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  1. There are some benefits to being on the ‘vulnerable’ list in the UK and being confined for 12 weeks. This morning, I’ve had two young hunky fireman on my doorstep seeing if I’ve got everything I need 😁. It really brightened my day 😁. I just wish I’d had my teeth in 😬🤣🤣(joke)!!
  2. So sorry to hear that. I hope she recovers well and no one else has any real issues. Take care.
  3. it was a very proud and emotional moment. Lots of cheers, clapping, whistling, etc in our village. Our neighbour is one of the local hospital consultants and I hope he and his family heard it. I am grappling with trying to get supermarket deliveries and the strain and stress of not getting what we need because the public have stripped the shelves. Our shopping arrived last night but there were still quite a few items missing. I am part of the ‘shield’ group and DH has taken unpaid leave to isolate with me. It is a very frightening time. keep safe everyone.
  4. Thanks for this. I’ve just managed to do it successfully for flights which have just been cancelled for May.
  5. I would suggest that you mention this to guest relations and ask to go on the coach for people with walking difficulties, etc. That way, you will be loaded first/last and there will definitely be no waiting around. We did queue to get back on coaches in Split. You could have sat and waited I suppose but as everyone crowded at the exit you naturally queue too! Cattle urge we call it!
  6. Werangels


    A flu shot will not give any protection whatsoever against COVID-19.
  7. We are very excited to be doing one of the South Africa cruises in December. Flights are booked and we are firstly spending a few nights doing Victoria Falls, a 2 night cruise on the Chobe River and Cape Town; all booked independently. We are off to Romania in May, then Corfu, then (somewhere warm and still to be decided) late summer.
  8. Werangels

    New Survey

    I just tried but the next to last question is a text box and on an iPad the keyboard won’t come up to type anything into it. You can’t complete the survey without typing something so, having taken the time and effort to complete it, it had to be binned.....
  9. Thank you both. I shall look at yours Phil. I have absolutely no clue in terms of this. I had no idea there was such a thing as a ‘stabiliser’!
  10. Werangels

    Binocular help

    It is DH’s birthday shortly and I’m thinking of getting him binoculars. I really don’t know where to start and thought many of you may own some and could possibly advise me on good ones please? Thanks.
  11. I have had quotes from Heritage and Bush and Beach Tours who are both highly thought of and came recommended on TA forums. This is for a private trip to this park and also a St Lucia boat trip on the same day.
  12. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi is the oldest public nature reserve in South Africa and is huge. It sounds like you were very unlucky.
  13. The botanicals which are becoming very popular in the UK. Served with fevertree flavoured tonics and used in cocktails. https://seedlipdrinks.com/uk/
  14. I haven’t tried that one yet. M&S does have it in small cans so I shall pick one up to try. Thanks.
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