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  1. We had 1112 on Glory and I hated it. Our problem wasn't baking on the balcony; it was a NYC-Canada cruise and it rained, making the balcony useless since there was no cover. No privacy, either; when we were able to use the balcony, often there would be people standing on deck right above us. The other problem with this cabin was that it was below Camp Carnival (now Camp Ocean). There wasn't a problem with noise from the camp itself, but when parents picked up their kids they would take the elevator to deck 11 (the highest deck you can go to with the forward elevators) and then go up the stairs to get their kids. It sounded like a herd of elephants. As a rule, I won't book cabins on deck 6 above the Promenade Deck. One time we thought we were okay booking above the shops, but the sound from the main lounge drifted up the stairs. Our joke was that we got to experience the shows twice - the early show when we went to the main lounge, and the late show when we were in our cabin listening to it.🙄
  2. We were aboard QM2 for 21 days this past July. As you can see from my signature, it was our first time on Cunard and very different from our prior cruises as you might imagine. We loved QM2 and definitely will book again when our schedules permit. The ship is very well maintained; the crew was out frequently keeping up. We had an inside cabin on the EB crossing and a balcony on the 2-week WB crossing; both cabins were spotless and our stewards very attentive. As for food - there were a few "clunkers" in Britannia along the way, but overall we found dinners to have a good selection and were well prepared. I wasn't as fond of Kings Court for lunch - I missed some of the Carnival-included lunch items like Guy's Burgers and cooked-to-order Oriental dishes, and Kings Court was very loud - but the food was fine. My "go to" lunch was baguettes with Brie cheese and a glass of wine. I think our biggest issue of all was trying to find time to do everything we wanted to do. And being a tea drinker and having been to afternoon tea on our Carnival cruises (they do a very nice job with it, BTW - the scones are to die for) , I was saddened that we never made it to tea in the Queens Room - we were doing something else. Enjoy your three weeks - we certainly did.
  3. We sailed in August 2019 and noticed these "choke points" (same thing applies on the other side with Guy's and Lucky Bowl). Some of the buffet lines were bad - DH gave up on the deli line after waiting 10 minutes without moving - but many were fine. We didn't have any difficulty finding places to sit. The other place I didn't like was the Liquid Lounge - but then, I didn't like it on Vista or Horizon either. It's just something I've learned to avoid. Overall, I liked Sunrise. I liked it well enough that we booked a 9-day Journeys cruise on Radiance this summer.
  4. DH loved it. He really enjoyed meeting the folks in the choir. The concert was in the Grand Lobby; not sure it's the best location (my video has a number of "pings" from the elevator and I had to stake out my spot early to get the video), but it worked.
  5. That sounds right. The listing in our QM2 Daily Programme similarly said "Support your fellow guests as this voyage's choir perform popular songs for your listening pleasure." Our choir's selection was hymns from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; the Navy Hymn (Eternal Father Strong to Save); and "What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor." The whole concert was about 20 minutes.
  6. DH was in the choir on QM2 this past July. Rehearsals were on sea days after lunch (we had a 14-day TA, so there were port days mixed in), about an hour in length, and the concert took place on the last sea day. On our sailing there were about 80 people in all. Like your wife, many of the participants were from church choirs; several of the show singers also participated. Here's a photo of DH's choir. I have a video as well if I can figure out how to post it.
  7. I agree it's unobtrusive. However, on the EB crossing we sailed this past summer there was someone who was obviously put out by the piped in music in the Commodore Club one morning while we were there enjoying our books, the view over the bow, and some coffee. He confronted the bar staff loudly, insisting that they turn off the music. They told him they couldn't and he became more confrontational. Finally, without looking up from my book, I commented, "Perhaps some of us like having background music." He decided the Commodore Club wasn't where he wanted to spend his morning.😊
  8. We're booked on a Journeys cruise in August on Radiance out of NYC. The original itinerary was Bermuda overnight, HMC, and Cuba. Cuba has been replaced with Nassau; we booked after the replacement and we didn't book because it's a Journeys cruise. It's a 9-day cruise out of our home port at a time we can cruise.
  9. We live about 2 1/2 hours from NYC and it's the only port we've ever driven in from home the day of the cruise. For a sailing from Baltimore, we'll drive to South Jersey the day before and finish the drive the next day. The only other port we've driven to is Charleston. That time we took two days for the drive and spent a whole day in Charleston the day before the cruise.
  10. They did this switch when we sailed Miracle to Alaska. We're fans of early dining, but 5:30 was early for us. By the time we found out they were changing it was too late to switch to YTD even though we're Platinum. We lived with 5:30 - not the end of the world. However, if they're thinking of making this switch across the fleet on a permanent basis we'll try to change our early seating on Legend next year to YTD.
  11. Have a great time! Looking forward to your review.
  12. We didn't mind cruising on Tuesday since we planned time in Seattle before the cruise. We spent time downtown and at the Space Needle, visited with a friend from DH's early engineering days, took the ferry to Bremerton, and spent a day at Mount Rainier (gorgeous). Great trip.
  13. I liked Lucky Bowl. There were three choices for lunch each day and a number of toppings to go with them. Any line I found moved fast.
  14. I have sailed to Alaska only once, on Carnival. It was fine - we enjoyed it very much. Tracy Arm was gorgeous. However, our very good friends (we're doing a river cruise with them this summer) sailed Alaska on Princess and I think I'd prefer the Princess itinerary. Carnival's Alaska cruises generally are 7-8 day closed-loop cruises from Seattle. Our friends were able to sail Anchorage-Vancouver and added on a few days in Denali; Carnival doesn't have that option.
  15. What I found interesting on this list is Norwegian Getaway, which is relatively new (2014). After only a few years they thought she needed a major redo? I liked Sunrise, and we're booked on Radiance for August 2020. No, I don't like the Liquid Lounge. I didn't like it on Vista or Horizon either. That's a lost battle - the Carnival "beards" like it and I just avoid the Liquid Lounge. Not a problem, since we usually don't go to the Playlist Productions.
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