of WindStar.
  10. Star Grill is also a possibility. That is our plan tonight. I also "think" one night will be a deck bbq.
  11. Windstar – Star Breeze – July 10, 2021 Saturday - Departure day. Our paperwork told us to be at the dock at 11:30. We arrived at 10:30. Second couple there. The first had been on the Celebrity sailing the week before and just got off and walked over. They did not start processing us until right at 11:30 as that is when the St. Maarten covid testers arrived. Once they began it moved smoothly. The machine does 10 tests at a time, and we had to wait till 10 people had been processed and then for the test to run. Took about 35 minutes from the time we were tested. Then on to check in. Woo Hoo…. Once checked in they take you to the ship in a golf cart. Once onboard, wow, was everyone so happy to see us. Just about as happy as I was. I stopped and hugged the ship as we came on. Escorted to our room, dropped our stuff and headed upstairs for lunch. Had the Sole. Excellent, and I am not a big fish eater. We did receive a letter from the Captain explaining changes in our itinerary. It seems that Covid is exploding in the British Virgin Islands which was our stops. The ship destination director and Windstar had done a great job lining up new ports and port activities. Departure day afternoon at 3, the Destination Director he gave a presentation on the new ports and options. Dinner we dined at the new venue Cuadro 44. Small location, but they were doing a good job of social distancing. I highly recommend the Classic Sangria. I really enjoyed the tapas. Especially the paella rice balls. So much so I ordered another plate of them for my entrée. Oh, and the mushrooms were to die for. Masks. Yes, we are being asked to wear them unless we are eating, drinking or outside. I hope overtime Windstar will be able to back off of that requirement since everyone onboard is vaccinated. Sunday – Sea Day What can I say. Love being back at sea. Went to the spa and had a haircut. I normally get one every 5 weeks and it was almost 9. I was ready to cut it myself with a dull knife. Was nervous as I am very particular about my hair. Saw Oleg from Odessa. (Not the Texas one..LOL). I loved what he did. Because it was longer than normal, he did some tweaking on my layers and I loved it. Told him I would let it grow till I am back on the Sea Breeze in September and let him have another go at it. Rest of the day was relaxing and enjoying the sea. Captains Welcome Party was held in 2 different venues to allow for social distancing. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE is so happy. Crew to see us, passengers to be back cruising. Dinner was in the main dining room. It is only going to be open 2 nights this cruise due to only 127 on board. Husband loved the lobster bisque. Monday – Barbados. We are currently not planning on doing any shore excursions. Been to all these ports so many times as well as we are still careful being around folks. Looks like maybe half the ship is on one. Ship is so bright and clean. Love the cabin. Feels decadent to have a walk-in closet, 2 sinks, and a shower I can turn around in (and I am a small person). We normally just book Oceanview cabins as we would rather take 3 cruises for the price of one in a suite. We are willing to pay for a nicer cruise line and wow does WINDSTAR hit that sweet spot. That is all for now. Happy Trails…..Make that Happy Cruising.
  12. New itinerary Sunday..at sea Monday. Barbados Tuesday St. Lucia Pigeon Island Wednesday St Lucia Castries Thursday St. John Friday will be either Falmouth or St Barts....
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