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  1. Thinking about holding out and doing the same with our OBC. I just don't want to sink any more money in until we are actually on the ship since it's taking so long to get refunds. Going to hold out on everything as of now, excursions, specialty restaurants, internet, cheers, etc.
  2. This is great news! We sail the Panorama on April 18th!
  3. I sailed on the Vista in October 2018 and purchased the couples spa package for the thermal suites. You can purchase ahead of time. We were disappointed in the spa on the Vista, mainly because there is no T-pool, just a small whirlpool that is in with the heated loungers. It was always crowded and never enough heated loungers. We enjoyed the spa on the Magic and the Breeze much more than on the Vista. We are sailing on the Panorama in April and have decided not to purchase the spa package since the Panorama and Vista spa are very similar. The bathrooms/changing rooms on the Vista in the spa were not nearly has spacious as on the Magic and Breeze, we used to do the same where my husband would shower at the spa, but on the Vista there was only one shower and it was usually in use.
  4. We sailed the Carnival Vista during Hurricane Micheal and had a cove balcony. our first night of cruising was pretty rough and at around 1am they did close off our balcony. The balcony itself doesn't get closed off, there are steel doors that cover the stateroom door so you can not get out. The steel door is normally just opened up against the wall of the balcony in normal weather. They somehow do this only on the outside, they do not need to access your stateroom to close it off. We just woke to the very loud sound of crew going down the balconies to close the doors. It was kinda scary but we felt safe after that. They re-opened them the next day in the morning some time. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures, it just made the stateroom very dark since the balcony door was covered by steel.
  5. Ever since we originally booked a Cove, three cruises ago, we will always book a Cove. Love them and find them very convenient location wise, we always choose Cove forward. We have been in a Cove on the Magic, Breeze, Vista and booked one for our upcoming cruise on the Panorama.
  6. Thanks for the review! So excited to cruise the Panorama in April!
  7. So glad to see a review of the Teppanyaki restaurant, we will be going one evening on our upcoming April cruise. So excited!
  8. I just now checked and all specialty restaurants were showing and I didn't have to pre-pay to make a reservation. I'm sure it's temporary and will flip back to pre-pay soon. 😂
  9. I decided to go ahead and call Carnival and the gal I spoke with said the the specialty restaurants are changing to pre-pay to make a reservation in advance. She said users that still see the "old web-site" can still make reservations without pre-payment but those that are on the"new web-site" only have the option to pre-pay. I know the Carnival web-site looks different to me these days so I must be on the "new version". She was able to help me go ahead and make reservations the old way though on her end. She set them up for me and couldn't explain why I didn't see the teppanyaki restaurant as a choice but she was able to book it for me. So it sounds like they are slowly changing to pre-pay to make reservations for the specialy restaurants. I'm personally not crazy about that change, but oh well, such is life.
  10. Stupid question, but how do you send John Heald a message?
  11. the website doesn't even give you a choice to pick a night for the teppanyaki, it's like it's not a choice.
  12. We are booked for the Panorama in April 2020 and I just noticed on the website that if I want to make a reservation for a specialty restaurant it looks like you now have to pay in advance instead of having it charged to your sign and sale card while on board. Not a huge deal but we are traveling with a group as we have done in the past and usually one person in our party would make the reservation for the steak house in advance for all of us and then we would all pay separately with our sign and sale cards. Anyone know if there is a way to make a reservation and not pay in advance? Also, I thought the Panorama was gong to have the Bonsai Teppanyaki restaurant but it's currently not a choice on the website when I go to the reservation area for specialty restaurants for our cruise. Maybe this is because it will be a new ship and hasn't sailed yet so not everything is on the website yet for this cruise and it's still a ways away??? Just guessing, but also FTTF has not been offered yet, hoping it will show up as a choice eventually, the Carnival website says FTTF will be offered on the Panorama starting with departures in February 2020. Hoping maybe more will be added as choices on the website as the cruise gets closer. 🙂 Thanks!
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